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  1. quote:Originally posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox:With all the trouble people have finding relatively large objects like fake rocks and fake lawn sprinkler heads, something as small as that spike probably _would_ lead to a lot of damage being done. Thanks for the 'A HA' moment I just had. Yesterday I was searching for a micro in a grassy area and all I could see was some sprinkler heads. That bastard! --CoronaKid
  2. Plan, plan, plan, and then plan some more. Be sure you know where to park for quickest access, have the hints already decoded, carry a detailed map for each cache, and walk very fast. You can do it but the better question is why are you doing it. Why not just relax and do one a day? The caches will all still be there next week. --CoronaKid
  3. quote:Originally posted by GeoROCKS!: Second, and even more important, is that as one gains more caching experience the stats actually become incorrect. The statistics are calculated based on the CURRENT status of the caches, not the status of the caches when you actually FOUND them. Cache owners frequently change cache types, especially in instances where the cache was plundered. This leads to useless stats. For instance, in my case I have collected my stats on my own system since the day I started caching. Jeremy's stats page says that I have visited and found 470 caches as of today; my data agrees. I have found 14 locationless caches according to both systems. However, while I visited 25 multi-caches, the new stats page says that I have found only 21 -- four were converted to regular or virtual caches AFTER I found them. So the stats breakdown isn't completely correct and is not a true reflection of your experience. Interesting observations but how were stats calculated before the switch? Wasn't it done the same way? I, for one, am not really that concerned if a few of the caches I found are converted to different cache types. For example, out of the 470 caches you found only 4 are labeled incorrectly. I don't think this small amount has any real bearing or reflection on your overall experience. If it's an easy fix, I'd tell Jeremy to go ahead and fix it but if it's complicated I'd say to leave it how it is. Sure, it may be a little annoying but in my opinion it's nothing to get all worked up about. --CoronaKid
  4. You guys crack me up! This is the main reason I bought a cheap PDA is so that I had all the hints available at the tap of a button. No more decrypting hints in the field for me. Do yourself a favor and go to eBay and spend $40-50 on a Handspring Visor Deluxe. You'll thank me later. --CoronaKid
  5. I did a quick check and this neat one is available in California: TNLNSL TNLN is already taken. Hmmm...I wonder if the person that has it is a geocacher? Imagin all the different geo acronyms that could be turned into plates. --CoronaKid
  6. While Jeremy is correct, I do think there are other creative ways to use locks out in the open without it 'begging' to be opened by geomuggles. The trick is to make it look like something that is supposed to be locked. It can be done but the effort might not be worth it. --CoronaKid
  7. Well, I live in Corona so there's no big mystery surrounding my screen name. I choose to add 'kid' just to give the impression that I'm young at heart. I use the beer logo just for fun and have even adopted bottle openers as my signature item. --CoronaKid
  8. I recently found a cache and was in such a hurry that I didn't really have time to look at all the items. I quickly wrote my log and left. Later, while reading the logs, I realized that the person that found it before me left an unusual or unique item that I failed to notice. This has happened to me one other time and I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. Did you kick yourself later or just shrug and say "Oh, well"? --CoronaKid
  9. I'm having problems installing Mapsource Topo. I keep getting the following error message: An error occurred during the move data process - 113 component: Tdb files File group: Tdb files File: ETdbTopo100alaska.tdb This error dialog pops up right at the beginning of installation and shuts down installation immediately. Anybody have any ideas on how to resolve this error message? I am running Windows 98SE and already have Mapsource Road and Recreation installed with the latest update. Thanks in advance! --CoronaKid
  10. Buy your rechargeables in bulk from eBay. You'll save a bundle. I just bought 24 AA 1800mAh NIMH batteries for around $20. --CoronaKid
  11. Sure, REI is great on customer service but their prices are insanely high. I recommend that you shop around before you buy anything from REI. REI stands for RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE ITEMS. --CoronaKid
  12. With all this talk of calories, perhaps Garmin and Magellan will be persuaded to add a calorie counter feature for its new GPS products. Imagine all the implications for future caches. For example, the cache hint could be something like "...go 2300 calories West..." --CoronaKid
  13. quote:Originally posted by Perrin:If you want to do that, why don't you just do a virtual where the coordinates take you to the donation desk at whatever charity you prefer. Then the finder could just donate right there without worrying about cache politics. (I'm being just a bit sarcastic in that this is probably something that wouldn't be approved as a cache location) If you really want to do it, make it a stop along the way of a multi-cache. Then no one would ever know I think that making donations to charities is a great thing, so don't take the above the wrong way. I really don't know if that should be part of the game though. Better yet, why not just include a bunch of postage paid envelopes that are pre-printed with the charities address? --CoronaKid
  14. PSTFN! Please stop this f'king nonsense! --CoronaKid
  15. I finally figured out that Cheesehead Dave was actually referring to umc. Of course, we all know the person below me has a secret crush on Jeremy the Admin. --CoronaKid
  16. Hey, did anyone happen to read the article about Barbra Streisand's lawsuit. She's suing some guy that took 12,100 pictures of the California Coastline, ONE of which has her estate on it. She claims that it is an invasion of her privacy. IMHO, it's a total BS lawsuit. Anyway, I checked out the guys website and found the aforementioned picture of her estate. Click below: http://www.californiacoastline.org/cgi-bin/image.cgi?image=3850&mode=sequential Notice that all the pictures have lat/long coordinates. I'm almost tempted to place a cache right below her estate. How funny would that be? BTW, the coordinates are: N34 00.65 W118 47.24 --CoronaKid
  17. quote:Originally posted by BassoonPilot:Yes, I agree that 267 votes out of a total of 303 is a significant number, but the implementation of any option affects all 41158 members currently registered. It would be patently unfair to implement this, or any other "controversial" feature when such a statistically insignificant (.648%) percentage of registered users showed positive interest. What's "patently unfair"? I personally think Jeremy was being nice to even ask our opinion. If it was me, I'd just go ahead and do it. As for your quoting of statistics, I think previous posters have already made it quite clear that 303 votes IS significant. There's no need for repetition. But just for fun, let me again point this out. For a registered voter to have voted, they would've needed to do the following: 1. Visit the Discussion Boards, then... 2. Visit the General Board, then... 3. Find and read Jeremy's post, then... 4. Care enough to vote. Heck, I'm surprised that even 303 people voted. --CoronaKid
  18. I just bought a pair of FRS radios at Wal-Mart for $15. However, my main intention for buying them was not geocaching. While with the family, we have found it useful to have these radios when we split up at an amusement park or on a hike. Another great use we found is when my wife has to dash into the store to buy something quick. I just park in the parking lot and wait for her incoming call on the radio to let me know she's in front of the store. It sure beats trying to find a spot where I can see her come out of the store or driving by the front every ten minutes. I'll only take them geocaching if I'm with the whole family. In such cases, I always use channel 2. --CoronaKid
  19. quote:Originally posted by Dinoprophet:Not a bad idea, but it's not really win-win, since it rules against people who believe they should be able to log multiple finds. This solution would mean they could log *no* finds, and the argument is that some event caches are just as valid as regular caches. I think you may have slightly misunderstood what I was suggesting. You'd still have the option of logging the event as a normal cache find but only ONCE. All subsequent caches found at the event would be classified as "event caches." While this wouldn't stop someone from logging all the event caches as normal finds, I think most folks would log honestly. Of course, this is all wishful thinking on my part. --CoronaKid
  20. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:A minority of geocachers visit the forums and a minority of these bother to look at the polls. A very small percentage of those who do view the polls actually bother to vote. As far as a percentage of geocachers 303 votes is indeed neglibible. Even as a percentage of forum users its small. But in comparison with other polls, the interest in this one was incredibly high. This poll had over 2700 views and 303 votes. The only other poll with that many views that I could find had 121 votes. Far less than half. I also looked at 10 other polls at random (throwing away obvious joke polls). Even including the one above with 121 votes, the other polls averaged 41 votes (only one other had more than 50). So comparing this poll with other polls, the interest in this subject was unusually high. It had an unusually high number of votes and a significantly higher ratio of voters to views than any other poll I was able to find. I agree that these polls aren't scientific. If that's the rational for dismissing the results, then why was it even posted in the first place? It's not much different from presidential elections. Only a portion of the 280 some million Americans are eligible to vote and only a portion of those are registered. Out of registered voters, barely half bother to vote. Yet if a presidential candidate garners more than 55-60% of the vote, it's considered by most pundits to "landslide" and a mandate. If 60% is a landslide, what is 88%? _"Au pays des aveugles, les borgnes sont rois"_ I couldn't agree with you more. 88% of 303 votes is significant and shouldn't be dismissed. Perhaps Jeremy has a headache from endlessly modifying the search page and doesn't want to make anymore changes. Now that I can understand and believe. --CoronaKid
  21. Why all this bickering? The solution seems simple to me. I suggest creating a separate "found" category for event caches, just like travel bugs. Instead of a yellow smiley face icon, have a yellow picnic bench icon to denote it as an event cache. This "log event cache" option would only be available on event cache pages. The "event caches found" stat would be listed on the user's profile. It seems like a win-win to me. What do you think? --CoronaKid
  22. I know I said to hold onto me so I don't fall, but do you really have to touch my arse? --CoronaKid
  23. First off, I apologize for using the offensive term "lazy." It was not my intention to offend anyone. tozainamboku hit the nail on the head. I am simply frustrated that very few cachers go after the more difficult ones. I was waiting for someone like Judy&Dick to average out my finds to 1.581. I guess I don't have much to stand on then. In the future I will try to use less derogatory language to make my point. Thanks for all the great posts. You have all given me something to think about. --CoronaKid
  24. Call me crazy, but I've noticed that many geocachers have a tendency to only hunt out those caches that are less than 2 terrain. All of the caches in my area that involve a good-sized hill will usually be ignored by local cachers. While I understand that everyone is different and likes different types of caches, I don't understand the mentality of skipping a cache just because it involves a little more work. My concern is that the sport of geocaching will further degenerate into nothing but a bunch of drive-by caches as geocachers get lazier and lazier. Is my concern legitimate or am I just making too much of it? To me, the reason I got into caching was so I could find some interesting hikes away from all the hustle and bustle. I do enjoy the occasional micro-urban cache, but I prefer the caches that require one to break a sweat. Am I alone on this? --CoronaKid
  25. quote:Originally posted by Sissy-n-CR: quote:Originally posted by TMAN264:I agree with Solohiker that there should be non-member caches, ... Actually, no, solohiker said, "We need non-member _only_ caches." For whatever reason solohiker, as far as I remember, has always had a problem with becoming a member and those that are a member. To each their own, but I doubt very seriously there will ever be a time that there will be a type of cache that paying members can't access simply because they are paying members. I don't have any MOCs, but I do reserve the privilege to do so whenever I choose. Have a problem with me wanting to make a cache of mine a MOC? Tough. Am I being elitist? Hardly. If I were to be elitist I'd post them on a private site and email a close circle of friends. Now, _that_ would be elitist! CR http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/72057_2000.gif I think Solohiker was just trying to add a little humor to the thread. He likely knows that there will never be a non member only cache. --CoronaKid
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