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  1. Hi, I will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt in a couple of days. I will be in Egypt from the 8th to the 23rd. I will be heading up river to Luxor at some point. I would like to meet any local cachers in the area who wouldn't mind showing a traveller around so I don't run into any problems while tracking down caches. If your interested drop me a line at dezertmedic@yahoo.com - that's my Geocache email. Happy Caching DM
  2. I am glad to see several productive, helpful post. Similar topics have garnered some ugly /heated replies in the past. At times I am saddened to see so many people quickly post negative (sounding) comment, especially when they missed the heart of the initial post. The OP is asking for forum members (fellow cachers who love the hunt) to offer ways to HELP. As a fellow world traveler I understand where he is coming from. One of the appeals of this game is that it IS world wide and before heading to a new vacation area I am looking at caches there. Virtual caches: bring them back - I think there is need of clear concise guidelines /requirements for a submission - eg. if you include an item to be counted in your cache then ensure that it is a near-permanent item ie stairs, columns ... And some one pointed out they are nearly always in tourist spots ... well WE (traveling geocachers ARE tourists) - and we don't see everything there is in a country regardless. Some times it is nice to know if I am going somewhere to see what fellow cachers thought was an exception site/ view. This is exactly the case for my trip to Italy. Had it not been for the caches there, I would have missed several great sites/sights. As for Vacation caches/ un-maintained caches: I think they are doable with some common sense guidelines. 1. Specify container requirements - e.g. waterproof, labeling, size allowable 2. Set a time limit on visits - although i have seen 'regular' caches not maintained or visited for years 3. Ensure that the placing party has permission (written/signed permission form or verified that it is on public (allowable) land) 4. This one is bound to cause some folks to react ---- Start your own Geocache site --- start a site where you list coordinates to Vacation / un maintained/ tourist caches --- that is how any thing gets started ... if you feel you have the will power and time to dedicate to a site then you can build up a complimentary site/ caching splinter organization (like way marking/ Survey markers) - Reading through some other topics, I see that this has been suggested before Geocaching started by doing exactly GeoCRat wants to do. Find a way to place caches to spread the idea of geocaching to places where it doesn't or barely exists. To this extent, it seems highly unlikely geocaching would have ever caught on, if during its inception it followed all the rules it has now. And before some one says it .. yes I know the rules are there to further promote the game in a positive manner and have evolved. So as things evolve mayhaps a solution to this can be figure out to keep in the spirit, rules and expansion of the game.
  3. Thanks for the info. i'll have to look into to it a bit more
  4. That sounds handy. Is it a specific model that does all-in-one or is there an attachment you use? And how does the GPS part compare to the Garmin 76CSX? Thanks, DM
  5. Hi all. Here is an updated list of trade status. Trade Status Name Rec'd Sent - AtlantaGal - Rec'd Southbayday Nicolo Sent - Pengofamily Sent - Oroborus Sent - 4BOWS Ferreter5 Sent - Tank hounds Sent - The Moop Along - Rec'd GBOT The Dream Cachers Planet Hares Ear Omega Sent - Moosiegirl Avroair wyohunter Cog&Gil Marky Sent - danoshimano Pending - Team Sand Dollar Pending - Buffalo Wings Sent - slowdownracer - Rec'd nolefan9399 Two Happy Hikers PennyPacker Sent - CyberChemist marlin01 Filter X nscaler Sent - usyooper res2100 Sent - tsunrisebey GCHound Sent - Mr.Explorer3 Sent - Sweetlife Sent - Anthus Sent - Go JayBee - Rec'd Glennk721 Sent - ScoutingWV Sent - 3sparks Sent - Mustangjoni Sent = in the mail already Rec'd = your trade has arrived to me Pending = should be in the mail in a day or 2 If there is nothing beside your name, I may have missed an email. If you are still looking to trade please let me know. Also if your name is on the list and you dont want to trade let me know and I'll take it off. Thanks everyone for the trades. If I have missed anyone please let me know. Also, if anyone cares to suggest a good place to get a coin display let me know.
  6. When you get a chance............. Please post a list of who's coin trades you have received. I always like to make sure my coins get to their destination and not lost in the mail. Thanks. I am planning on updating the list once we get the majority of coins out and in ... Grammy Mobley is busily sending, receiving and being keeper of the spread sheet . I should receive an updated version in a couple of days. Thanks
  7. Hi AtlantaGal! Yes that was me and I enjoyed finding a few of your caches. Atlanta area is my home so it was nice to finally be able to grab a few caches there. I was only there for a couple of hectic days prior to flying out. Hopefully I will be able to hit a few more next time I'm home for a visit
  8. Hi all, Just to let folks know that coins have gone out and folks are getting them already I am trying to make sure we stay on top of everything. If for some reason you don't get a response from me or you've sent me all your info and the coin does not make it to you with in the next 2 weeks (allowing for any mail delays) please email me and let me know. For all the new trade offers coming in we'll get them out as quickly as possible. Thanks for all the great trades. DezertMedic (with much assistance from Grammy Mobley)
  9. I think I am caught up on all the emails. My mom, who I finally was able to take out Geocaching while visiting her in Florida, has agreed to make sure all the coins get mailed! No matter how old we get mom is always there to help out! We had a great time caching around Lake City. On another note when I got to Ga, I found another stack of coins I had sent back so I just have to ship them down to her to get them out. Thanks for all the support and patience and great trades from everyone. ~D
  10. Found one of these little guys on my late night drive from Florida to Georgia! So I had to order some! Great Icon with it!
  11. Great news, I found another batch of coins .. I knew I sent them here! So now I have ~ 20 coins to mail out! Keep an eye on your mailbox once you send your address. Happy Caching! DezertMedic
  12. Hi all again, I am reposting the list of folks who originally offered to trade. I still have the list of names and coins requested but I can not find the address list! So if you are still interested in a trade, please email me your home address. I will get as many coins in the mail before I leave again in a few days and will leave detailed instructions for the other coins to get mailed out as I get physical address. I promise *hoping* there will not be the delay this time! In the meantime I'll keep looking for addresses. Southbayday Nicolo Pengofamily Oroborus 4BOWS Ferreter5 GBOT The Dream Cachers Planet Hares Ear Omega Avroair wyohunter Cog&Gil Marky danoshimano Team Sand Dollar Buffalo Wings nolefan9399 Two Happy Hikers PennyPacker CyberChemist marlin01 Filter X nscaler res2100 tsunrisebey GCHound Mr.Explorer3 sweetlife - have address Anthus - have address Go JayBee Oh ... AtlantaGal, Tankhouds, Moop Along, Moosiegirl, usyoopers, slowdownracer - those 6 were mailed this past week! Also, when you receive the coin, the return address will be my Florida address for you to send your trade to. Happy Caching! DezertMedic I think that covers it for tonight - time for sleep then caching tomorrow
  13. *nods* Thats my stateside address Everyone who receives a coin will have my Florida address on it I have 10 coins sitting beside me to package up. I thought I had shipped more home but they are probably delayed. Thanks for the understanding. D
  14. Hi all, I want to apologize for not posting something here sooner. As noted, I ran into some difficulties in mailing from where I work (Iraq). That and a few other problems caused a big delay. I was worried something like this would happen, that is why I ask folks not to send a coin(trade) until they had mine in hand. I shipped a box of coins back to the states with various coins to be mailed out. The first batch was finally mailed out about a week ago so they should start popping up in your mail box A handful more will go out this week as well. I am home on vacation so I have had the chance to release one trackable from San Diego and hope to release another before I return to work. (somewhere in GA or FL) If folks are still interested in please just drop me an email to my new email account specifically set up for geocaching and geocoins dezertmedic@yahoo.com I have the original list of folks and am trying to work my way down it as I am able to mail the coins. Once again I apologize for the delay and hope that the wait is worth it. Happy Caching! DezertMedic
  15. Hi all! I'm glad you revived the old thread. Im fairly new to geocoin collecting would love to have a good database to work with. And I'm sure I'm not the only new person who would benefit from this. Anyone out there have a good one? Thanks, D
  16. I just saw these today !! I'm late to the part but I would love to trade for a set of these! I got my new coins in so Im ready to trade! I'll be keeping an eye out here.
  17. Good afternoon all! Great news. The coins are in and look fabulous! I am in the process of sorting them out and will start getting them ready to ship over the next week. I only have a couple of hours a night free time so may take a week or 2 to get them out. Here is the list of folks who have requested a trade. If you are on the list please email me with your mailing address, which coin(s) you want and any specific # coin. I do have a spreadsheet with everyone on it and what coin they have requested. I will be reviewing offers as I try to fill the request. Please bear in mind the following: LE - Gold w/ soft enamel # 1-50 (1-3,10) are gone LE - Copper w/ hard enamel # 51-100 SE - Ant. Bronze w/ soft enamel # 101-200 SE - Shiny Silver w/ hard enamel # 201-300 AtlantaGal Southbayday Nicolo Pengofamily Oroborus 4BOWS Ferreter5 Tank hounds The Moop Along GBOT The Dream Cachers Planet Hares Ear Omega Moosiegirl Avroair wyohunter Cog&Gil Marky danoshimano Team Sand Dollar Buffalo Wings slowdownracer nolefan9399 Two Happy Hikers PennyPacker CyberChemist marlin01 Filter X nscaler usyooper res2100 tsunrisebey GCHound Mr.Explorer3 Thanks for your patience and look forward to some happy trades! Please email me at s27d4g@hotmail.com This will make the trading easier for me. Thanks, DezertMedic
  18. Sure, as soon as I tell myself to slow down on buying coins .. argh! another cool one is out. Will you be entertaining trades? PM if you are!
  19. I think this is a great idea for a coin. The art work and ideas already proposed sounds great. I'll be adding this to the list of coins to buy when the come out. I support you on this! Good luck and I know you can do it
  20. Hi all, I want to give an update. There was a mix up at the mint so shipment of the coins to me has been delayed. I have a list with everyone who wished to trade and once the coins are in hand I will post the list to see who is still interested. I am sorry for the delay. It's unforeseen reasons like this why I haven't been willing to implement any trades until I have the coins in hand. Thank you for your patience. DezertMedic
  21. The coin is coming along very nicely! I had an idea - if you do another coin you can make one side 3-D. I think the shape and pattern of the turtle shell would lend itself nicely to a coin.
  22. Now that is really nice !! And yes I would be interested in something like that .. I think a few of those will be great for a special personal coin gift! Drop me a pm please
  23. I'm willing to trade My coins should be in from the minter within a few days. Then will prolly take a week for them to get to me then I'll be ready to trade.
  24. These are some great looking coins! Email sent for set of Antique bronze (A,B,C)
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