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  1. It's working fine for me. I use Safari version 9.0 on an iMac with OS X 10.11.
  2. I don't know an easy way to do that. When I click on View Past Trackables I see a long list of TBs, but there's no indication of which were actually placed inside the cache and which were just in a finder's possession when he/she visited the cache. The only way I know of to determine that is by going to a TB's webpage, clicking View Map, doing a text search in that webpage for the name of the cache, and seeing if the log was a drop or just a visit. If there've been a lot of TBs that just visited, it could take a long time to go through the list. Of course, even after finding a TB that was actually dropped and retrieved, it may not be easy to tell what size it was; a picture or description on the TB's page might answer that or might not. But at least what the OP is asking for would reduce the time spent trying to find that information.
  3. No, that includes TBs that only visited the cache. For example, the first TB in that list is Undercover Cacher Geocoin, but its log for that cache just says "queenofscots took Undercover Cacher Geocoin to Mission 4: Southern Bowl".
  4. Too bad. I'd hoped it might be a workaround until the bug is fixed.
  5. In the URL, "goldfish58" is not capitalized. If you capitalize the "g" in the URL, does the same problem occur?
  6. There's also a blue hand-shaped icon on some avatars. When I hover my mouse over it, it says "... joined recently".
  7. You can add photos to a TB after you've posted a log. Go to the TB's web page and click on Visit Log next to your log. That takes you to the web page for your log. In the upper right corner there's a small icon with a green arrow in it (to the right of the trash can icon). Click on that and you can upload an image. If a TB has had at least one picture added, then there's a link to its gallery on the TB's web page. For example, here is my bike TB, with 7 images in its gallery.
  8. It happened to me a few years ago. I tried to publish a cache near my home in California, but the reviewer said that it was too far from my home location. Somehow it had been changed to a spot in Germany. After I changed it back the cache was soon published.
  9. It looks to me like the list is first sorted alphabetically, then divided into pages of 10 cachers, and then sorted by join date within each page.
  10. No. At that point I didn't know if there was a problem with the cache, or if the DNFer just couldn't find it. Soon afterward, someone else, who had more time to search, posted a DNF, so I decided it was probably missing, and Temporarily Disabled it. When I got back home I prepared a replacement container and took it to the cache site. It turned out that the original was still there, but had gotten buried under debris from a decomposing driftwood log.
  11. I agree that this would be helpful. Last year someone posted a DNF on one of my caches while I was out of town for a few weeks. I tried to post a Needs Maintenance so I wouldn't forget to check on it when I got home. Since I couldn't do that, I had to ask the DNFer to post one for me.
  12. It was removed about a month ago. See this post. Basically, the coords weren't visible in the geocaching app, and rather than fix the app Groundspeak decided to remove the option of adding coords. Instead, you'll have to include the coords as part of the text of your log. Of course, in older logs that have added coords they still won't be visible in the app.
  13. I had the same problem about 20 minutes ago, but now it's working again for me.
  14. Mine is also dated 1 day early: I found my first cache, in California, on 11/6/2002, but the date for both the California State souvenir and the United States of America souvenir is 11/5/2002. In the opposite direction, my Hidden Creatures: Bigfoot souvenir is dated 1 day late, namely 6/28/2018; I actually got it on 6/27/2018.
  15. I don't know for sure if the coordinates of an unpublished cache are displayed this way, but if you click on the View Map link on a trackable's page and then view the page source, you can see the coordinates of all the caches that the trackable has been in. Just search within the page source for "MapTilesEnvironment".
  16. I'd never noticed that before. Is there a way to see that information for a picture in someone else's log? If not, it doesn't seem very useful. But I agree, as long as the field exists it ought to allow arbitrary dates.
  17. If it's done like Planetary Pursuit was, then even if there's no cooperation involved, the Friend League will still be useful for keeping track of how many points you've earned. On the other hand, if it's done like Hidden Creatures was, then it'll be useless. Either way, the first souvenir will be really easy to get. Since each cache find is worth at least 9 points, finding any 6 caches during the month will be enough.
  18. Thanks. In the new-style public profile, the Profile Photo covers part of the Cover Photo, which seems like a bad design. So I've created a new Cover Photo with the content in the right half; now the 2 versions don't overlap.
  19. When I edit my profile using Account Settings, I have the option to upload 2 pictures. One is the "Profile Photo" and the other is the "Cover Photo (profile and dashboard)". The page recommends using a picture that's at least 790 by 350 pixels for the Cover Photo. But as far as I can tell, the Cover Photo isn't used anywhere; both my profile and dashboard show my Profile Photo in a 48 by 48 pixel area, as do cache pages that I've posted logs to. Is the Cover Photo used for anything?
  20. I wrote: The problem seems to have been fixed. Sometime in the past hour or two my score went up by 8 points.
  21. This happened to me too. As indicated in this log, I dropped off 2 trackables, but my score didn't go up, and they don't show up when I click on "You" on my Friend League page.
  22. How do I toggle the DNF off? I'm looking at this map, which shows a blue frowny face for Covered Bridge Cache #3. I don't see anything that lets me change it so that the cache type will show.
  23. Personally I prefer to see it hidden unless I hover over it, otherwise it would get a bit busy. I have hundreds of unused favorite points, so for me at least the count is pretty much irrelevant. I know many others don't have a cache of unused points to give out so your workflow may be different. So why not make it a user-settable option? That way people who want to see it can, and those who don't want to see it don't have to.
  24. I agree with most of the complaints that other people have made, and I have one more to add: The text that I type in the new log page is grey (RGB 74,74,74), which makes it hard for my old eyes to read. In the old log page, it was black (RGB 0,0,0), which is easier to read. Contrast is good; black text on a white background is best. I've noticed similar greyness elsewhere on the site, and in some places it's even worse: In the Send Email to a User page, it's an even lighter grey (RGB 126,125,122), so I always have to compose my messages in TextEdit and then copy and paste them to gc.com.
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