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  1. Well since you are doing a ouija board theme, it would be cool if you incorporated the oracle (moving piece) somehow. Two geocachers, backpacks on, hovering over a board, GPSr (as the oracle?) playing the ouija board but that changes your design. Just my 2cents that probably didn't help any........lol.
  2. Got your sig item Pengofamily (mommy). Thanks for the trade, very nice
  3. Old addage Start It and They Will Play...... or something like that Ok , so exactly how do you want this to go down..... Well my first post gives the overall idea of the whole thing. The only part on my end is which ghost town I'm going to use to place the cache in and if I want a traditional or multi-cache. Right now, we're buried in about 1-2' of snow and way more in the mountains (where the ghost towns are located), so I can't give a specific ghost town placement yet. I'm just looking for other geocachers from other states to volunteer (1st post) a TB and Ghost town paperwork for their state. I have 2 people interested so far. I guess if I could get 10 different states, I would be happy. Let me post this idea also, would more people participate if I did not request a TB? What if I left that part optional and asked for information on a ghost town of your interest from your state? I could include your geocaching name on that file but there would be no TB to try to get back to your home state. Comments/ideas are welcome.
  4. Would love to have a Wyoming coin. Great state, great people!
  5. Come on geocachers, where's your spirit? Get it? lol. Ok, so my sense of humor is one only I could enjoy I need a few more people to make this fun, there's hardly any work involved here. Just a little googling and printer work. Please.............
  6. Thanks for those links reddodger. Does he need some sort of final count or do I need to make some sort of reservation for the event or do I just show up with my GPS in hand
  7. Saw an article in the newspaper about 6 months ago and thought it was right up my alley. Bought a couple of books, did some reading, then forgot about it. Few months later, some friends were discussing geocaching and I knew I needed to get out and do it. Bought my GPS and now my family never hears from me. OT: Hey JEEBRA! I've seen you posting on the logs. Glad to see a fellow Montanan, let alone an East Helenan posting
  8. If you have a long layover in Atlanta post times and contact info to the Georgia Geocachers Association forums, I expect someone will come fetch you! ggaonline.org Thanks, I'll tuck that info. away for when May rolls around.
  9. I don't know what in the heck I just did to get that posted but guess I better pay more attention to what I am doing.............lol. Thanks for posting that, had no idea that was something people did. I'm going to be in Atlanta over-night on a trip back from Belize come middle of May. That list may come in handy. I will be sure to add my name, not that many people fly into Helena, Montana but it helps to have a 4x4 to get around to some of the mountain caches.
  10. Any word on this? I sent an email to BadAndy but haven't heard back yet..........
  11. Got mine from Sir Gerald and Team Moon Unit. Very nice and thank you for the trades! Tsun
  12. Mr.O and ALostTexan............sent you an email. If you have any questions or want updates as I plan this, I'll be more than happy to oblige you. Tsun
  13. Well that was going to be part of the FTF prize, hantavirus. I was not planning on hiding the cache in an actual building or remnant be it restored or in shambles, better chance of being muggled. More along the outskirts, woodline, type hide. There has been no interest in this anyhow so unless this idea picks up in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to have to just do history on the ghost town I place it at. Less work for me if I end up going that route. Thanks for your comment though. Tsun
  14. Hey all, I am working on my next geocache hide which is going to be a Ghost Town theme. Montana has tons of ghost towns from the gold mining days. In Helena alone, there are about 5 that are relatively close within 35 miles, some with very few visible signs and others that are kept up by ghost town restoring organizations. I've been researching which ghost town I'd like to place a cache at. I have not worked out all of the specific details yet because I need to scope out the areas to see which one will work best for my idea. I'm not even sure if I will do a multi-cache or traditional yet but it will be at least a difficulty of level 3. Here is where my invite to all of you cachers to join me. I am looking to fill this cache with "Ghost Town TB's". It would be nice to get at least one TB from each US state and Canadian Province to go in the cache. Attached to your TB by way of plastic bag or laminated card, should have the name of the Ghost Town, and state it resides in. You should also include some sort of printed material about that ghost town to go with that travel bug. The idea here is to learn about our history in the process of getting the TB ready to go, and sharing that history with others. The printed material about your ghost town will stay in the cache, but the TB can be removed to travel. The goal of your TB will be to travel back to your state where hopefully you can one day be brought back together again at which time you can retire it or keep it going. When I am finally ready to post the cache, it will have all relevant information about what the cache is meant for etc. You will need to buy a TB for this if you are interested and you will have to mail the ghost town info. with the TB to me. The cache will be a neatly organized one that will have partitions to seperate each state/province so people can look at your ghost town accordingly. You can reply here or email me if you are interested and as I continue my research and develop more of my plan, I will keep you posted. I am looking to have this ready to roll sometime in late May/early June. (Some of these mountain roads don't clear off for awhile). Each discoverer of the cache will be instructed to release 1-2 TB's of their interest. I will also probably get in touch with some local kid organizations (BBBS/YMCA/small schools) to give them an opportunity to look at our North American ghost town history. This is a big undertaking, so if you are interested, just be patient with me as I try to keep everything organized and work out any problems. Thanks, tsun
  15. welch.........got yours in the mail today! Thank you
  16. Netx batch being mailed out on Monday 1/29: *Team GCHound (replace broken one) *welch *Texican Space Cowboy *Sir Gerald *team moon unit *The Collector *dist 1 Tsun
  17. I'll get you out a new one, I'll make sure I bubble wrap it this go 'round. Sorry about that. I'm glad you liked it anyway. If anyone else gets a broken one, let me know, it's cheap to mail, I'll send out another one. Tsun
  18. After having looked through the pinned topics on Geocoins, I still have some questions that those of you who have been through the process or in the "know" can answer for me. I'll pose the question or my understanding, if I'm wrong, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help. 1.) Personal coins that are nontrackable do NOT have to be approved by Groundspeak. 2.) If a person wants to use the colors only (yellow, blue, green, orange) but NOT the actual Groundspeak logo, does that need approval by Groundspeak? I've seen coins with the color arrangement but not the entire logo. 3.) Has anyone seen a Montana related geocoin or PC by a Montana cacher done? There are so many coins out there that I have not seen them all, just thought someone might know off the top of their head. Thanks, Tsunrisebey
  19. I'm glad it arrived! I got yours today also. Loved it Thanks! Thank you also goes out to for items received today; ***slowdownracer....very nice! ***racer2814 and Texican Space Cowboy...makes me want to head to the nearest Craps table (I guess I hadn't realized that this was going to be two seperate cachers, so I'm going to send one more nickel your way.) ***Cross Road Nomads....very nice! Cute pouch. ***GC Hounds, got yours the other day, it was the 1st wooden nickel I have received. Very nice! I have just painted up some more and will be sending the next group out on Monday. Thank you all for the wonderful trades, they have given me some neat ideas. All the wooden nickels you received are numbered, only 100 will be made then I'll move onto another nature design. Anyone else who would like to trade, feel free to contact me. Tsun
  20. Received the coins today, they are beautiful. Thank you. tsun
  21. Hi, I have been directed to this site by two vendors, geocoinclub and usa geocoin. I need help in retrieving activation codes for several coins. My granddaughter took all of my geocoins out of their sleeves and i don't know what Activation code goes with these coins. Here is a list of the coins I need activation codes for or who to go to: (note: both the above said they did not have these coins) Geocachers Serenity Geocoin tracking number begins with PCM Geoswag Coin and Pin Club 2006 Christmas Snowflake Geocoin tracking number begins with CP6 Great Smoky Mountain Geoquest 2006 tracking number begins with GQ6 Georgia Gateway to the Appalachain Trail 2005 Geocoin tracking number is just 2 numbers All Seasons Caching Summer Geocoin tracking number begins with PC6 All Seasons Caching Fall Geocoin tracking number begins with PCV Triple Wisdom Geocoin tracking number begins with PCF I Came I Saw I Found It Smiley Face Geocoin tracking number begins with PC8 I'm pretty new to this hobby and I've learned my lesson well! Now all my coins have identification cards with name, purchase date, tracking code, activation code, date activated and date released. I sure hope you can help me. Please email me at bud_mccu@earthlink.net with any help you can provide. Thanks again. Brady McCullough, Jr. revbuddy The Great Smokey Mtn. Geoquest coin was from www.coinsandpins.com That's the only one I know outta your group.
  22. Mailing out January 24th: Team GCHound Cross Road Nomads The Dream Cachers slowdowneracer Pengomommy/Pengofamily racer2814 I'm just waiting on addy's for the others who emailed me. I hope you all like them
  23. I'd be interested in attending, pretty close for me plus I've never attended an "event" before.
  24. I have about 15 wooden nickels on hand that I would love to trade with others here. I would include a pic but they come out blurry (older dig. camera). I hand paint each one and they take about 15 minutes each to make. So consider it a surprise. If you send an email with your info. I'll send one out to you if you're interested. If there is enough interest, I'll work on painting some more. Tsunrisebey
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