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  1. VK2DF Greetings from Australia - located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Was introduced to geocaching in 2014 at the local HAM radio club (Manly Warringah Radio Society - VK2MB) and have been hooked ever since. Currently at 2832 finds and 22 hides. Spend more time caching than playing radio these days
  2. We have only recently been able to play Wherigo games, after obtaining an ipad air 2. This works really well but I am still wondering why I could never get our Android Smartphone, a Telstra Rush ZTE T792, to run the Wherigo cartridges. Had no trouble downloading the Whereyougo app, and even had it running using offline OSM maps, but I could never get the cartridges (Pocket PC versions) to run on it. The .gwc cartridges were correctly loaded into the "Whereyougo" directory on the microSD card, but when the app went to load the cartridge it would reject it with error message "invalid cartridge" displayed. The name of the cartridge was also displayed as part of the error message, so I know the app was looking at the correct cartridge in the correct location. Mucked around with it for several months and then just gave up. Any ideas ?
  3. Is this type of behaviour (suspicion) relatively common in the US of A? Seems to pop up a lot in forums and threads. Have never experienced anything like that here in OZ. Well it's happened to me here in OZ (Sydney) when I was doing "GC68XQY - Midnight Zone" in the southern suburbs of Sydney about a year ago. The local residents wanted to lynch me, as they thought I was a drug dealer. here's my log from the time: After finding “The Maze #2”, just down the road at Port Botany, I was going to head straight off to work but it was a bit too early. So instead I drove the short distance to this new one for my second find of the day. Parked the geomobile in Clonard Way and walked over to GZ for a quick find. Signed the log book, and noted the clues for the mystery cache, before replacing as found. I was getting ready to leave, just snapping a few pictures of the “view from GZ” before departure, when I noticed a group of about half a dozen people had gathered a couple of doors down from the bridge, in Esperance Close. I then noticed one of them had left the group and was walking toward me. He walked up to me and started quizzing me as to why I was hanging around the bridge and taking photos. He said that there had been a number of people acting suspiciously on the bridge during the past week, and he wanted to know what we were all up to. I assume it was all of the other “finders” since this one was published last week. Luckily I carry brochures that explain our wonderful hobby of geocaching, so was able to defuse the situation quickly. He had actually heard of geocaching so all was good. We then got chatting and he said that they have had a lot of trouble in the past with drug transactions happening around (on and under) the bridge and he and the other residents thought it was happening all over again, so I could understand their concerns. Anyway all was good in the end, and hopefully future cachers visiting this one won’t get the “third degree” like I did. TFTC. Find #905
  4. How about this one (NSW, Australia) that we noticed in the logs of a cache that we DNFed. The cache container was latter confirmed as missing, but that didn't stop this guy from logging a Find on it. "The cache probably doesn't exist anymore but try telling these two little guys that after walking up the big hill. As good as found in my book"
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