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  1. My intention for raising the discussion on such a attribut was to have the coverage of the legal aspects on this topic in a way, that's kind of convenient for the owner... In Germany there are also signs at all the major tracks to/from a logging area. Most of the time these tracks are also blocked. Legal aspects for the forest workers and the ranger are covered by this. However - Everyone (also the ranger) knows, Geocachers are "not always" using the major tracks. It's also clear (also to the ranger), that "nobody" reads the listing before he runs into a problem at the cache (missing tools, code for a lock and so on)... Coming back to the legal aspect, it's similar to the funny information, you find on several products - It's dangerous to step on a ladder or microwaves are not for pets - Unfortunately there is some reason for this kind of product information... However - The proposal of adding a text section should be "good enough" as well, but is less convenient... DerTomTom
  2. Thanks for your feedback! According to my understanding of a local reviewer feedback, the Dangerous Area attribute was intended for places close to cliffs or close to fast moving traffic and things like that. But my understanding might be wrong… The wording “Logging Operations” sounds very reasonable for me – I picked “Forest Operations” due to my bad English. Selecting by “Logging Operations” is most likely not the case, but selecting by Poisonous Plants or Dangerous Animals is most likely not the case as well. It’s more like a “be careful, there might be…” thing, isn’t it? Perhaps seasonal is also not the correct term. In Germany, hunting is restricted to specific seasons for specific animals. Overall the risk by hunting is present all over the year, the huntsman are just going for different animals. Therefore a static hunting attribute makes perfect sense for me. “Logging Operations” might occur randomly at any time at any area. Sure they will not be there all over the year, but they will not be announced upfront.
  3. Please add "Forest Operations" to the hazard section of the cache attributes. I’m owning some caches located in a forest close to my hometown here in Germany. I’ve been in a very positive and open minded discussion with the responsible ranger, sicne some of these caches go a little beyond a simple plastic box. In this context, I also did learn some things regarding the legal aspects of owning a cache out in the forest. It’s common sense, that the cache owner has to inform on all major potential risks/hazards within the listing to cover the legal duty to maintain safety. From the rangers point of view, the forest operations are more or less on the same level of risk as hunting is. Forest operations are also seasonal events at the "commercially" used sections of the forest – Which is true for most of the forest here in Germany (people or communities owning the forest like to earn money from that). The "tree harvesting" itself is often done by big machines in a semiautomatic way and the forest workers don’t have chance to monitor 100 % of the surrounding area. Also the forest workers don’t "clean up" there working area in the evening or for the weekend. So some increased risk might be out there, until they finished work for a certain area. The later might be even more dangerous than currently ongoing operations, because it might look silent and safe, but it isn’t safe at all. To improve coverage of the "legal duty to maintain safety", a new attribute for "forest operations" would be highly appreciated from my point of view. Please let me know, if this is a reasonable request or just a stupid idea – Thanks! Best regards, DerTomTom
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