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  1. I have only had 1 DNF come to find out it had beed muggled.. I have found all the others i have looked for.
  2. We had our first get together last night at the Golden Coral.We have 12 geocachers show up. We had a great time and meet some new faces.
  3. My sister is a cancer survivor.I think your cache is a great idea.I am glad your doing better and are able to get back geocaching.I hope you have many more finds. johnboy11171 aka Team Blair
  4. Here is a link to thelocal yahoo group Savannah Geocaching. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SavannahGeocaching
  5. Hello everyone.Is anyone still interested in meeting on a Monday night to see if we might be able to get a local Geocaching group started or even just to put names with faces ?
  6. Welcome to the world of Geocaching.I hope you will have loads of fun and find many more caches.
  7. I started back in Dec.06.Everyone has always been nice to me and very helpful. There are alot of good people here that are willing to help new people.Don't think everyone is bad or mean.
  8. Everything checks out now.Thank you for fixing the problem. Have a nice night.
  9. Everything checks out now.Thank you for fixing the problem. Have a nice night.
  10. Same here the check mark has not shown up on the page,but my count is right.Whats is happening?
  11. You know you have a problem when you walk around all day mubbling GPS coordinates to yourself.
  12. Welcome! I have a Garmin eTrex Legend also.You are going to love it.Have a Nice Night. johnboy11171
  13. I am a type 2 Diabetic.I have some of those container here and have thought about using one for my first cache. I am also thankful to GC.com for the Diabetics Travel Bugs. I have place one in a cache and hope it will travel the world. johnboy11171 aka Team Blair
  14. At Wal mart I have seen some in the sporting good area during hunting season.They are plastic I think.
  15. When I started my wife was not interested much.Then I took her with me and she really enjoyed herself. Now she has her own GPS.We work as a team.She is still learning how to use her GPS. Today she found one all by her self.She was really happy with herself.
  16. I pay for the Premium membership to help support the site.I could care less about FTF. I enjoy going out and finding the caches.It lets me get outdoors and is great exercise too. To me it is worth the money.
  17. Sorry it took so long to get back I have been real sick,I am better no.That sounds like a great place to meet.When would you like to meet?Let me know. Here is my e-mail: johnboy11171@yahoo.com. Have a nice night.
  18. Were is the GGA meeting in February going to be held at? Our 9 wedding annv. is on the 8of Feb and we would like to try to be at the meeting.I am taking off from work part of that week.I have gotten here into Geocaching. This is what she wants to do for our Annv. Thank you johnboy11171
  19. I have a Garmin eTrex Legend I have had a lot of good luck with it.There are some books on GeoCaching that might help.I have this two: The Essential Guide to Geocaching and The complete idiots Guide to Geocaching this one my wife got me for a Birthday present.She thought I was crazy for getting into geocaching intill I took her with me a few times.Now she has her own GPS. johnboy11171
  20. What is the oldest cache in Georgia and were is it? Have a nice Night johnboy11171
  21. No problems here . I live in Port Wentworth,Ga johnboy11171
  22. Thank you.I might just try this idea.I see alot of people have looked at this thread,but a few have said anything.I guess they are afriad of change.I just thought it would be great to have a club in the Savannah area.I guess I was wrong.I might just go ahead a start one myself and see what happens. Hace a nice Day johnboy11171
  23. I got my first GPS a ETrex Legend.I am having a great time with it. Have a nice night. johnboy11171
  24. The most I have found in one day has been 3.I hope to change that this weekend. Have a nice Day. johnboy11171
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