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  1. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy:Two updates: Added two background colors. A grey for caches you have found and a light yellow for caches you own. The "my cache page" link has a (filter finds) option which adds the F=1 to the end of the query. Click on that if you want your finds and hides filtered. It's a good temporary solution. Next I'll be re-adding glasses for items on your watch list, and filtering out locationlessc caches (as well as allowing searches for just locationless caches). Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location I love the latest background colors and the "filter finds" feature is nice as well. I'm going to have fun playing with all the new features. Thanks for the hard work Jeremy! It is appreciated. --CoronaKid
  2. I use Spinner and Plucker to update the caches on my Handspring Visor Deluxe once a week. It works great! Like Tubby Rower said, however, is that Spinner only works with pocket queries. I became a paying member for this reason alone. You might want to consider it. --CoronaKid
  3. Why are there two awards? I thought the Webby Award WAS the People's Voice award. Perhaps I'm confused, but I don't remember seeing Meetup.com on the ballot. Anyway, I guess the People's Voice Award is the one that really counts since it is voted in by the public. Congratulations Geocaching.com! --CoronaKid
  4. Wow, what a great scam! I wish I had thought of it first. I can't believe 67 idiots actually bid on this thing and it is now going for $14,100. Are people really that naive? It had me going until I read the part about the journal crumbling in his hands. I think that was a little over the top. Does any geocacher actually believe that this is legit? I'd be curious to know. --CoronaKid
  5. Tonight's the big night for the Webby Awards. Tune in to the site at 9 PM PST tonight (June 5th) to find out if Geocaching.com is the winner in the community category. We're all rooting for you! --CoronaKid
  6. quote:Originally posted by evergreenhiker!: quote:Originally posted by CoronaKid:Survivor: As a reward challenge, the two tribes are each given a compass and a GPS. The first team to find the cache wins. The cache itself could be the reward. It could be filled with rice, ice-cold beer/soda, spices, etc. I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet. --CoronaKid Yeah, that sounds like a good one for the next Survivor! Hey, anybody know who won the last one in the Amazon...I sort of got off track and forgot to watch the last shows. Jenna won. She beat out Matt in the final vote. Robb got third, although he should've won with how well he played. --CoronaKid
  7. Survivor: As a reward challenge, the two tribes are each given a compass and a GPS. The first team to find the cache wins. The cache itself could be the reward. It could be filled with rice, ice-cold beer/soda, spices, etc. I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet. --CoronaKid
  8. If you are a member of Costco, I just saw an incredible deal on a Sportrak Pro package that included EVERYTHING (gps, mapping software, car mount, carrying case, etc.) for $289 with a $75 rebate making the total $215. This is a great deal and best of all you don't have to buy anything else. I'm sure not every Costco will have it though. I managed to get a Legend for only $110 using rebates and price matching. Be patient and you should get a great price. Good luck! --CoronaKid
  9. quote:Originally posted by AllenLacy:I just noticed that "We the People" website has a link to a detailed page on how to vote for it. http://www.wethepeoplemd.com/help.asp Egads, it looks like they spent more time on the "how to vote" page than the entire website. I sure hope Geocaching.com doesn't lose to this crappy site. On a bright note, Geocaching.com has jumped up to 30% from 25% yesterday. "WethePeople" has dropped 1% after gaining all last week. Hopefully we'll be able to hold onto our lead. --CoronaKid
  10. I think I've died and gone to acronymn hell. Would someone please list what all these acronymns stand for? I know a few but you guys have gotten carried away. --CoronaKid
  11. quote:Originally posted by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders):I have not been a Premium member for very long & have looked everywhere I can think to find a list of all the subscription caches to no avail...can someone help me out? Or are there none? Thank you very much for any info. The Pretty 1 of 2oldfarts There is no real list of member's only caches per se, but they will show up if you cache search. With that said, you must know that there are very few members only caches out there especially if you are in a rural area. The member only caches will also show up for non-members during a search but the only difference is that they won't be able to access the cache details page. I hope this helps! --CoronaKid
  12. quote:Originally posted by bazzle:Ya... But how about them Mighty Ducks! My mind not only wanders... Sometimes it leaves completely... **Namaste** Go Ducks Go! I bet a lot of hockey fans are pulling out their maps trying to figure out where the hell Anaheim is, much like Yankee fans last year. It's funny that I actually live much closer to Anaheim than L.A. but I still cheer mainly for L.A. teams. I guess since I was raised closer to L.A. it's still in my blood. I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I'll be cheering on the Ducks nonetheless. --CoronaKid
  13. My Lakers just got their butts kicked. I'm so depressed that I don't even want to go out and find a cache today. Perhaps what I need to do is hide a theme cache that is dedicated to the Lakers Threepeat. Best of luck to the Spurs! If anyone deserves another title it's Tim Duncan. --CoronaKid
  14. STOP! My brain is beginning to fry. --CoronaKid
  15. I just listed all three of my caches at another site. The more people that potentially visit my cache the better. Besides, I always believe that competition will make both sites better. The more Jeremy has to keep looking over his shoulder, the better off we all are. --CoronaKid
  16. A birdhouse that you stick in the dirt. She's always wanted one. Oh and I'll probably take her out to dinner. --CoronaKid
  17. quote:Originally posted by oregone:As you can tell by the picture, my new line of fashionable T-shirts is coming along quite well. http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/13187_200.jpg thanks fractal! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed Okay, I have to ask. Who's the hottie in the picture?! She looks F I N E! --CoronaKid
  18. I don't get it either pizzachef. Why would anyone buy a more expensive Geko when they can get the same features in a cheaper etrex model? The only benefit that I see is the games, which look lame to me anyways. I also think having the buttons in the middle with the screen on bottom is just bad design. IMHO, they should've just stuck with a sub $100 Geko 101 and left it at that. It would've been a great way to get kids and teenagers interested in the sport. Now anyone looking to buy a Garmin will have to decide between the Geko and Etrex series. --CoronaKid
  19. quote:Originally posted by GrnXnham:Inflation? Gouging and price fixing? --CoronaKid
  20. quote:Originally posted by travisl:There's only reason I can think of that I wouldn't want my user ID appearing to the general public on a watch list. If it's a cache that hasn't gotten a first find yet, I'll put it on my watch list so that I'll be alerted if someone finds it before I'm able to go out and hunt for it. If my name shows up, that'll tell other local cachers that I know about it and intend to get it soon. As it is now, they've got to guess if the one person watching the cache is me, or Criminal, or VDS, or someone else. _WWJD? JW RTFM._ I see your point Travis, but I tend to look at the upside. If I see that an avid FTF cacher is on the watch list, I might try a little harder to beat him to the punch. It would be sort of like an 'Amazing Race' against known fellow cachers. BTW, in my area I already know who the avid FTF finders are, so it's a safe bet they are looking for it regardless if they are on the watch list or not. Actually seeing them on the list would just add a little fun to the FTF challenge. I voted for 'everyone' to see it. --CoronaKid
  21. What a great way to get introduced to the sport! Now go start hiding your own buckets! --CoronaKid
  22. I spend a half hour each day just going through all my Geocaching emails. --CoronaKid
  23. quote:Originally posted by Verboten:Well, this didn't go over as I expected. If nothing else though, the Amazon link should be a bit more conspicuous. -Vb No, I think you have underestimated the loyalty of Geocachers toward the Geocaching website. They absolutely love this site (myself included) and would be glad to help the site earn money in any way possible. We realize that without this site or others like it, the sport would be pretty much extinct. --CoronaKid
  24. quote:Originally posted by smithdw:To fix GPX Spinner so it changes your symbols to Geocache all you have to do is edit the GPX Spinner.ini file in the GPX Spinner directory. It's usually at C:Program FilesGPX SpinnerGPX Spinner.ini There is a section that defines the symbols to be used. All you have to do is change them to Geocache. There are many other settings you can change too. They are documented in the file. As far as what I have, I'm using a Palm m515 with GPX Spinner, ClayJar's GPX Watcher and Plucker. I used to use MobiPocket, but I wasn't happy with it. After setting up these programs, I deleted all the MobiPocket files. Many thanks to Lil Devil, ClayJar and the Plucker developers. Thanks! Actually, after reading the .ini file, I decided to keep it just the way it is. I didn't realize that using different symbols is a great way to designate different types of caches. It's nice knowing that there is some logic to the different symbols. I just thought it was a glitch. Thanks again! --CoronaKid
  25. quote: It was a pretty brief article extolling the Geko 201 and its geogame features. Walk a maze that isn't there! Ooh, big fun. While I'll agree that the long term playability of built-in gps games is fairly lame, I do think they are good for learning how to use your gps. I would view them as sort of a lifelike tutorial. FWIW --CoronaKid
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