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  1. CoyoteRed ... Thanks for the link to ROT13 info!


    briansnat ... this is good example, I'm gonna use it!


    whistler & co. ... I've already logged a track log and have included my distance and time excluding 'find' time. I agree this is helpful for people to know.


    I'll use the hints section to list each step with a clue, as each stage is a custom made object, I don't want it to be so difficult that they can't enjoy the scenery and ghost story it's based on.


    This brings me to another question though ......


    Can I use a hint within the stage info? What I mean is I can have the stages show, just without coordinates. Could I place the hints in the note section?

  2. Well...

    • You could actually place the hint in each of the previous stages if that would work (fit). ROT13 optional.
    • Place each of the hints in the hints section with an unencrypted [stage 1] designation.
    • Place the hints ROT13ed in the description. Makes it less trivial to decrypt.

    I'm sure there are other ways to do it.


    Okay, so either at each point or on the listing as you suggested. But I need clarification. What does ROT13 mean? I've never heard the term.

  3. I'm not sure how to handle this. I'm working on my first multi-cache based on a ghost story at a local eco center. I have their blessing for this project and we're all excited about it. My questions is how do you handle the clues/hints?


    Basically the first point will be given, then each point gives coordinates to the next and a letter. The letters unscrambled will open a word lock on the final cache.


    As each point has a custom made 'item', they may or may not be easy to find. How do I handle the issue of hints? Do I note a list of hints? As the individual stages are not listed, I'm not sure how to do this. Can anyone offer suggestions?


    Much appreciated,

    Big Belle

  4. I would certainly buy these if they are produced. My daughter is hearing impaired and luvs geocaching. She is 17 and NOT disabled. She is very able and knows that the future is hers.


    I understand your grammar issues, this is a common challenge. Don't give up on improving this as it's a great way to communicate on a more level playing field with everyone. You can truly do it! My daughter is proof as she's publishing her first book.


    Good luck with this project, and the awareness it will bring.

  5. Were there recent logs in it? It could be the final of a multi or puzzle cache.


    If it isn't one of those, you can find archived caches by going to the listing page of a nearby cache and click on geocaching.com maps. The map page you get will have a check box at the bottom to show archived and disabled caches. Set the [identify] radio button and click on the map. A list of all the caches, archived or otherwise on the map will appear.


    Thank you for this info, excellent, exactly what I was looking for!

  6. I created a cache listing, but when I checked on the container it didn't hold up to the waterproof conditions required at the location. I temporarily disabled this. So my question is: If no one has logged a find or any logs for that matter, can I reuse this listing for another spot? 'or' Should I permanently archive this?


    I used the 'post reviewer note' thing, but not sure if they'll actually get the question.



  7. I appreciate the feedback. That's why I asked. I meant well, in just trying to let the owner know when I knew the cache was gone. But being who I am really ...... I'll just avoid his caches from here on in. I learned a long time ago that it takes all kinds of people to make this wonderful world. Some are just twisted a little tighter than others!

  8. The first time we found a milkbone, Belle was so happy that I have to confess I now leave these in caches that are dog friendly, and animal deterrent.


    I have a one of those shrink seal food machines, and I shrink seal about a dozen of them at a time and throw them in the backpack. Belle can't sniff them out at all, so I figure other animals can't as well.


    I know it's maybe breaking the rules, but so far have had zero problem with this idea!

  9. I'm just curious as to what the point is of being able to leave a maintenance note on a cache if the cache owner can just delete it and not maintain the cache?


    I'm in an area with a lot of very old caches, from long time cachers that have moved away. Now most of them have been adopted, but I find almost everyone of them needs some type of maintenance. In an area of harsh winters, in spring these are pretty damp and contents turn to mold quite quickly.


    I don't mind helping out, drying containers, bringing a few new containers, zip locs, log sheets ..... but is it really fair to have 3 or 4 hundred placed caches, then never maintain them?


    I was advised to post a maintenance note on one that I knew someone removed with the intent of replacing it, but when I spoke to him, said he wasn't gonna bother. So I made a maintence note, which was deleted by the owner, and this time, received a 'spoken down to' email. Last time he just deleted the note, and no comment. I've never been harsh about this, just really thought I was helping by letting the guy know the state of these.


    I realize now that I can just ignore this guys caches, but it brings the game down when you introduce the sport to new people, and they too, run into the same moldy caches.


    What gives?

  10. I'd like to take a moment and say Thank You to Landsharkz for donating one of these coins to the 'Prelude to Summber BBQ#2' event held this past Saturday. I was the lucky winner, and it's my first coin. I may be hooked. It's beautiful and thanks to 'Apollo and Wallace & Gromit' for creating it. Sarnia is a beautiful place, as I used to live near there. I will be releasing it in a new cache in New Brunswick. Thanks again!

  11. Well it looks like our tag is in production now, here's our blueprint. I don't know if we'll be doing any trading yet, as these are primarily going to be left in caches we hunt as our signature item.


    As you can tell, I don't love my Belle too much .... lol



  12. Well I'm pretty excited. I just ordered ours today. I wanted something personal to leave in caches as a signature item, for other cachers in our area. These are well within pricing range, and the trading, and 'where they are/who's got them' tracking is all a bonus really!


    I went with a designer 'Paula' from the website and am impressed so far at how easy it is, and what a great job she did with interpreting the very little information I provided. I love the design, and am looking forward to leaving these in caches I visit.

  13. I saw once or twice in some log books, some nice logos tha I assume belongs to some team. For example. I saw a tema named something like The Bears, and they made a paper cut in a shape of a bear. I assume they had a paper punch. My question is, where can I get one! A personalized one!




    João Lopes aka Lopesco


    I don't know about personalized ones, but these can be found in any craft section of a department store, dollar store, etc. Also, check for 'Scrapbooking Supplies', as these are commonly sold at these type of specialy stores.

  14. My 'Jeeo' as people call it, missing the tail off the 'P'

    1996 Grand Cherokee, 320k ....... and rides like new, and yes my next one will be another Jeep!




    Down rock cliffs and on ocean beds in Escuminac NB


    Drove 26 hrs (1600km) through ice and snow, side swiped by a fuel tanker on the last 50k .........

    Jeep took some damage, me, my son, a dog and two birds ........... from Ontario to New Brunswick, not even a bruise!


    From hockey and ball tourneys, to road trips, and everywhere in between, now the caching machine!


    If I can't shovel it, i'll just drive over top of it!


    Wish I could find more photos ..... but here's a winter caching day down a mud/snow road with a load of the girls and of course Belle rarin to go!




    Escuminac Lighthouse (I'll be placing a cache here when it's accessible)



  15. Thanks for the quick reply's folks! I've been hunting with a GPS, dog, a hope and prayer and just a coordinate ..... lol .... Nothing else. No surprise to hunt through 3 ft of snow for an hour only to find out later the cache is under some brush ....


    GPX files will certainly give me more info ....... thanx

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