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  1. Going through my some of my box of extras I have 2 Lil' Hiccup's and 1 Glow version available if anyone is interested (purple version). Trackable/unactivated. US pricing: $20 per coin which includes shipping. Purchase all 3 for $55. ***US residents can pay by money order or personal check also. International pricing: $25.00 per coin which includes shipping. Purchase all 3 for $70. Please send me an email, I don't check the Forums everyday. Thanks, tsun
  2. All coins mailed to those who paid. I still have a couple issues to resolve with a couple of people however next week I will contact those on the waiting list and offer the couple remaining. Thanks all, tsun
  3. Also posted to Facebook: Merlin update: All US orders will ship on Monday with the exception of those that sent payment but paypal didn't have your addy listed, so I have emailed you with a request for a shipping address. International orders will be mailed Tuesday - Thursday. Thanks everyone. I'm also matching the BBBS Koins with orders. tsun
  4. Ok, I have sent all the email invoices. If you did NOT receive an email from me with a total amount for your reservation, please contact me and let me know. I will start packing and shipping Friday. When all orders have been shipped, I will contact those of you on the waiting list. Thanks again everyone! tsun
  5. I have a small waiting list for extras, I can add you to the list. tsun
  6. Starting on Monday I will be sending emails with totals for the Merlin Falcon geocoins. I will have all "invoices" sent by Friday so please be pateint. The email will have your incoice amount owed and my paypal address where you should send payment. This is the quickest way for me to request payment. I will be working each day after I get home from work. For those of you who are still waiting on a BBBS coin or won a special Merlin in a contest, I will ship your coin with your order (if you ordered a coin). Thanks, tsun! Btw...The Merlin coins look great!
  7. Someone traded/sold their BBBS Koin already? wow.
  8. Merlin Falcon coins have shipped, should be here Friday. Once I have had a chance to make sure all is ok with the coins, I will send emails with price/shipping information. Since it is Father's day weekend and my dad's birthday on Friday, I will be busy so I will be sending totals in small groups and it may take me until Tuesday to send all totals. I will take some pictures of the coins so you can see them Thanks, tsun
  9. Selling some of my extras. Some are tsun coins and others I've collected over the years. You can purchase as a group or tell me what you are interested in. Please indicate by letter which coins you are interested in and make an offer. Shipping will be exact cost according USPS. You can assume each coin weighs 4 ounces and will be shipped from zip code 59602. If they weigh less, you'll be charged less. I'll accept Paypal and if you're in the US, I'll accept money orders or personal checks. Best offer accepted, I may take the first offer or wait for no more than 3 days on the more desirable coins. If you would like an additional picture of a coin, please let me know and I'll take one. You can contact me through my profile. All coins were bought, traded for or designed by me and have not left me collection. Coins shown here will all be unactivated and trackable. I've got boxes of coins and I'm just trying to simplify my life and pare down my collection. Thanks, tsun I tried to upload a picture but GS won't allow it from where I have them uploaded so feel free to email me and ask for the pic. A: Groundspeak Hockey player shirt (nickel) B: Skullduggery (antique bronze) C: Canadian Forces Geocaches (antique silver) D: Geocaching South Africa - track the big five (gold) E: Last Cache of the Day - beer (antique copper) F: Dart Frog (red Aussie edition) - (gold) G: Neptunes Compass Minnesota Vikings edition H: Neptunes Compass Portugal edition
  10. I remember alot of things since I came aboard, some positive, some negative. Always changing Been here about 8 years now and the best thing that came out of this for me were the friends I have made and the opportunities this opened up for me from a non-geocoin self-employment perspective. I'm thinking the prime days of geocoins have come and gone, maybe they will always be around but it will never be like it once was. I'm happy that I could be involved at a time when it was popular and crazy times. It will be interesting to see where this all is in another 10 years. tsun
  11. All emails for reservations have been replied to. Thank you all. There's still time to reserve a coin if you would like. Please see post #45. tsun
  12. I've answwered all emails up this point, thanks all! tsun
  13. Geocoiners (the majority) love icons, they love to collect them almost as much as the coin itself. tsun
  14. MERLIN FALCON RESERVATION INFORMATION I will take reservations until Sunday evening. When you place a reservation for an order, you are making a contract with Tsunrisebey Designs LLC. I am placing an order on your behalf, when the product is shipped to me, I will send you a request for payment at which time you will be required to pay within 5 days. If you do not pay for your order, you forfeit your order and I reserve the right not to reserve or sell you products in the future. I haven't had any serious problems but I like to cover my bases. Let me repeat, you are not paying for the geocoins right now, you will pay for your order when I received them from the mint. Price: $12.75 per geocoin (trackable/unique icon). Shipping to the US, Canada and UK are included in the price. Shipping: International order will be charged an additional $3.00 Purchase 10 or more, price drops to $12.50 per geocoin. Here's what a sample order would look like: Geocaching Name:_tsunrisebey Email:_tsunrisebey@gmail.com Country: __USA Amount Blue Blaze: _3 Merlin Rising: _2 Predator: _1 Please copy and paste the following order form and send to tsunrisebey@gmail.com Geocaching Name:__________________ Email:________________ Country: ___________________ Amount Blue Blaze: ____ Merlin Rising: _____ Predator: _____
  15. I chose the winners from FB and GS combined and posted the winners in the FB threads, I had one name from the threads come up a winner (I don't think it would be a repeat winner but if you don't have FB, it won't be a repeat). BlueEyedAussie congratulations, please email me through my profile with your address. The Koins will be minted shortly so it will take awhile for you to get one. I will also be holding additional drawings for a special version I am creating of the Merlin coin, so you could still be a winner! I will announce those additional winners when the new Merlin version come in! Thanks everyone tsun
  16. Ok folks, I'm asking that this thread not be turned into a FB thread. Someone asked me a question and I answered the question as a vendor and what I do or how I handle things. I was honest about how I handle my business which is what it is now and I don't just design geocoins anymore. I ALWAYS bring my TRACKABLE geocoin designs here that has never changed and I will continue to do so. If you don't like FB, that's fine, I will always inform you of an available design here. No one has missed a sale as I have been doing reservations for quite sometime so people don't get upset about missing design I will continue to post here. If you want to discuss as FB in general as it pertains to vendors, please start another thread. That way everyone can can state their opinions without derailing a design thread. For ME, FB allows me as a business person to do so much more than I can do on the Groundspeak threads. Groundspeak has their rules and we all must abide by them. I can't do here on the threads what I can do on FB and I'm perfectly fine with that. How many people like pathtags but you just can't discuss those here. I need a place where I can grow, get feedback, post ideas, show progress, have contests for non-geocoin related stuff, etc. and FB is where it's at these days (social media). It's really the only other place I play. We see how quickly this thread got off track, on FB no one really has to worry about that. You don't have to sift through a bunch of threads or posts to find what you're looking for. I need to do what is best for myself and my business and when it comes to trackable geocoins, I will always come back to my roots and post here. So I ask that you not hold the fact I do more on FB against me but I can really let loose there where I'm a bit more contained here with one thread per design. Anyhow, back to Merlin itself, still waiting on the mint to send me pictures. Hard to believe only 2 new color combos is taking so long Anyway you look at it, thanks for the support here and/or FB! tsun
  17. No, I'm still waiting on pictures from the mint and I'll get an estimate on my cost based on how may I order/colors/metals. I then come up with a cost based on all my information. Once I get pictures and get the game plan in place, you'll get all the info Hang tight! tsun
  18. Sorry it took me so long, I can't get here from my cell phone when I'm at work. He did win Here's the link to the picture. I'm so thankful to all of you for helping him win! Geocachers rock! I will wrap up all contest winners by end of the week. Sundance and I will head to the radio station on Thursday to take pictures. The prize was donated to L&C Humane Society on behalf of all the Mutt Madness dogs! Sundance Champion tsun
  19. I'm waiting on the samples, should receive some pics by end of week, then reservations will go up
  20. Long day at work, didn't get to check in like I would have liked. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the votes! Keep them coming people, this is one close race! I think this one is going to be decided by a very small margin. Once this Mutt Madness is over, I'll be making a special announcement. Should be kind of fun! Thanks everyone for your help and again, the winnings are being donated to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society! tsun and Sundance
  21. Ok, if you're following Facebook you already know Sundance won his round! We are now at the Championship round! Thanks everyone for your votes! Contest: Please follow the link and type in Sundance (only once). If you are on FB, please share the link and get as many people voting as you can for Sundance. If he wins, the prize is $105 which will be donated to the local Lewis and Clark Humane Society! When you vote you can log your vote here or on the Tsun facebook page. Thank you everyone for your help! Voting goes until 4:00am MST (Montana time). VOTE FOR SUNDANCE HERE! Thanks all, go Sundance! tsun
  22. Contest is now closed. Thank you all! tsun
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