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  1. I was using purple G2s as a part of my signature, but in re-visiting caches, I have noticed that my sig had turned pinky red & ran some on logs that had gotten wet after I originally visited. Am now looking for a purple pen that's waterproof that won't bleed thru...
  2. My bigger camera is also a Fuji Finepix, an S700, was around $200. I've been very happy with it for about 2 yrs now. My small one tho, was a happy surprise. It's an HP Photosmart M627. I actually got it as a package w/ a portable HP A610 printer. Got it off of QVC or HSN for $100 for both. The camera is a 7.0 mp & takes way better pix than expected (we had been dissappointed in the past by small, inexpensive cameras). I keep it in my lunchbox & take it everywhere, just in case A separate note; the printer is wonderful, we can print pix anywhere there's an outlet, straight off the memory card, great for family get-togethers & inpromptu caching weekends!!
  3. Hello! Was looking for other NN & ended up here. There doesn't seem to be much info on NN, or NCa for that matter. I am transplanted from Susanville, CA. now living in Ely & spend a lot of time in Pioche (as in 5 days a week!). I finally got a GPS for Christmas & am hooked! Driving my husband crazy, actually... he's not quite sure why I get so excited about driving for an hour to be signing my name ; ) but he does enjoy the more remote 4x caches~ maybe he feels needed on these! There are 2 bookmarked routes I stumbled on by Longwalker that are US Hwy 6 & US Hwy 93 from AZ to ID. As I haven't quite figured out how to do my own yet, I think they are a good thing! I have enjoyed the caches in & around Pioche (TV land is unique) & Cathedral Gorge, there are a bunch towards Panaca & the UT border I am eyeballing right now. Just need to find time to get over there! Also would like to head back towards home I would love to visit w/other cachers, the few in Ely I have contacted seem to prefer to remain anonymous, but they are still helpful. If anyone wants to say hello, I will definately answer back. May take 2 mos to do it tho! My Inet time is sporadic @ best, that's why I am just getting on to the forums, sometimes just logging my finds takes too long. Happy Caching everyone!
  4. You may find yourself wanting to come back for a longer stay!! If you travel US 50 (The lonliest Hwy in America) you will find a lot of caches & a lot of history. NN has quite a few ghost towns, cemetaries, a RailRoad, mines, etc.. There is a US Hwy 50 Route (from AZ to ID), also a US Hwy 6, both by Longwalker. Look up Cache "Ghost Train of Old Ely" both routes are bookmarked here. There is a Ghost town Atlas available (Published by Cy Johnson & Son, Susanville, CA) for CA & NV that points out places of interest & has hand-drawn maps of both states. A very helpful book, I've used it for years on my various adventures! Maybe there are some for OR & ID, also http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/citytown.jsp is the address I use to look up all of my zips, just plug in a town name & it will give you a zip for a cache search of where you will be going. Looks like you have a great vacation planned have fun! [Am jealous ]
  5. Great topic! I enjoy all the different names people come up w/! When we moved from Johnstonville to Susanville, CA., It was all of 12 miles, but to a 1st grader you can guess! My little world was never going to be the same! My Grandparents gave me a book that was a personalized story. In it were all of my friends, my pets, even the street I had lived on. The main character, besides me, was a giraffe who's name was my name backwards--pretty cool when you are little! I never forgot that book, but the name was not used until Inet, when something unique (& simple enough that I could remember!! ) was needed. My friends in Susanville still call me April J & I am now married so AprilJH and you get lirpAjh...
  6. Hello, Newbie/Lurker here. In the last 2 mos or so, I've been WAY to busy on the road & trying to log my finds (before my amnesia strikes) to be spending much time reading the forums. I live 3.5 hrs from ANYWHERE in Nevada & I'm loving this new obsession of mine! I've already driven a fair distance to get my 25 finds, & have even dragged my husband (kicking & screaming) out for whole days. I'm afraid he doesn't quite "get it" He's not gonna have much choice tho! I just bought my 1st TBs, am planning my 1st geocache placement, & I'm thinking my Jeep will be a rolling advertisement for Groundspeak... Oh well, "All or Nothin", right?? Thx & bye!
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