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  1. Thanks. That's massively helpful. Talkytoaster maps looks very interesting
  2. I transferred OS map file to my new(ish) Oregon 700 from my old Oregon 650 and it worked fine - a file I had paid handsomely for! My 700 locked and I was forced to factory reset it. Copied OS file to sd card...and it is not found. However my Openstreet maps map of UK works straight away. Any suggestions? Garmin at some stage when I was attempting to add a Germany map tried several until one loaded OK, said they only support maps bought from them.
  3. Now got this to work - thanks for help
  4. Helpful link. I tried the forced USB mode but my Oregon 700 is not being found by my computer - any of the 4 ports.
  5. It just says garmin and sticks there. If I try reset mode it asks do I want to reset but neither of the two options Reset or cancel respond . I have to remove batteries or the usb cable if it's "connected" to turn it off
  6. 1. Was it updated to the latest firmware release before you left for your trip? YES 2. When you say it froze on day two, where you able to restart the device at all? The Garmin splash screen then nothing beyond 3. Did you have files loaded manually to the device? Were they on a microSD card or internal memory? ON MICRO SD CARD 4. What was the exact source for the files loaded? MAP FILE AND GPX GEOCACHES FROM GEOCACHING.COM 5. What steps did you take to restore proper function after the 'freeze'? REMOVED CARD AND TRIED TO RESET - WOULD NOT RESET 6. What other issues did you experience that were not to your liking? LOSING SETTGINGS, BATTERY LIFE GARMIN SUGGESTED USING THE GARMIN USB CABLE - NOW HOME AND TRIED 4 USB PORTS AND NONE OF THEM "FIND" THE GARMIN. ANY SUGGESTIONS? THANKS
  7. Bought in June - My fourth GPS in many years but this one profoundly let me down. It just froze after a day or two of a month away!!! It spoiled my holiday! Have others had problems? I was advised that files were corrupt and needed their Garmin GPS lead and a computer to fix...like I would have this on a hiking holiday!!! What would users suggest. I have had my confidence greatly shaken in Garmin. I would certainly not recommend this product for this and other reasons too.
  8. Thanks for this. I have at last found one .img Germany map that is visible on my device.
  9. Hi I downloaded the .img file. I think this is the image file I need for my oregon 700 Garmin directory
  10. Map appears on device in Garmin folder but not in basecamp. Anyone have a working Germany free map? Anyone expeiencing difficulty with the http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ national maps on GPS?
  11. Never had issues with new maps before but I have downloaded Openstreet maps of Germany and tried another source. Added to the Garmin folder on the SD card and it just doesn't show. Any ideas. I note that at the moment the site for he files does not allow selection of individual tiles at the moment just whole countries - do we know when this might be fixed?
  12. This process seems unreliable. Lots I found yesterday have not come through to the geocaching website. Any suggestions? I ended up importing txt file of visits like in the old days!
  13. So it says the list is synced but I can't find the caches in search Any ideas?
  14. When I set up wifi connection to my home wifi it works. When I turn off and turn on again it gets stuck on Connecting to...my network. How can I get it to automatically connect when I turn on? Any ideas?
  15. This is very helpful thank you. Just turned on my Oregon and though I am right next to my router it's not automatically re-connecting. I had connected this morning but by default it sticks on Connecting to...nothing happening Any suggestions?
  16. Can I add caches without using a cable with the Oregon 700?
  17. Does anyone know whether there is a maximum number of caches storable in this excellent software. On my Garmin GPS I think there is some limit. Thanks
  18. sorted it - jus noticed I'd typed "Took longer than it should have to "log"" It didn't like the "" - edited out in notepad and imported jus fine
  19. Back from a month away and looking forward to importing field notes. Only 51 are visible! They are in the txt file but will not import. Suggestions?
  20. Sorry code lost with packaging, how can I now activate?
  21. Yes it's the background green I wanted to change. I tried linking to a public image in my Flickr account and it still does not show.
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