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  1. Well, as soon as the water levels start dropping and it drys up some RedNeck Tracking Inc. has a few caches to be placed. Watch out for the Multi-cache that's coming. It'll be different. Anyways We'll keep you all posted on what's to come on the east side.
  2. Yay christmas was great nothing like getting geocaching stuff for christmas. I got a few caches to go out. and by the looks of the weather I'll be able to plant them. So anyone close to northeast central indiana should keep an eye out.
  3. I know we need more caches on the east side. That's where I'm at and about got all of them taken care of. Got a cache put together that i want to stick out, but i don't think I'll get it done this weekend. Don't want to lead the folks to it with the footprints in the snow. Man we got alot of snow today. Oh well I'm all for a white christmas.
  4. Man got alot of cachers in Indiana. That's great. Hope see alot more come about and tell us where ya at, what ya doing, and anything else you want to talk about geocaching.
  5. I'm talking about stuff like this. "Here's Buster Brown, he lives in a shoe, There's his dog, Tige, he lives in there, too................ " From Pipanella And there is alot more like that. Let me explain what this was made for. Yes it was made for folks to come in say hi and where you were from. Also it was for talking about events that were coming up and stuff like that. Team Tigger didn't you realize this was going pretty good till you and your group came in. I know that sounds mean but really it's not meant as. We welcome you. But man come on some of the stuff you were talking about was just insane. Yes I got messages from people telling me to do something about all the things you all were talking about. Because they had to wade thru it to find new members and topics that wasn't just a conversation between your clique. I'm glad there are members that have all these friends that they all go out together to find these. But you all did take this over as you own personal chat room. Like I said I'm not here to bust anyones chops over this. It's all in good fun. I just thought I would explain what I was talking about. Thanks alot Big Mike
  6. Well, I had just noticed that people were saying about you all took over this thread. It's fine to talk about geocaching but come on some of the stuff you all were talking about was just silly. I can tell I stepped on some toes with my last post. That wasn't my intention. So sorry you all got hurt feelings.
  7. Ok I started this thread. The reason I started it was so all the Indiana geocachers can say hi to one another. It wasn't made so a few people can chat about things that have nothing to do with geocaching. So I'm asking you please go start a thread for yourselves somewhere else. It's only fair.
  8. Well he mentioned that he was at both of mine earlier that day. I sure hope the FBI won't come looking for me Actually I was kind of aimming on a joke with this one but it does have me worried. But yeah not sure if someone answered the question but the reason they shoot it so they can set it off and it not going off while they try to defuse the cache.
  9. Well, I'm glad the thread I started is being well used. Glad to see all us Hoosiers are out there hitting it hard. Also seems ithis is a good hangout for some good friends to chat it up. And that's fine with me. So did anyone get any real good caches over the summer? RedNeck Tracking INC. Is heading down to Park County again this weekend for the covered Bridge Festival. I know after last year I said I wouldn't go down the first weekend again, but I can't help it. We just have to go out and geocache and camp. Besides the way the weather has been acting this year I'm not sure how warm it's going to stay. But on this trip it's going to be Squirrel, Old Lady and the newest addition Squaw. Squaw is my girlfriend who I had to drag out to the woods on our first date to go geocaching and she fell in love with it. So this is going to be a good trip. Hopeing to find alot of the new caches that were put out this year down there. Maybe I'll see some fellow cachers while we are down there? Good seeing everyone on here. Take it easy and Keep fresh batteries in your GPS.
  10. Well Been awhile since anyone wrote on here so I figured I would. Summer is here. Time to hit the caches with both barrels. I have alot of time on my hands this summer so I plan on nailing alot of caches. So Watch out Indiana.
  11. well congrats on getting famous lol. It was a good article. A matter of fact I had a few people that told me they found it and they would like to try it. So pat yourself on the back for getting more folks involed .
  12. I was looking at an article about a guy from my hometown, that thinks he's made it big. and I came across this article pretty interesting. http://www.intakeweekly.com/articles/8/019864-6958-141.html
  13. I have a cache over by Mount. Pilliar Indiana that needs a new owner. I used to work over at the Salamoni Resevor and could get to it alot. But now Since I workin Muncie I'm going the other direction and never get that way. Here is the link to my cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=59965 If you want to use the same info and stuff go ahead. The old cache is a mess from what I heard. Just let me know if you want to do it. Just email me. I just really think there needs to be a cache around there.
  14. I can gurantee it getting to purdue if it would end up in one of my jay county caches. Or one of mine in Randolf county. Stickit in there one weekend, I'll find it there and off to ol' Purdue. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  15. WEll i did suggest I try to be helpful in things. I've gave suggestions and advice here on the forums. But I kind of did take this attack personal. You should had seen the first email. Really hateful. And to make things worse I got a second one that was even worse. I'm not going to even bother answering. It's one thing to spat a lil but dang. To get in an all out Brawl is crazy. Just going to leave this one alone. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  16. Has anyone had someone come and tell them that their coords are off or there hints aren't right? I have first time too. I got a person (Waterfreak00) new to geocaching.Comes trysto find all my caches and couldn't find them.EVeryone. I started thinkning all of mine were stolen. So I went out and checked then all and they were in their spots. So I tell everyone that my caches are still there. Well Waterfreak00 went out again this time takeing another groupe with them. and they find it. But they got the nerve to tell me my coords are way off. Now I was just there I just check them.I set my cache with Two GPS. No one else has had this problem just these people. Well I wrote on my page that the coords were correct, and these people email me back telling me I'm wrong and I need a new GPS and I'm to proud to admit. What the Heck that right there is bull. They purposely went out of their away to start stuff. Well I wrote them back not a nice letter. So I'll just have to see what will happen. So does anyone have any stories like that? Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  17. I go to Purdue. So if you get it close to Jay County we canget the rest of the way. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  18. Well got back from the Covered Bridge Festival and had alot of fun. The one thing i found out is not to try geocaching during it. It was very hard to find caches with all the people around. WE finally had to give up. I didn't want to endanger any of the caches by haveing people not involed with geocaching to find them. We did Find a sweet cache at the Devil's Backbone. I suggest it to anyone near or going to Shades State park to go find it. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  19. Well Big Mike and RedNack Tracking Inc. Are going to camp down at Shades this weekend. Going down for the Covered Bridge Festival in Rockville. Going to hit a bunch of caches down there. I think I ran off around 32 caches. Well not saying we are going to get all of them but are sure as heck going to put a big dent in them. Hey I might see some of my follow cachers down there. Happy caching Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  20. The pack I carry and I've had it for years is my L.L.Bean Daypack. It's not too big and it's big enough to carry everything you need. I usally if there is any walking or I'm doing several caches bring: GPS, extra Batteries, Flashlight(a trusty Maglight) Rain gear, water, first aid kit, trailmix, compass, matchs and always with me is flint and steal. Also have all my stuff I stick in the caches I find. But LL Bean has alot of good stuff and alot of stuff have lifetime warringtons. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  21. Sounds like this weekend will be alot fun. The sad thing is Big Mike and RedNeck Tracking Inc. will not be able to attend this year. I belong to a Horse club called The Circle X Range Riders. And we are hosting this weekend the Indiana High School Rodeo Finals. So I have to be there to do my part. (mostly ride my horse around and make sure the kids stay in line) But I wish you all alot of luck and a lot of fun. Take care and find a cache for me. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  22. It did take me a couple of times to place my cache on the page. A virtural cache has to ask a question of something. So that's why I asked the question. And since I was wondering why it was there and wanted to find out that's why I placed it. All it does is pile everyones interest into one thing and gets them to work together. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  23. Hey just wondering who all are around the Reed City Area. I grew up in that area and placed a cache there. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=82911 Let me know. I plan to place more next time I'm up that way. So keep an eye out. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
  24. This weekend myself and a bunch of friend got a cache in Fairmount, IN. To get the James Dean cache in the Fairmount cemetary. It was at night and it very open with a main road in front of it. So we went covert sneaking around. We found it but the coordinates were off about 70 feet. But was a blast. Beavers are a Proud and Noble Animal. Big Mike
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