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  1. Along the same idea of the fishing vest, I find cargo pants with multiple sets of pockets on the legs useful as well as stylish.
  2. Maybe because the Saturn is mostly plastic the signal can pass through better? I a good signal in my Chevy Cavalier. I usually leave my Garmin sitting on the dashboard.
  3. I'm back with the newbie questions again. I visited a benchmark where the description said there would be an "Unstamped Disk." What I found at the location was a disk that said "Massachusetts Triangulation Station" but no other markings. It seems other triangulation disks I've seen photos of have a year and other data on them. So does unstamped mean it just wasn't stamped with the other data or does it mean a completely blank disk?
  4. I'm a newbie here and am interested in benchmark hunting. I see under the history section of this benchmark that the coast and geodeic survey company said that it was destroyed in the 60's. Can I just click the log button and mark it as destoryed then so there will be an x on the listing page? Or should I go to the co-ordinates and verify something is destroyed that says it is? What if it is something like this one where it says it was on a church which burned, and I know there is no church at that location today? Thanks
  5. Another battery newbie here. Between my palm, digital camera, and soon gps I need to start using rechargables. Do you guys find the brand name nimh batteries to last longer, and if so what brand do you mostly use? Also, does the mAh make a big difference? How about a charger? I have a cheap Radio Shack charger, would an expensive one give me a better charge?
  6. Isn't the point of geocaching to use a GPS to find the area the cache is hid? If this bug is going to land in an unknown location there won't be any cords to give out to seek it witht he gps.
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