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  1. Major bummer. Looking at the only 4 finders for all 6 (two of them Dan and I), I would be astounded if a previous finder made re-visits for this purpose. As much as it sucks, I hope this was only a one-time event. Perhaps "surveillance" really is in order! Best wishes to this cache series.
  2. You can load a .GPX waypoint file into GSAK, export to a .GPX or .LOC file and under the "waypoint name" field enter "%smart=nn" (substitute nn with the number of characters you want in your waypoint names). GSAK's smart names will use the actual cache name to generate a unique waypoint name (i.e. even if 2 caches are almost identically named, it will add a number to the end of one of them to differ them). Then load the file into EasyGPS, then upload to your GPSr. ... unless you want to manually edit each waypoint name in EasyGPS ...
  3. Thanks. I already had went with the Garmin version of the window mount. It seems to hold solid as well. The only downside I can see so far is it doesn't allow side-to-side adjustment (no swiveling), doesn't appear to be a major problem as the screen is still quite visible facing straight. Will know more after more usage.
  4. Question: Is there any major downside to loading CitySelect 4.01 onto my 60CS? I know someone who has it and would prefer to use it instead of buying the newest version myself (assuming the software allows to load on a second GPS). Obviously there would be some map updates in the newer versions, but anything worth mentioning besides?
  5. The way the pros play, yea I'd say thats even in the realm of being a sport. Not your average basement game ...
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I believe I'll go with the window mount after all.
  7. Do you find the windshield mount gets the unit close enough to you? WIth my radar detector, I have to reach to access it. Not too important with a radar detector, but with a GPS I'd definitely like it to be close...
  8. You need to buy the auto mounting bracket to use it correct, which is about 30 bux on garmin.com, plus the bean bag mount is about the same. I'm sure I could find it cheaper elsewhere, but 60 bux seems a bit steep for both.
  9. I tried a vent mount for my phone once, it was pretty shoddy, maybe it was a cheap version. Suction mount would theoretically work ok, although I might have to sacrifice my radar detector I use on longer trips. Yucca - My car drives pretty tightly also. You said you attached the bean bag mount to a large.... what? Thanks.
  10. I'm probably purchasing the 60CS, but don't want a permanent attachment in my car to hold it, or anything that leaves a mark on my vinyl dash. What's the best option? I've seen a few complaints about the bean bag mount... Appreciate any responses.
  11. Crouching Hiker, fyi... Hard to form a real consensus in the caching community when less than 5% are polled. What's the cut-off limit for the number of people that don't want their caches hunted, before the idea is considered "bad"? I'm not into debates myself, just adding some things to think about....
  12. Sure, I'll jump in at the end. I think anything that has avid cachers literally telling people not to hunt their caches cannot be good for the sport. I wonder how the 95% of cachers who don't read the boards feel about this, and their caches. I guess what they don't know doesn't hurt them right? IMHO, the only way to go for this idea is to make it such that there is no evidence in folks' cache logs that it exists. "Leave no trace"
  13. The one thing I remember about the few MOCs I've found is that they weren't much different than most other caches I've found. Thats not a bad thing unless you're really expecting MOCs to be somehow better. In my experience, some folks place them for the sake of placing them.
  14. 'Cos it's a hobby and not a sport. Most obvious evidence for this fact: Have a look at the "athletes" I disagree. gc.com clearly tells us geocaching is "The sport where YOU are the search engine".... Also, webster tells us sport(n) is: "a source of diversion; recreation"
  15. Yea this is what I want. I haven't held it in my hand yet, but the form factor looks rounded enough such that its still pocket-able and not too obtrusive?
  16. Thanks for the reply. I'd rather spend my time actually caching, instead of pre-planning my exact routes, or trying to consult street-maps or the GPS map while driving. I can buy the 60CS for about 399.00 and probably will. Although I love the small size of the VistaC, I owned a normal Vista for a while and had major problems under tree cover. Any other users have specifics about the auto-routing? Thanks.
  17. Since someone bumped this I thought I'd get in also. Can the owners of the 60CS and VistaC tell me how well the street routing works? Are they fairly accurate and how quickly do they re-calc if you go off-course? Are the turn directions easy to see from a foot or so away? Do they route you fairly appropriately if you "goto" a cache? I'm assuming they take you to the closest possible street to the cache. Appreciate any responses. I'm sick of getting lost on NJ side-streets and the zillions of tiny routes and highways, was looking for a unit to route me at last within the general vicinity of a cache, then take the same GPS with me in the field.
  18. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that. What led you to check, the bullseye or symptoms? In all the years I've been outdoors, in the woods, or geocaching, etc... I've never found a deer tick embedded. I've found a number crawling around, but only in the last year or so, when I finally started actually checking. Makes me wonder how I got by all those years, or how many times one was embedded and I didn't even know it. Hopefully I'm either immune or haven't been exposed to Lyme-enabled ones. Best wishes on treatment.
  19. Staten Islanders of the World Unite! (note: i'm not a natural staten islander, not that there's anything wrong with that, but i just live here) edit:clarifying.
  20. As in, there are areas nearby which are public property but plenty close enough to see the point of interest...
  21. I was going to find a way around this But he's right. Although it is very easily accessed even by foot.
  22. Man you guys just won't leave well enough alone! I've been to the boatyard, go at low tide. Splicingdan will tell you he's kayaked through it also. I recently made a visit and was planning to incorporate the final stage of a multi into it. I also have another multicache for Mariner's Marsh which was linked to, undergoing extensive planning as we speak.... If you want, wait around until I'm done within a few weeks. Otherwise if you want to explore either place let me know which day and I'll join you.... Read this for a good story on exploring the boatyard...
  23. If I remember, the complaint was that the card cache seemed to require you to swap a card in order to log a find on it. This guy simply wants a cache with a shot glass exchange, whether one wants to swap or not is up to the cacher, you can still log a find either way ... edit:grammar
  24. I agree it would be cool. I tried once when I owned a Vista, no one noticed I had it, I don't remember which airline. Alas, in the air I couldn't get a satellite lock anyways, and I was near the window.
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