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  1. I also got the cdn tire model, (came with the $10 topo usa and the wall free charger offer) the base map is very sparse but it seemed to be accurate. I picked up a topo canada and found it really accurate even on recent ski trip to tremblant. But I did unfortunitly pick up the map for the older model (not for explorist -doh!- but it still works don't know why ) the problem i find with loading info to and from comp using the old topo software is you have to save it then transfer using the map lite software because the topo canada software goes looking for the com ports instead of the usb connection. -the topo can indicate transmission line when driving along, you look up and theres a transmision line, kinda cool. Tough time getting accessories for it though, had to get them from the dreaded evilbay.
  2. I hope to do some cross country at Hardwood Hills this Friday and plan on taking my explorist 500. I have used a clear map pocket that is on my motorcycle jacket (but won't work for skiing ) I think that you may want to keep your gps where its warm so the batteries will hold up, so I'm going with the inside pocket.
  3. I picked up the 500 LE a few weeks ago, I also installed a 2gb sd card. My software pakage came with a $9.99 offer to unlock the TOPO USA map. Wow, lots of detail on that map. You have to unlock it through the mapsend manager. I also bought a TOPO Canada map. Just a note - not all the data for USA and CANADA MAP will fit on the 2gb card but certainly most of what you need will (but I overlaped some). You can only load maps into the gps up to 64mb blocks. The software looks like it can only be loaded into 1 GPS unit because it needs a serial # for that unit. Does any one know if the Directroute software works well for street directions. I haven't figured out how to use the loading of routes yet. I have a question about a D/C power cable, does anyone know if the only way to connect a power cable is through the USB cable that came with the unit or is there on available that connects directly to the gps?
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