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  1. Hollyburn got it? What was the right answer?
  2. Your name is Byrne and you work at a pet store
  3. You Your last name is Byrne and you have an aquarium
  4. Your last name is Byrne, and you love to fish. Did anyone say that yet...?
  5. You made a witty comeback to a fish..... (you "burned" a fish.....) ....wow. I'm sorry
  6. You had something to do with the fish study Byrne Creek? http://www.pyr.ec.gc.ca/georgiabasin/resou...SciTech05_e.htm
  7. You're cajun. Therefore your favourite way to cook fish is to burn it. AND, your last name is Byrne. Ergo, Byrnedfish.
  8. Your favourite actor is lawrence fishburne, but your last name is Byrne, so you spelled it like that instead. *cough*rumplestiltskin*cough*
  9. So I've done a few caches already that were buried in snow, but we haven't even begun to receive the amount of snow we normally get here in Sudbury. What happens when the snow gets too deep? Are there any winter caches? Please tell me I don't have to wait until spring!?! dadgum YOU SNOW!!!!
  10. oh god you guys need help... .... what am I talking about..... this is me too... You know you're a geocacher when you find yourself eating waaaay too much peanut butter -- just so you can get another container!! Anyone know any self help groups?!?
  11. Perfect! Thanks a million for the posts! Hope this helps others as much as it does me!
  12. Ok, so I'm still pretty new to geocaching.... but I'm not new to forums, chats etc..... still... I've come across some acronyms that I'm not sure what they mean. I'm sure there are others as well that I've yet to come across. Perhaps if you know an acronym that newbies are going to come across you could post it here so that we neophites could follow what everyone else is talking about. I'll get the ball rolling... Could someone please tell me what TFTC stands for? Thanks! Happy Caching everyone!
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