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  1. I bought a Handspring Visor Deluxe off ebay for $40. It works great using the Spinner and Plucker programs. IMHO, Plucker is much better than MobiPocket. For example, the html cache pages in Plucker include a DIRECT link to the hint. No more searhing through the Hint Index for me! I just convert all my .gpx files into one Spinner.gpx file. I then update my Plucker geocaching channel and then I use EasyGPS to load all the Spinner.gpx waypoints onto my gps. My only complaint is that the Spinner program somehow fails to make all the symbols Geocache. It's easily solved by editing the .gpx file using wordpad, but it's still a pain. I have it set up so that Geocaching.com will send my Pocket Queries to me on Friday morning, so that I can be updated for a weekend of caching. --CoronaKid
  2. Puzzles caches are great as long as they are carefully planned and mistake free. Be extra careful if you plan on including some math calculations. There's nothing more frustrating than driving all over town because of an incorrect math equation in the puzzle. Also, keep track of the first few finders. If it's too hard for these guys, it is probably too hard for everyone else. Just a few suggestions. --CoronaKid
  3. It would've been funnier if you slammed on the brakes and patches ran straight into the back of your car. Okay, so I'm a little sick. --CoronaKid
  4. quote:Originally posted by South_Cache: I have about 15 complete sets of Pokemon Gold cards. Hopefully I'll get to sell them and retire some day. You are joking, right? I suggest you sell every gold, platinum, silver, bronze Pokemon card that you have RIGHT NOW while it's still worth something. This is just like all those McDonald beanie babies that people hoarded and are now worthless. Do you know you can get the entire first set of unopened beanie babies for around $5? Just a few years ago these sets were going for $100 and up. You can't even give away the later sets because no one wants them. --CoronaKid
  5. 1. Yourself and any other person you can bribe to join you. 2. Your GPS. Everything else is pointless for 90% of all caches or is only nice to have for your own enjoyment (i.e. PDA, binoculars, compass, etc.). Even though I have a compass and know how to use it, I have not needed it once on any cache I've gone on. So go ahead and over prepare if you makes you feel better. --CoronaKid
  6. Buy it at Staples for $199.98 and add a box of pens to bring your total to just above $200. Use coupon code 63867 ($30 of $200 purchase) to bring your final price down to $170. After $50 rebate your total price will be $120 plus $15 for taxes. Staples shipping is free. I think this code expires on 3/31 but they are always extending the code dates so I wouldn't feel rushed to buy it right away. Good luck! --CoronaKid
  7. I've had mine for 4 months and absolutely love it. It's small, reliable, and accurate. Although I managed to only pay $110 using Staple's promotion coupon and price match guarantee, I think the best you can do now is to buy it from Staples.com for $199.98 and then add a box of pens to bring your total to just over $200. Use promotion code 63867 (exp. 3/31) which gives you $30 off a purchase of $200 or more. That brings your final price after rebate to around $120 plus $15 for taxes. Staples shipping is free. I think this is your best bet right now. Good luck! --CoronaKid
  8. And just when I think I've seen and heard it all, my fellow geocachers amaze me yet again. Now the term anti-location will be forever stuck in my brain. Where do you guys find the time? --CoronaKid
  9. quote:Originally posted by Radman Version 2.0:If geocaching started in 1983, do you think you would've joined back then? How would the sport be played out now? I was 13 and YES I would've loved it back then as well. I'd probably be riding my bike all around town. The only problem would be the fact that I would run out of caches close by very quickly. I'd probably have more hides than finds. The sport would also be a lot more restricted now since Clinton would've probably supported and signed some Anti-Geocaching bill thanks to his VP Al Gore. I could just hear Al saying, 'Caching is bad for the environment and threatens the fragile ecosystem of the wallowbee willowbeast.' --CoronaKid
  10. I think that the poll is going to be rather skewed based simply on the fact that most regulars on the message boards are also the most likely to log DNFs. I still think that a large percentage of cachers rarely if ever log DNFs. I've noticed that many cachers will write a log that "third time was a charm" yet often I don't see the other two DNF logs. To each his own, I guess, but I just don't really get the logic of not logging DNFs. I've even noticed that some cachers will delete their DNF logs after they have found the cache. I guess some people feel that it is somehow a blemish to have that purple frowny face as a log. The only other explanation is that they feel DNF logs should only be for caches that they never found even after numerous attempts. --CoronaKid
  11. 1. My sister bought her boyfriend a Meriplat for Christmas and she told me about the website. 2. The website is what sold me to geocaching. I literally bought a GPSr the next day. I had no idea that there was such a large community of geocachers. 3. Right now I average 10 a month. 4. 3 months with no end in sight. 5. a) Found a great deal on a brand new Garmin Legend for only $110. Around $10 to $20 c) PDA = $60, rechargeable batteries and charger = $50, survival supplies = $20 --CoronaKid
  12. Good reminders that often need reinforcing. Another tip is to always be mindful of the area you are searching in. Just last week I was looking at my gps when I stepped directly into a pile of fresh human pooh. It splattered all over my pants and shoes. In hindsight, I should've been more careful because the tree I was looking behind was obviously the ideal location for a quick restroom stop from the freeway. --CoronaKid
  13. quote:Originally posted by Stunod:I've noticed a lot of single men sitting in their cars in Forest Preserves around here...always made me feel a little uneasy...don't know if they are waiting for a drug deal or a "partner"...I just try to avoid making eye contact. http://www.rowwindow.com/images/homer.gif __"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."__ Or maybe they are just a fellow cacher waiting for you to leave so they can hide/find a cache. Like you, I usually try and avoid contact but if I see a gps-looking device I usually have the guts to strike up a conversation. --CoronaKid
  14. Cheers! There's nothing quite like a holiday where the sole purpose is to get blasted. --CoronaKid
  15. Welcome to the Insanity! --CoronaKid
  16. I'm not so sure about those talking shoes. Geocaching will become much more of a fringe sport with coordinates only accessible to those 'in the know.' WWw.Geocaching.com will be no more. --CoronaKid
  17. My Corona zipcode (92883) brings up 1,948 in a 100 mile radius. I'm guessing that's got to be up there with the highest. I guess I'll be kept busy for a while. Hey Bruce S, come to California and go on a wild week of caching. You could double your total in a week! --CoronaKid
  18. I've only hunted for two so far and I was successful both times. Beating other cachers to the punch gives me an added thrill. I suppose I'll eventually hunt for one and be too late, but in my opinion that's part of the fun. I sort of view it as an all or nothing FTF. If you don't like them, ignore them. They'll be plenty of people like me to go and track them down. --CoronaKid
  19. From my name, you can guess where I hail from. Although I'd like to take you guys up on the Big Bear idea, my kids (ages 3 and 1 1/2) just aren't big enough yet to take on long hikes. Anyone interested in doing all the caches over by Lake Matthews? The only one I've done so far is "Kevin's Toy Chest." From what I can tell, there look to be a good half dozen out that way. It's great to hear from some local cachers and I hope to meet some of you in the near future. --CoronaKid
  20. I happened to notice that some geocachers are deleting their "not found" logs once they find the cache on a later visit. Why is this? To me this is worse than never logging a "Not Found" at all. It's almost as if they are embarrassed that they didn't find the cache and are erasing the evidence. Somebody please help me with this logic. I don't get it. --CoronaKid
  21. Welcome Data Lynx! Your excitement and enthusiasm is what the sport is all about. I've only been doing geocaching for a couple months now and I'm getting more and more hooked. I even hid my first cache a couple weeks ago. Don't be surprised if you find yourself plotting caches that are near everyplace you visit or go. I have outlined all the caches by my parent's place, my in-laws place, work, and all places in between. I probably will never hit them all, but I love knowing the fact that I can always find a cache close by if I have the time. Happy caching! --CoronaKid
  22. ROFL...thanks for a great Friday morning laugh. The scary thing is that I would actually watch it. --CoronaKid
  23. This phrase has served me well. I don't let little monetary setbacks or inconveniences get me down. In the grand scheme of things, its miniscule. I'm a big believer in karma, so I just smile knowing that the thief will get whats coming to them eventually. I do my best to protect myself from crime, but if it happens I just deal with it and move on. --CoronaKid
  24. Thanks for the good read! That was the easiest explanation I've read regarding how GPSr work. To this day I'm still amazed at the technology built into these little gadgets. --CoronaKid
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