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  1. This contest closes in about 1 hour. On Monday, here in Helena, MT at about 7:45 the results of who moves on two the Final Two will be announced on the radio. AS soon as I learn the results, I'll try to get back to the forums and open another contest for voting should Sundance pull off the victory. The voting on the final contest will be a very short time frame so getting votes in quickly will be very important. Thanks again all for the help! tsun and Sundance
  2. Thanks for the votes everyone, I hope all enjoyed their Easter or are continuing to enjoy it tsun PS: Sundance is quite a few votes ahead now
  3. Happy Easter all! Thanks for the continued voting! Contest will close this evening right around 10 MST. tsun
  4. Thanks all! Sundance is hanging in there. It's so close right now, votes keep trickling in for both dogs. Sunday 10pm can't get here soon enough!
  5. Thanks for the votes all. Sundance is leading by a few now but this is far from over. I hope I can hang until Sunday night tsun
  6. Thanks for the additional votes! Sundance is getting pretty close to be even with votes! Time to go play outside for a little bit... tsun
  7. I just learned what the prize was, it's $105 and local fame If Sundance wins, the money will be donated to the local Lewis and Clark Humane Society! Thanks for the votes! Happy Easter weekend too tsun
  8. It's been a long time since I have been on the forums to promote a contest here. This one runs in tandem with the one on FB, so if you already entered there, you don't need to do so here. This is easy, you only need take one minute or less of your time plus a little typing A little over a week ago I entered one of my caching K9's in a March Madness contest. 64 dogs have now been reduced to the Final Four! Sundance has made the Final Four! He's a Mini Australian Shepherd, closing in on 4 years old. If he can pull off this win and it is neck and neck, he moves onto the Final Two on Monday. So what I need your help doing is following the link which will show a picture of Sundance and Chloe (the dog he is up against) and just type in "Sundance" in the comment section. When you have voted, come back to this thread and type "voted". By doing this you are now in the pool to win a Tsun edition of the Lucky Koin and I'm giving away more than 1! There will be a limited minting of 11 Tsun coins, so you'll have a rare version. You can only vote once in this round, so please make sure you only vote once! Having your fellow geocachers, friends and other family memebers vote for Sundance would really be appreciated too! Right now Sundance is a little behind and I know the geocaching community will move mountains to help their own! If SUndance moves onto the Final Two, I will be back to run another contest for more chances to win This contest closes when the actual competition ends which is Sunday 10:00pm MST (Montana time). I will log on here to say contest closed. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped Sundance get this far, I am very grateful! tsun Here's the link to go vote for Sundance! This contest is on FB (sorry if you don't have an account there). Vote for Sundance here: Just type "Sundance" in the comment section
  9. The same here, and no coins in the bathroom either My situation is just the opposite. My office has the coins. My wife doesn't see the point at all. One day I came home to find the desk cleaned up and my coins in ziplocks in the cabinet. Just out of curiousity: Are you still married? 'Cause if you ever need a reason...... Last night a coiner came for a visit and after hours of admiring coins, coins and more coins I managed to trade a Rainforest Jewel V1, a wish on my list for over 5 years. It's trades like this, which make collecting so enjoyable... That's one of my favorites, if not my fave
  10. I know FB has a large/huge following ... but there are those of us who do not have, nor do we want an account there. Might be nice to post in another place so all could see and be aware. (might help sales as well) Bartians: Koins won't go on reservation until after Merlin is done, I usually do one coin at a time because it's easier for me nevadanick: I have more freedom on FB than I do on the forums unfortunately and I can reach a larger audience there for discussions on nontrackables or other projects that I am working on. I post the necessaries here so those who don't use FB don't miss anything regarding geocoins FB is one of those necessary evils these days. There was a time in the not too distant past where this place was hopping eveyday and it was tough to keep a thread on the first page. FB became popular with the vendors and people could just follow who they liked without having to sort through all the threads here. It is what it is Besides, I haven't really done much on coin designs since GCF, so I haven't had much to post. I won't forget my peeps over here tsun
  11. For those of you interested in this coin, I currently have samples in production for 3 new color schemes (one posted to FB). One is a tsun version so that will be very limited in production (11). Once I have pictures available, I'll start taking reservations. I'll have the original (red/white/black) available and the 2 new versions. I'm not a glitter person but one version does have glitter on it for you glitter junkies I'm excited to see how it looks. I should have something to post this upcoming week or next at the latest. Next up will be the Koins and a totally new design. Now that things are settling down and I have some time, I expect to be a bit more active in the forums. Have a nice weekend all, tsun
  12. I don't collect coins like I used to. I usually trade with the other designers or pick pick up a coin that appeals to me from a designer's perspective (has some element I really like). There are some spectacular coin designs available, wish I could add them to my collection but I'm much better at handling my addiction these days I used to buy almost everything that came out in each edition and extras for traders, that cleared the pocketbook fast. I don't know how Doc does it, I'm sure he has now added an entire room to his home to keep his ever growing collection The guy is way past having a "problem" tsun
  13. Hi Tsun, unfortunately, my geocoin hasn't own icon yet. Look at Bo.T.L.'s Earth Turtle 2012 Geocoin (Antique Copper) Borek aka Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher and Geocoins Collector Borek, It will, Groundspeak will load it on Wednesday tsun
  14. Icons submitted for the ET this evening. Thank you to mauison for his handy work Hopefully those of you who like your icons will enjoy this one, I'll let it be a surprise. tsun
  15. *** If you bought/sold a Merlin's Falcon at GCF-Colorado and actually activated it, your coin is going to say Sea of Treasures on your trackables list. I'm working with Annie from GS to get this fixed. Currently you don't need to do anything. If you try to activate your Merlin and it is showing already activated, please send me an email along with the tracking number on your coin and we will go from there. I anticipate very few problems. If you want the winning lottery numbers, I won't be able to help you with that one Thanks, tsun
  16. I apologize for taking so long to get over here to the forums. Yes, I just sent the artwork to my icon guy. I hope to get something within a week or so and get it into GS. I already paid for it but I've just been super behind the past couple of months. I'm finally getting my tsun house in order I'm also working on the tsun version of this coin for those I eventually need to get those too. Happy New Year to everyone. Stephanie/tsun Hi tsun, happy new year for you too. After reading your reply, I was wondering if there will also be icons for the "Sea of Treasures" and the "Earth Turtle Petroglyph", or maybe these ones will just keep the generic icon? If this as been answered somewhere else, then apologies for simply asking without looking around first. Antonio Antonio, Thanks for the reminder on the SoT coin, I totally forgot about that one. As far as the Petroglyph goes, I need to see if I paid for one, I can't remember (probably did since I know everyone likes icons). Will follow up. tsun
  17. Happy New Year Congrats to all the coin getters! I was also fortunate to find one of these babies in my mailbox today. Thank you to the giver for your generosity! Many blessings to you tsun
  18. Hello and Happy New Year! Merlin's Falcon - Cache Raptor (trackable/unique icon) debuted at GCF2012 in Colorado. I cant say specifically what made me draw this design, I just sat down one day and started playing with a Phoenix design and decided that this wasn't quite what I was striving for as far as a Phoenix goes but I loved the design. I did a little research and as big fan of birds of prey, I decided to honor the Merlin Falcon. Specifications: 1.75" x 2.5mm and 2 holes (one on each wing). *** I have been wearing mine as a necklace pendant and I get many compliments on it. It's really a neat coin and I'm very proud of it *** I did a red/black/white version on antique nickel but am currently working on 2 additional versions and ordering samples. Once I receive pictures, I will open them up for reservations. Price to be determined. ***** For every coin purchased, I will donate .50 per coin to the Merlin Falcon Foundation: http://merlinfalconfoundation.org/ You can learn about the Merlin Falcon here and see what they look like. Quite cute I must say ***** More to come but wanted to get a thread up since I've been getting emails about this guy. Thanks, tsun
  19. I apologize for taking so long to get over here to the forums. Yes, I just sent the artwork to my icon guy. I hope to get something within a week or so and get it into GS. I already paid for it but I've just been super behind the past couple of months. I'm finally getting my tsun house in order I'm also working on the tsun version of this coin for those I eventually need to get those too. Happy New Year to everyone. Stephanie/tsun
  20. No, I have not even done the color scheme yet. I couldn't afford to do more because I did the reservation route which usually kills my savings account. The next round will have the 'tsun' version which will be ready just prior to GCF and I will get them mailed out. I will be concentrating on GCF versions of coins/desings now, so hang tight. I also need to get the icon done for this coin too. I'm behind. tsun Any news? Nope, I haven't heard her mention anything about ET's. I am pretty sure she just got back from a long road trip and hasn't even unpacked yet. I would give her some time to catch her breath. I'm pretty sure she won't forget.
  21. I think I can help you with a couple of these in return for helping me tsun
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