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  1. Anyways, so as not to beat this to death, as its really minor in the grand scheme, I shall close this out. Thanks for the suggestions and opportunity to vent a little. I think it gave us all a chance to learn a bit more about ourselves, and JMBella. :blink:

  2. Hmm. After reading the posts in this thread, I was expecting the log entry to be pretty bad.


    Well he left an ok DNF for another of my caches the same day, but the one I'm speaking of, the way I read it, he's telling me I should have placed a larger container (even though he doesn't even know what or where mine is), should have left clues (and he goes as far to suggest specific ones which make no sense), and should have described the container (which in this case wouldn't mean much to most people), all things I didn't do on purpose. Then complains that he doesn't want to get his hands dirty searching.


    Personally I wouldn't publicly criticize someone's cache choice or what information they chose to impart. Even if I only had questions after a DNF, I would privately email the owner with said questions. But hey, thats just me, I could be wrong. :lol:


    No problem, you want my pink panties too?


    Scary. :blink:

  3. I prefer the Merrell Chameleon XCR low hiking shoe (GORE-TEX). They are very comfortable and quite usable on day 1, the goretex and grip have never failed me after many strenuous hikes in the ADKs, up and down wet rock, and through low, active creeks. Its a low-cut, so if your ankles tend to shift on rocks/roots it may not work for you. Personally I cannot hike with a high-cut boot, its uncomfortable and nagging around my ankles. I seem to be quite stable with low-cuts. As others stated the best measure of what to buy should depend on whats most comfortable for you and what "technology" in the shoe you think you'll be needing.

  4. Reeeeaaaally? :( See now I didn't know that. When I found that cache I was alone. I don't remember getting any "friendly" looks. What's up with that? I guess I wasn't wearing enough cologne or something. Maybe I sweat too much, gotta work on that. :D

    JM, there's a certain section that's apparently dedicated, if you didn't get any proposals you either missed or, or you're just generally a foul guy all-around :D

  5. Here's a cache in a known gay cruising area: In The Ramble


    It doesn't appear to be a problem to the 200+ cachers that have visited it.

    Hey Dan, I wish I knew you a few years ago, before I unknowingly decided to wander into the Ramble 30 minutes before sunset to explore the wildest section of Central Park.... those guys are really go-getters. I managed to escape the darkened maze of paths OK, but did mention in my log when the cache was later placed, that around sunset wasn't the best time to be there, although I didn't state exactly why, as it wasn't really necessary in my opinion.

  6. I did end up sending an email. As for addressing the log, in the log, I highly doubt any avid cacher would be deterred as it stands. Although my strong affinity for sarcasm is really pressing me to add something to the effect of " You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. I better archive this before I offend anyone else ".

    Really the whole thing caught me off-guard since everyone else praised the chosen hiding spot. Far too often in this world, we let a few negatives overpower all the positives, sort of like how a bit of mold will take over a whole loaf of good bread. </end weird yet thoughtful rant>.

  7. Agreed, I definitely had no intention of removing the log. I was going to send a unicast mail, kindly explaining the "different strokes ..." theory, even though its probably fruitless. I'm actually in a unique position to easily FTF the first cache just approved by said user. I of course have no intention of returning the "favor", but thought it interesting the opportunity presented itself. I'm sure my log will be simple and apathetic.

  8. Curious to know how you folks deal with annoying cache page logs. For example, a new cacher who apparently believes your cache was placed specifically for them, and should therefore adhere to their own ideas of what a cache should be, and what info the cache page should contain. Then when it doesn't match their pre-conceived ideas, posting an annoying critical log along with their DNF.


    I'm not even talking about the folks that assume the cache isn't there or the coords must be waaay off when they search their own GPS GZ for a few minutes and can't turn up the cache. Thats a separate topic, and not necessarily flagrant to me, since it doesn't really mean they're being critical or have some sort of attitude, they're most likely just a new cacher going through growing pains. I'm talking about the first notion I mentioned.


    Maybe its this god-awful heat tonight, but the nerve of it gets me hot. I remember when I was a new cacher (I found my first a few years ago now). I assumed if I didn't find a cache I must have done something wrong. I enjoyed the different varieties of caches and didn't expect them to have all the same makeup and give the same information, and was certainly not critical of someone's own ideas. I appreciated the fact that the cache was there for me to find in the first place.


    What do you folks think?

  9. Is anyone in NY/NJ interested in being the subject of a profile in the New Yorker magazine's "Talk of the Town" section? It wouldn't be a "geocaching" article per se, more a cool vignette about a person with an interesting and unexpected pastime (in this case geocaching), their involvement and thoughts on it, etc... I have the opportunity but am not really interested. If anyone else is interested, let me know via email: crouchinghiker@hotmail.com Thanks.

  10. I had the misfortune of catching teenagers in an amorous act while checking on one of my caches in an area park. They were ahead of me on the trail, walking slowly with a plastic bag of items I didn't bother to make out. They let me pass them after a shy hello. I guess they didn't know the trail dead-ended about .2 miles away and I had to return the same way I came, because they were only about 20 feet from the trail on my way back. Luckily I spotted them from a distance, so I averted an embarrassing encounter and bushwacked a safe distance around them and back to my car. In retrospect I probably could have taken the trail right by them, as their attentions were focused elsewhere. :D

  11. I found a letter box about 20 yards from one of my caches on a maint visit. It seems that a lot of letterboxes are near caches.

    Cool spots are cool spots...

    Similarly, I found an official letterbox off I95 in MD, presumably less than 25 feet from the nearby rest stop microcache I was trying to find. I only had the coords and it was dark and cold, so I signed the letterbox thinking that was the cache and drove off.


    Realized later what I had actually found and logged a note on the cache site. Strange was that no one else had found it previous to that and the letterbox had been around a long time.



  12. I realized soon after giving up search on a Central Park (NYC) micro, that my Maui Jim sunglasses were missing from the safe spot I had last seen them (hanging recklessly from my shirt). I went back to look for them and ended up finding the micro lying misplaced on the open ground, much the same way I wished I'd found my shades. TN, L shades, rescued cache. That cache had a guardian angel I guess, an angel now wearing a nice pair of shades. :D


    On a somewhat related topic, I lost my first GPSr (etrex vista) on a hiking trip in the Mohonk Preserve, NY. I wish I could say I was caching at the time, and that I was attempting to cross a tumultuous creek with raging rapids and had to choose between hanging onto my GPS or grabbing a nearby rock to save my life. Unfortunately the incriminating truth is that after the trip, I left it on the roof of my car while I emptied some trash into a nearby parking lot receptacle. In those 15 seconds, my brain chose to remove the thought of my GPS and I got in the car and drove off (too bad I knew where I was going). :D

  13. Just wanted to say thanks for this post, I've thought about volunteering in such capacities, but never really knew there was a central point of contact. Now I have a good lead.


    I think these kinds of efforts are a great way of showing the park administrations the benefits of having us geocachers around, and keeping on their good side. Not to mention the benefits on the trails themselves.


    Thanks again.

  14. Does anyone have contacts within the FDNY, perhaps a family member or friend of a friend? I have come upon a travelling memoir originated by some kind cachers in Nevada who sent out "craps travel dice" after 9/11/01, destined for NYC. The memoir includes a few pages (8 signatures total) of sentiments from cachers who helped pass it along from NV to NY. Since I'm in NYC, its officially reached its destination. I contacted the originators who were hoping I could get it to the FDNY. I figured it would be nice for someone with actual connections to get it to one of the local ladders. Appreciate any response. Thanks.


    -- Crouching Hiker

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