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  1. Which is worse? Logging that you actually TS (of value) LN, or logging that you TSLS but in reality didn't LS. I'm not completely sure myself, although I lean toward the latter, since you at least have the nerve to be honest in the 1st case.
  2. Thats just sad. I don't understand how some folks seem to have no problem logging their bad or no trades. I have a few to mention on my own caches, but I'll keep the peace for now...
  3. That site is far from new to me, if that's any hint regarding SI
  4. Don't be too hard on yourself, your intentions were good. I found an irreparably cracked cache container with a soaked-through, ink-faded logbook and one or two defunct items. I left it in place and contacted the owner, who had moved out of the area since he placed it and I was then in fact closer to the cache location, so I replaced it the next day with new everything. Thats probably not the usual situation though. (The cache was later archived for other reasons, so the problem of who would take care of it became moot). I'd suggest leaving whatever you find in place and disguising it if it wasn't. Then contact the owner and go from there. Likely he/she will want to make their own visit and decide what to do with their own cache. As far as logging the find on an archived cache, is there a rule against this? I would log a find in the situation, since I would have found an intact cache at the listed coords, with a logbook. Its one way to let the owner know it still exists and decide if it should be un-archived, and who will take over ownership if necessary. edit:edited.
  5. Yea, USAPhotoMaps and also QuakeMaps will both overlay your tracks onto aerial and topo maps. I've used both to document my longer hikes in the mountains, create hike report graphs (e.g. elevation vs. time) and show my route on maps. Check my website (link in profile) if you're interested in examples, e.g. the "Big Slide" hike.... They work well. For just a quick download and import into Excel, I use G7toWin.
  6. "errrr ... what should I do first... pull 'em down now and check for ticks... or clean off the dog poo I landed chin-first in ... " edit:edited.
  7. Most shot glasses aren't all that fragile, they're generally compact and sturdy (hence why some folks choose to slam them down on a hardwood bar after consuming whatever 's inside). Someone would have to severely mishandle even a metal cache, like shake it vigorously perhaps, to break most shot glasses. I don't see a problem with it (unless you like to "shake well" before opening). Even so, the bubblewrap would provide some form of idiot-proofing just in case...
  8. There are a number of freeware apps that do this. I've used several and each has a slightly different way of presenting the data. Most have options you can manipulate to help format the data as you wish. You might try g7towin: G7toWin p.s. lay off the juice man!
  9. I heard about geocaching from my brother first, who found it while surfing the web. I thought it sounded cool, took the initiative, bought an eTrex Vista on ebay and brought it back home during a vacation to where most of my family lives. Hunted my first cache with my brother (now "crusaders"), then brought the parents (now "onamission") and my brother's wife on another hunt. Easily hooked all of them who bought GPSs and proceeded to out-cache me for a number of months. I knew I liked caching, but wasn't yet comfortable going alone at that time, plus I didnt know much about NYC/NJ as far as how to get about. The only times I would cache were when I went back home to visit, so the first year of my caching career saw only about 15 finds. Then the bug suddenly hit me and I started avidly caching on my own, which I do about 95% of the time nowadays. To date, I've taken both of my brothers (both like it, only the one is avid), and my sister and bro-in-law (sister likes it, but not avid, bro-in-law doesn't quite get it), and the parents. My parents (mostly dad) are now extremely hooked, have about 650 finds which is quite a bit more than me. Then again they're now retired and have lots of time! I think its great, glad I could provide my family with a healthy, fun hobby. What a present that is
  10. You may have seen the terms "Maggies" and "Garminites" thrown around here. They represent the folks that either swear by Magellans, or by the Garmins. I've personally owned both and must say I liked the Garmin functions and size better, but the Magellan's quad antenna was noticably more reliable and a bit quicker to load maps while scrolling. (eTrex Vista vs. ST Color). There's never a perfect unit imho.
  11. If you only need a state's worth of maps at one time, the ST Color will work fine. I have the majority of both NY and NJ on mine. Haven't had any unusual problems with the screen, just tilt a bit if in direct sunlight, like just about every other electronic display. If you're shooting for more compact, its also the way to go. Personally, the Meridian is way too bulky for me, the ST fits nicely in a pocket. I have no problems with the unit, the functions are all there and they work well. The one thing about the ST Color, the buttons are a bit too flat to the unit, so they require more precise pressing. Its fine for me, but someone with very large fingers might not appreciate it. The ST Pro had the rubber buttons which sat up off the unit nicely, for easy pressing. The ST Color one's may look prettier, but are less easy to use. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  12. Yea you could be right, I guess all the work took my mind off how lame they really were! Honestly, it was a good use of the area, nice job.
  13. Thanks for the interesting theme caches in an otherwise could-be lame-ish traditional hide area. Had almost as much fun logging the finds online! Will go for the final "when things have quieted down a bit."
  14. Audio File can be found on this page about 3/4 of the way down (CTRL-F, search for 'candy'): This is serious (serious) We could make you delirious (delirious) You should have a healthy fear of us (fear of us) Too much of us is dangerous (no, no, no, nooooo) Doctors tell the pharmacy (pharmacy) Types of pills that you will need (you will need) And he knows the harm that we can (we can be) If we're not taken carefully (no, no, no, nooooo) We're not candy (believe us) Even though we look so fine and dandy When you're sick we come in handy But, we're not candy (ooooh, no) edit:link
  15. Another satisfied customer demonstrates exactly how Viagra works for him...
  16. I've also found a cache hidden in a tree (no ropes or pulleys) and had to climb about 20-25 feet up to retrieve it. The branches were many, and they were stable. I had a small debate with the folks I was with, as to the terrain rating of such a cache, i.e. if the tree itself counted as terrain, or only the land on the way to GZ. I voted the tree itself counted, and would therefore raise the terrain rating of such a cache. Although, I could also see the difficulty rating being increased instead.
  17. I plan about 95% of my caching trips, mostly because I just don't find myself in random areas with both spare time and my GPS. Accordingly, I don't generally download or program coords unless I have the intent to cache. Many caching trips for me involve a trip over to NJ nowadays, which if not I'm not caching, I'm there for other reasons and don't have the opportunity. Also, NJ can be a pain in the butt to navigate if you don't know where you're going, so I like to plan my route ahead of time so I'm not watching my GPS and driving. Usually I will plan a whole-day trip, but if there's a particularly interesting one, or one that I suddenly decide must be conquered, I'll plan a trip for one or two caches also.
  18. I also have that container (not used yet). To me, thats a traditional. I reserve micro for a container I can almost or completely hide inside one hand, or one where I need to create a "logbook" from scratch. If I felt like it, I would specifically use the word "smallish" in my cache page description of this container.
  19. briansnat (n.) - the dyslexic's spelling of "ant brains". briansnat (n.) - modified method of network address translation created by some guy named brian. (I better stop too).
  20. CITO (v.) - to notice a hole in your boot
  21. After looking at the cache again, now I remember the specific source of my apathy, it states: " You will need to bring two NJ scrach-off lottery tickets with you to play, also need a pencil and paper." If he substituted "may like" for "need", I would feel less imposed upon. For me its really just that, the fact that its a beginner's cache with a higher rating wouldn't normally deter me.
  22. Related topic, I have to wonder if this is why "Lucky Lotto" in NJ hasn't logged even an FTF after over 2 weeks in the field. It states to bring two NJ lottery tickets to the cache itself, and take one away. While it doesn't explicitly state its a requirement, I know its personally lessened my motivation to go find it. I rarely bring trade items, and one that requires specific items is, to me, just a hassle and misses the point of caching in my opinion.
  23. He makes very certain there is nobody else about when he strips down for his shots. I understand he really doesn't hike that way, but i got that through a 3rd party. Ok withdrawn, apparently he does carry around clothes. Cool.
  24. I don't think the nude cacher carries clothes around in a backpack, so I doubt there would be anything to "put on". I guess the only cover he would have is his GPSr, question is, is it an eTrex Vista? Or a Magellan Meridian? I probably wouldn't call the cops myself, I cache alone 99% of the time and wouldn't have anyone's eyes to cover up, except perhaps my own...
  25. Found one like this off I-95 as well. I found the letterbox, but didn't know it at the time. Log
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