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  1. For years this cache has eluded many. ;) its time to tame this beast and cross it off of the to do list. :D I am mounting an expitition to search out and claim this cache as found. anyone interested in combining forces? I will be planning on doing this cache sometime between the 27th of Dec and the 31.


    BOLP 1



  2. I would vote to disable and remove the cache.

    Many caches are located in areas that are closed after sunset.

    heck I would venture to guess maybe 90 percent of all caches are

    located in areas that are closed after dark.


    While It is NOT the cache owners total fault if somebody disreguards the

    posted times the area is open. and tresspasses looking for a cache. The cache owner MUST take some responcibility for placeing the cache and inviting others to search for it.


    If you post a cache and invite the public to search for it, then you

    have to expect that some will seach at any hour of the day or night reguardless of any times you have posted. You must also expect that people will search in places where the cache is NOT, and they very well may overturn rocks and such in thier search. If you are concerned with damage to the enviroment, property, or even concerned with strange people walking around the area, then by all means DONT put a cache there. you are only inviting trouble.


    Im sorry, but YOU must take SOME of the responcibility for what happened because you caused it to happen. If you didnt put the cache there then they would not be there looking for it.

    For your own piece of mind, and for the piecee of mind of the property owner, I would sudgest you disable and remove the cache.



  3. Places caches donot belong:

    * under powerlines (it's private property)

    * next to gaslines (it's also private property)

    * next to an elementary school

    * behind a firing range

    * on a major bridge

    * next to a police station


    Why even take a chance and place a cache in these spots?

    Hey Hart,

    you hit 4 out of 6 with unfinished Business



  4. Skully Muller et al.

    Because I collect Geocachers as well as caches. let me explain

    I dont actually collect them and put them in a jar... I just keep track

    of WHO Ive met and where. I have met a few cachers but they have always aluded me. I have come close many times, just missing them by hours only to find thier log in a cache with the same date as mine (wycoff gardens). but yet they remain uncollected.


    Also would like to meet Orange and Green, those two colorful people who placed the Cachers Deal, I still have Oranges card sitting in my 100th find waiting for him to pick it up(Unfinished business)


    Retphoto for the Great Grandma TB,


    and Kber

  5. This whole week it will be raining so maybe next week? Saturday?

    if it rains for a week, then Im not going.


    heres an idea,, why dont you plan on going about 5pm do the unfinished business, break for dinner and then do the night sweats.

  6. Hey many thanks. My EX said about my Geocaching 'Habit' just before she left was that I need to have a licensed proffessional take a look at that issue. Then she called me a cement head. What does that mean? Do I need a licensed proffessional mason? B)

    Im a licensed professional... Let me take a look at it,

    Lets see, you complete 400 caches in under 6 months,

    Yup, looks good to me.


    as for needing a professional mason....

    why, what size cement shoes does she wear?

  7. I'm fairly convinced that out of those 600, Helmut probably only found about 3 of them.  B)


    As I was reading this I was thinking the same thing. my feeling is that he has trained Autumn to sniff out the caches for him. afterall didnt he log a FTF on the Fast cache? and now I understand he is training a JRT puppy (a well known dirt dog) with this cacheing team he should hit 1000 by november.


    Congrads!, sorry we just missed you yesterday at the Gardens would have been nice to snap a photo of #600



  8. It seems that the Magellan does a lot more averaging then the Garmin, which gives it a delayed fix when you are close in to a cache site, I surmise.


    The difference between the Garmin and Magellan in the last 75 feet is remarkable. I was very impressed with how well the Garmin did as compared to the Magellan.

    download the latest firmware and Calabrate the magellan,

    it makes a BIG difference



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