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  1. That is a great question. I was thinking much the same thing. CF30 I'm sorry but no and for a couple of reasons. The biggest being it is not cost efficient for me to take payment for 1 or 2 attachments. tsun
  2. The Hummers are 1.75" x 3.5mm thick. They will have little trackable tags attached to them that make them trackable (approved by GS). Someone asked about Dart Frog icons, man am I behind. I forgot. I'm lame, what can I say? I think I have icons do for about 3 coins. I will get on it. Pingos: thank you I'm happy to hear that. Your order just went out also. Runninbear1: The version you see in the store now, I'm going to re-do the non-Montana side with a new design and that version will become trackable as a Montana coin but that is a few months down the road. I'll post here when that project is ready. That design is being set up for multiple uses. Thank you for the nice comments all. As a pendant at shows I've done in the past few months, the Hummingbird has been very, very popular. I have a little turtle that has been extremely popular also with people, that will get trackable action after I launch the Hummingbirds. I'll check back in a couple days to see if anyone else has questions. tsun
  3. There will not be a scheduled sale (I have not done one of those in a couple of years but apparently some of you are still have nightmares, lol), no pre-sales and I probably won't be doing reservations either (too much time for me). So I will be ordering a certain amount and putting them for sale on my website and I will send out an email, post here and FB. They won't be available for about 3 weeks so there is time. Off to work tsun
  4. Available soon. Green version Red version Will be offered in the first round. tsun
  5. I know I have some more Pax coins around somewhere, if there is a Fire Breather left, I'll you know.
  6. I'm not selling my designs (yet). I could do some grab bags of regular coins but I'm parting with a few of my harder to find coins in my collection. Pink Laptop coin has been sold. Thanks for the offers. tsun
  7. I second that! One reason more to convince my mother, that her birthday celebration has to be without me, I just HAVE TO go to Ulm! For the silent auction I'm waiting for a coin I'd like, the laptop is just not my taste. I'll do my best
  8. I'd like to attend GCF in Germany this year and flying out of Montana is expensive. I'm going to part with some of my collection. I'm not interested in trading (sorry). I'll offer coins here first, if I can't get a reasonable price, I'll bring them to ebay but prefer to not go that route. Silent auction - send me an email with an offer. The auction closes when I accept an offer. 1st geocoin: XXLE Anthus laptop geocoin - translucent pink (antique silver) - Mint # P05 of 15 made. You can google pink laptop geocoin and find one on google images. I traded for this version when it came out. tsun
  9. You made a Twilight geocoin with Bella, Edward and Jacob? Put me down for one of each version! tsun
  10. Mackey sure is wordy when he posts 1: You can draw your coin on pencil and paper, I am the queen of that technique 2/3: Pick a vendor to help you with your first coin to get it minted. They will work with you on everything you need to get your coin brought to life. tsun
  11. Thank you kindly to the person who blessed me with one of these coins. It's been quite some time since I had coin mail and I smiled when I saw it was from myself. It's always awesome to see the giving spirit alive and well in the geocoin community. Thank you again, it is much appreciated. tsun
  12. Hey! I know a couple of those Saucy Wenches Work it girl, lol.
  13. I go through phases, I might check in once a week and at other times I have checked in once a month. Yes, FB is where it's at and I addressed this quite some time ago in another thread. Vendors and designers left this venue for a number of reasons. I will only speak for myself though. For the first 6 years, I designed for fun and not for profit. I designed geocoins and re-invested any $$$ I made into helping me attend geocoinfest and build a website and give coins away whether people were aware of it or not. Considering I was lucky to get out 4 designs in a year, it was more of a break-even thing for me and I loved every minute of it. My interest has slowed over the past couple of years as I have moved into different interests as far as designing goes. In 2013 I became an official business, no more hobby for me but my designs were going outside of the geocoin world. I'm still keeping my foot in the geocoin waters but as a business you have to learn to grow in order to survive. Everything changes and the geocoin forum has changed a lot over the years, even trackables have morphed into it's own animal. Here is what I find as a vendor to be the toughest issues to date. I work a full time job so when I come home my time is very limited. I also take classes to improve my education. I've got my feet in several different world and I have had to learn to pick and choose wisely as to where to spend my time. Since not everything I do is trackable, I can't come here and talk about my "stuff". I get that and I'm not complaining about it. However I can't hit all the venues that are available to me as a business person. Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn, Pintrest, personal website, personal blog, etc. I know it seems like it should all be easy but each on of those venues is it's own animal and learning how to navigate those and use them to a business' best advantage is time consuming. I can't tell you how overwhelmed I feel at times trying to figure out these new worlds and how to use them to my advantage. The forum here is very singular so that is limiting for any vendor who dabbles in anything outside of geocoins. I still come here and announce geocoins but I did get bad about it for awhile. I will continue to post geocoins for sale here as I design them but I just won't spend as much time here like I once did. The above paragraph leads me to another issue. I do believe the geocoin forum is a community and at one time I was not pleased when a vendor would come here and only "sell" their geocoin without much interaction with the community. They only saw us as a money machine to buy their coins. I do NOT want to be that vendor, granted it's not like I'm pumping out a coin design every month but I still feel strongly about people using a venue to sell something but never really care about the community. Now that I am in a different position, I find that FB is where I can still interact with everyone but I have my "own" community. What I mean by that is; I can talk about all my stuff and I can talk about geocoins, I can post links and pictures and for the most part, everyone who is there has elected to be there. Instead of me scrambling to be everywhere, I have a couple of places to interact with the community who elects to be there. I run contests, I promote my items, you name it I can do it. Everyone expects me to be doing that. I would love to have the old days back where we all got involved in geocoin discussions and excited about designs but those days have come and gone. Vendors and designers have to go where the action is for business reasons. FB accomplishes that right now and maybe in 3 years it will be someplace else. By all means, stay here and keep this place alive, it's still an excellent format to discuss all things geocoin and learn but at the same time we all have to find the balance in our lives. Please keep in mind, I've only touched on one or two facets of why people don't come here anymore but I'm merely speaking from a business perspective. I will always come here and announce coins and post numbers/editions and interact as time permits. For me this was the beginning of it all and will always hold a special place in my heart. tsun
  14. Hang tough Mike. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. tsun
  15. If you care about natural appearances and the impact of humans, you could start by getting the University to remove the giant M from the side of the mountain overlooking Missoula. It's unsightly. I like looking at pristine mountains, not giant "art." Geocaches don't have nearly as much impact as something like that. Last month I traveled from Seattle to Missoula specifically to do the fabulous drive down Route 12. I had planned a day of short hikes to geocaches along this route. Unfortunately the forest fires resulted in the closure of this route, forcing me to drive a different Route to Boise ID. Regardless, my GeoTourism visit pumped $225 into Missoula's economy. Just an FYI, this is a Montana tradition in all towns. The "M" is a staple in Missoula as are all letters in each town as they represent history, memories and legacies. It may be unsightly to an outsider but not to those of us who understand the significance of the letters throughout the state. Besides, Mount Sentinel isn't exactly in the heart of wilderness Montana has plenty of mountain ranges to choose from if you insist on pristine and untouched. I also enjoy looking at the "M" when I'm watching the Griz play in WaGriz stadium I do thank you for coming to Montana and contributing to our economy! Let's hike the "M" the next time you come back! Breana, you should contact Jennifer&Dean who are prevalent geocachers in the Missoula area (both placing and finding caches). I'm sure they would be happy to answer any questions. I'm out of Helena and am over your way watching my Griz on Saturdays. tsun
  16. Did I answer you? I'm sorry, real name versus caching name aren't clicking for me? pingos, T.Volkmann, Roy, dolphy, Spud: packages mailed. tsun Yes, you did. We are one of the 5. Thank you !! ok good! tsun
  17. Did I answer you? I'm sorry, real name versus caching name aren't clicking for me? pingos, T.Volkmann, Roy, dolphy, Spud: packages mailed. tsun
  18. If you have not received your Merlin's coins, please email at tsunrisebey@gmail.com I don't check in here often, I have about 5 people that I'm am aware of that have still not received packages which I am resending on Monday. I have one package I have been holding that belongs to a Noele in Germany but I am unable to match the payment received to the actual order so Noele if you see this please email me so I know what your caching name is and can match your order. If I don't hear from you in another week, I will refund the money. I have not done the icon yet but will have it worked on by end of September. I'm glad those that have received them are enjoying them. tsun
  19. I'll make sure my remaining designs keep up with the tsun standard up until my retirement I've got about 5 more I'd like to get out so 2014 will have to be an exceptional year Stephanie
  20. Coins spoken for, emails have all been answered. If I find more, I will post here. Thank you for the interest, tsun (Stephanie)
  21. All trackable and unactivated: World of Geocaching 2006 GPS Adventure Minnetrista Maze Series 01 Geocaching Monopoly Game Board Make offer. tsun
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