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  1. Tell me about it ... If I tell my kids we need to get up by 10:00 on a weekend they look at me like I'm from another planet


    you could do what we do and just tell them to stay up.

    only kidding <G>


    I am a little concerned about my ability to keep up with the group

    I have already had two heart attacks and I dont want to slow the groups pace down

    normally when we hike, we are on a much leasurely pace so we may very well

    decide to fall behind and take it easy and catch up with the rest of the group later

    we will have to see. in any case, we are looking forward to meeting everyone again and enjoying the views



  2. how about a few caches containers, a decon box, a film canster, a 20 cal ammo, and a 50 cal ammo box, make one of them an actual cache with a logbook and some trade items. print up a BUNCH of cards with the geocacheing web address on them so the visitors can look up the site when they get home. I would even go so far as to actually hide a cache somewhere on the grounds and give the cords. to anyone who shows up with a gps, or if you have enough help someone could lend them a gps and go with them to help (and to get the gps back)



  3. On Feb 15th we were wishing you well for completeing 100 finds,

    then I see this thread, 100 more finds in 1 month.

    you are an inspration for us all... keep up the great work



  4. We'll have to give you your North East Geocacher of the Year Award before you go.


    I would love to get in on this if there is still time.

    could we give the award at Greenfields? I love that place <G>


  5. There are some people who are good at geocacheing, they can navagate

    streets plotting parking spots without looking at a map or the gps, there are

    some goecachers who can walk on water (so Im told) and find caches with

    only half of the cords. and then there are the supercachers, whos mear

    presence is enough to make the caches give themselfs up. to jump out of thier

    hideing places yelling "I give up, I give up" :ph34r:

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