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  1. I have wooden nickels I would be willing to trade. I hand stamp and color them. One side is similar to my avitar pic. The other side is our nicknames and caching name. I will try to remember to take a pic in the next day or so if anyone wants to see them before deciding to trade.

  2. When you move a tb you get to move it where you want I suppose...the owner isn't in control anymore.


    It does irk me when a person moving the tb knew the mission, but adds a note of "going to take him on a little detour back to CA, I would like him to see the world on his journey". The 5 year old that the tb belongs to was very sad to see it got near the destination and then turned around.

  3. We don't have anywhere close to 600 finds, but we are very obsessed here as well. We started caching as a family January 7 with a yellow eTrex. 2 weeks later we had the obsession so bad, we bought a second unit because we couldn't agree on who should get to carry the one GPS. I got the unit. Then dh didn't think his eTrex was as accurate as the legend I had so he bought another unit about a month later.


    We now cache with 3 units: 1 for each adult and 1 for the kids to share.


    If my husband wanted to use the GPS for something on my cache day, he would be out of luck. :huh:

  4. We had to remove the first one 3 weeks ago over spring break. UGH. We had a very informative session with the kiddos about not touching the tick if they find any on them and make sure they tell one of us if they do find one. As a child, I didn't tell my parents about the tick I tried to remove....and ending up having to have lots of test for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (can't remember if I had it or not) because I didn't get it all out and had a horrible knot where it had been.


    Something about ticks? Hmmm................Oh yeah, Brad Paisley has a new song out called Ticks. Funny stuff. Check it out.


    Every time I hear this song I laugh....it is going to be the geocacher theme song. :laughing:

  5. I use a Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200 because I like having a PDA too! It's nice to always have my GPS tucked into my purse <_<



    We use one as well as our Garmin Etrex and our two Etrex Legends (etrex was a birday/christmas gift from my father that I looked at as if he had handed me a lone sock. Skyfire saw it and lit up saying "We can go geocaching!" Now we've upgraded to two more and going strong.)


    Now if I can figure out how to mas-dump waypoints into the Waypoint 200 w/o manually entering them in.....


    Random Confusion

  6. Has anyone used or heard about these? There for sale right now on woot, but I've never heard of them. are they any good?


    Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200 National Edition Pocket PC with GPS http://www.woot.com/default.aspx


    I've been using one for about a year or more now and it's from www.mobilecrossing.com, and www.amperordirect.com rents them out from what I can tell.


    It's a Windows-based PDA with bluetooth, the map software, and a GPS module that it syncs up with. We've used it on several cross-country trips and in general have had mixed results with it. Sometimes it'll want to take us on a different road than we know we need to take to get to a destination, but at the same time when you're in an unknown area it's good at getting you out again. We've tried other units and have had similar results, so we can't complain.


    We've also used it for geocaching with sometimes better results than the garmin units we have - once we figured out how to enter the waypoints. Since it's not our primary geocaching unit we're only just now looking into paperless caching and group dumping of waypoints into the unit so are trying to see how to do it. So, if you have suggestions on that, we'd be happy to hear.


    Random Confusion

  7. I am currently running Cachemate on a pocket pc. I do not use GSAK (yet....). I am having problems with this paperless cache thing because when I check the info in the ppc to get notes in the field frequently I am finding that the cache is not listed there. I have been using the same gpx file to load into Cachemate and onto my GPSr using EasyGPS. So my question is why would some caches be showing up on the GPSr and not in cachemate?


    I cleared all filters to make sure that wasn't the problem. I also imported every file in cachemate.


    Any clues?

  8. All the above suggestions are great. Another idea is to post a message to those that hid the cache or those who have found it to see if anyone is willing to take a new cacher under their wing until you get some experience or at least give you hints on where to find the cache.


    Also besides the local groups here, do a net search to find other geocaching groups in your area.

  9. I use a both a eTrex Legend (2 of these actually) and the eTrex. I got both units used from different sources without a cable so I purchased the cable on e-bay. I have yet to find a USB cable for this one. The serial to usb I have would not work with any of the GPSr on the 4 different computers I tried it on.


    What about the Garmin eTrex Legend C? I don't have any experience with it, but it is USB and I found some new and used on e-bay that are under 150.

  10. If you want to start finding the micros you have to start thinking more like the cacher that hid the cache. The actual page for this cache probably gives all the clues you need to have a good start before you go for the hunt. (I live in Texas and have not visited California in a long time so I have no specific info about this cache....just sharing what I have learned from the finds I did get.)


    If a cache page has a picture behind the info take a look at it. Reload the page if you have to. I have found several caches where that picture was the thing that made me really figure out what I needed to look for.


    Also read all the logs...not just the few that come up when you first load. Sometimes there will be awesome hints or flat out spoilers that may be all you need to help find the cache.


    Don't give up on the micros. Just know you probably do need to get a bit more experience on the regulars before you start finding lots of the micros.


    Good luck with it.

  11. I have been caching for a couple months now and just started paperless caching....and until this past weekend I didn't like paperless...anyway that is a different story for a different post.


    Before I started doing paperless, I did print cache lists, but I made my own word doc. I would cut and paste the title, coords, waypoint, description, and decrypted hints. It takes planning and a little time to do it. For most caches, I could put about 3 to 5 caches on a page. Much better than printing everything from the website. Another to copy is any user log you think may include a hint that you might need.

  12. I read the description to help me decide. There are several in my area that are definately kid caches when you read the description. Some I have read even say something like "Hand your child the GPSr and sit back while they find the cache." My daughters love when we find one like that. :D


    We are also teaching our children that they can participate and just enjoy the hunt (and nature) without always taking something. Most of the caches we do they do take something, but not always.

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