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  1. I think we all have done that once or twice. I usually have a couple in my "dork bag". If I drop it, I replace it. I also carry different sizes of log books too. I often find a cache with a full log. I will replace it and tell the CO. You would be surprised how such a small act of kindness is appreciated. WB
  2. Speaking as a father of teenagers I would love it if my teens would cache with me more. They will go sometimes but I have to drag them along. There are so many things that a teenager can be "into" that are NOT of value. I commend you for finding a wholesome and active activity for your hobby. Try this. Tell your parents that many kids your age spend hours of worthless time in front of the TV watching mindless shows filled with questionable material or playing a video game with senseless violence. Tell them this hobby keeps you active, fit, and away from drugs. As a parent, this would hit me hard enough to go with you every day. Good luck! WB
  3. Many have responded so I'm not sure if I can add anymore but this has been my experience. I love coins of all kinds and so I bought my first few coins and sent them out into the Geo-word only to find them stolen within a very short time. I believe most cachers will move the coin along as it is meant but it only takes a handful to ruin it for all. Because I have had so many stolen I now keep the originals in a book and send a faux out to travel. I know some cachers hate finding a faux but at $5 to $20 per coin, one can't really afford to send the real thing out. A short answer to your four questions is yes, yes, yes, and yes! WB
  4. Thanks so much for your help. Are there any units that do both? (Auto GPS and handheld). You know I have cached with auto units and drove with handheld units. They will do both but each one is a tool for a specific job. You will find pinpointing is harder with a driving unit because it is not meant to be that accurate. The handheld units are not made to find you the best routes and navigate traffic. If you are in the market for a new Smart Phone the Iphone App is pretty darn accurate (unless you are in heavy cover). You can get the Geocaching App for like $5 or $10 and then get the Garmin App for less than $75. Anyway, hope I helped and not created more confusion. LOL
  5. As others had mentioned, you will eventually want a better unit. I think the Garmin has the best units out there for Caching but your going to pay a little more for it too.
  6. Garmin has the best units out there for Geocaching. I've tried the others and was not impressed. Stick with the best and don't compromise.
  7. I would stick with a Garmin if I were you. I've tried Magellan and DeLorme both. They are cheaper but you get what you pay for in life. The Garmin Oregon is my favorite for the money. Like I said, I've tried the others and I sent them back.
  8. Not to worry, no longer for sale. There is no charge for Version 2.0. This was reported below two days ago: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=4477755 You would be aware of this if you were more interested in the current reality rather than perpetuating your criticism. How can you help people by telling them the out-of-date wrong stuff? That's good news! Free is about what it's worth. Thanks for the update.
  9. What ever you do, don't buy the Cache Register software that supposed to work with Mac. It doesn't.
  10. I personally would love a unit with a rechargeable battery but I have not yet seen one that last for any length of time. I purchased the DeLorme and a full charge would last 20 to 30 minutes. That's not acceptable. In answer to your question, I think 8 to 10 hours would be nice.
  11. Please elaborate on the issues that I may have with delorme. Thank you Hud Hud It seems the DeLome apologist society has attacked me before I have even had a chance to respond to your question. I have two main concerns with the DeLorme. Hardware and Software. The DeLorme I had, had a battery life of about 20 to 30 minutes. Also the screen was too small. It also was not very user friendly. I like a unit that I can hit the ground running with and not have to spend a tremendous amount of time reading a manual. I'm sure there are people that love to read technical manuals but I'm just not one of them. The software I had to purchase in addition was called Cache Advance and it never worked at all. It would fail ever time I tried to launch it. I did enjoy the accuracy of the DeLorme though. It was the best I have ever seem. Again the group that attacks me here all the time seems to forget that I posted favorable remarks too. I wish you well and hope you are happy with your purchase. WB
  12. I would not get either. DeLorme has issues. Stay with a Garmin and you will happy.
  13. As stated by others it is generally normal for your numbers to jump around a bit. As a rule of thumb, I get within 2 or 3 feet (1 meter) and put the GPSr away. It will drive you crazy trying to find ground zero(GZ). Accuracy is usually within 10 meters. Start your search at GZ and expand out 10 meters. If you don't find it then, you can go back to your GPSr. Also, the iphone is not very accurate. It will get you close but you need a good handheld unit like the one you have ordered to pinpoint. I have an iphone and over time they tend to get worse. Mine can be anywhere from 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile off at times. For that reason, I never use my iphone to pinpoint.
  14. Yes, a dedicated unit will be much more accurate. The iphone will get you close but can be several dozen feet or as much as a 1/4 mile off. I sometimes use them together. The iphone to locate a close cache and then enter the coord into my handheld to zero in on the cache.
  15. I have had a couple of different units and the Garmin 400T fit great for me. I was able to hit the ground running with it and use it right away. They did a good job on making it user friendly. Plus, it will do Wherigo's and is paperless. I tried the DeLorme PN-40 and sent it back after 10 days of trying to figure it out.
  16. Apparently, we'll never find out; sometimes it is hard to determine which cure is applicable when the symptoms cannot be analysed for the cause and effect diagnosis. Whatever they were, they seem to have been ineffective as success was never obtained. Might have been a corrupted download, however. Like the time that I bought this song, http://www.amazon.com/Highwayman/dp/B00137...N2YTN13JJMXPH9F but when I played it, it sounded like Alfred & The Chipmunks. Please don't have my comments erased and then post that I did not respond. I took the time to respond to every question and detail of Johns and you not only erase my comments but then post your own to make it look like I would not respond? This reminds me of our current administration. If you don't like the message, eliminate the messenger. If you are going to erase my comments at least have the guts to say you didn't agree with my comments so you erased them. This is just cowardly. People come to these forums for advice from all sides, not just your opinion. If that's not the case, change the name of the forum. You are a coward!
  17. For your post to be helpful you need to explain exactly what the problems were and what steps you took to try and rectify them. This would give others some direction to look and see where to offer meaningful help. Just saying you could never get it to work without an explanation of what was tried is like telling a chef that the food taste bad and expect him to know what needs to be done to improve the taste. What were the exact problems that you could not get resolved? And what steps did you take to try and get the program to work? John John, Thanks for your civil response. It is refreshing. My problem with Cache Register has already been hashed over several times so I will give you the readers digest version. It crashed every time it was launched. DeLorme told me to reinstall and I did six different times. They then told me it must be my computer. I tried loading it on three other computers with the same results. I became frustrated and asked for my money back. A forum member told me DeLorme would not refund my money but they did.
  18. I guess I didn't understand the purpose of the forums. I thought it was to offer advice about products pro and con. If this forum topic were "nothing but good things to say about DeLorme" I would have known.
  19. Oh yes, your post was extremely helpful. Wow! Not sure why the DeLorme apologist group gets so upset each time I point out a flaw in the system. The response was not directed at you. I don't want people to go through the same problems I had to deal with. I point out a problem with the software or a problem with the hardware and you people proceed with your personal attacks on me. I thought we had put this behind us. It just makes me curious why you two are so adamant about trying to discredit me personally. If you are thrilled with your DeLorme experience (or employment?) that's great. But by the looks of this post and hundreds of others and countless other blogs, I'm not alone in my dissatisfaction. Please, let's keep this forum clean. Comments about "that time of the month" and other derogatory remarks are not welcome here.
  20. Must be that time of the month again. Here you are taking your regularly scheduled shot in multiple threads at Delorme. You, yourself, said in another thread it was time to move on but you just can't seem to follow your own advice. We all get it....really! You had problems with your PN-40 and you were upset about it but rather than listen to any suggestions or even Delorme's offers to help, you just wanted to vent. No, actually my response was about Cache Register, the software. That's what this post was about also. Yes it's true that I had many problems with the PN-40 but this person was having issues with Cache Register. Two different issues. Just trying to help a guy out.
  21. Garmin products are very easy to use and quick to learn. I had a DeLorme PN-40 for 10 days and hated every second of it. It is complicated to use, the battery only lasted 20 to 30 minutes, and the software would crash on launch. I also fish with mine. It's great to mark the hot spots and find your way back.
  22. I could never get Cache Register to work in any fashion. I was really disappointed.
  23. I fought with my PN-40 for 10 days. I fixed the problem by purchasing an Oregon.
  24. The Garmin Oregon is a great option. I also use an iphone at times to find a local cache but find the coords to be sometimes several hundred feet off.
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