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  1. Hi, I have been directed to this site by two vendors, geocoinclub and usa geocoin. I need help in retrieving activation codes for several coins. My granddaughter took all of my geocoins out of their sleeves and i don't know what Activation code goes with these coins. Here is a list of the coins I need activation codes for or who to go to: (note: both the above said they did not have these coins) Geocachers Serenity Geocoin tracking number begins with PCM Geoswag Coin and Pin Club 2006 Christmas Snowflake Geocoin tracking number begins with CP6 Great Smoky Mountain Geoquest 2006 tracking number begins with GQ6 Georgia Gateway to the Appalachain Trail 2005 Geocoin tracking number is just 2 numbers All Seasons Caching Summer Geocoin tracking number begins with PC6 All Seasons Caching Fall Geocoin tracking number begins with PCV Triple Wisdom Geocoin tracking number begins with PCF I Came I Saw I Found It Smiley Face Geocoin tracking number begins with PC8 I'm pretty new to this hobby and I've learned my lesson well! Now all my coins have identification cards with name, purchase date, tracking code, activation code, date activated and date released. I sure hope you can help me. Please email me at bud_mccu@earthlink.net with any help you can provide. Thanks again. Brady McCullough, Jr. revbuddy The Great Smokey Mtn. Geoquest coin was from www.coinsandpins.com That's the only one I know outta your group.
  2. Mailing out January 24th: Team GCHound Cross Road Nomads The Dream Cachers slowdowneracer Pengomommy/Pengofamily racer2814 I'm just waiting on addy's for the others who emailed me. I hope you all like them
  3. I'd be interested in attending, pretty close for me plus I've never attended an "event" before.
  4. I have about 15 wooden nickels on hand that I would love to trade with others here. I would include a pic but they come out blurry (older dig. camera). I hand paint each one and they take about 15 minutes each to make. So consider it a surprise. If you send an email with your info. I'll send one out to you if you're interested. If there is enough interest, I'll work on painting some more. Tsunrisebey
  5. I sure hope I jumped thru all the hoops right.
  6. As a relatively new cacher myself, I found that reading the forums, gave me an advantage when I first started out. I didn't know about bison tubes, "evil" hides and special-made containers. If it wasn't for reading these forums, some of the caches I have found, would be DNF's. If I don't find something within the first 5 minutes, I stand there and look around looking for clues that don't "fit", check my coords, read previous logs, decrypt hint, etc. Like most others said, ask myself "where would I hide it?" Happy caching!
  7. I'll give you my opinion. I personally like image #2 and #3. I think they would look nice on one coin, I would probably buy 2 or 3 if it was done that way but that is just me.
  8. Sent an email, hope I'm not too late.
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