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  1. OMG! I'm not sure if that is funny or scary?
  2. Satisfaction brought it back. I was just wondering how many nosey...........errrr, I mean curious posters out there are like me, who like to browse through other people's profiles, looking at their galleries, what trackables they have wracked up, homepages, caches they've done; which leads you to other peoples pages, and on and on, before you know it, an hour or so has gone by. It's kind of fun poking around at what others are doing in their lives. I've seen some great pics, exciting caches, and great stories. We even have some nice looking cachers out there Who's profiles have some of the neatest pics you've seen or who tells some of the best stories when logging caches?
  3. Thanks all.........those I believe I can work with
  4. Whoa! Sorry to say, but I think that's way over his head. Why don't you try Geocities? It's one of the oldest "free" website providers on the internet. It was taken over by Yahoo! a few years ago, so it's not going anywhere anytime soon. I know HTML, so I never checked this out, but they have a "page builder" that does not require any HTML knowledge. A direct quote from the website: "Create a full-featured site without any HTML coding. Customize your pages with pictures, sounds, Add-Ons and more. Click "Launch PageBuilder" to start from scratch, or choose a pre-made template below." I'm a her Thanks for some of the suggestions all, whiteurkel is right, all of that was way over my head. I guess I should have been more clear, I was looking for page building type sites, where all I had to do is type my words, pick and choose from outlines, etc. simple stuff for the computer inept I have seen geocities. Just thought more people had their own sites that they had done this way and may have liked them because it was easy. No big deal, I'm not trying to get something done in a week. I'll surf around some more and see what I can find. Thanks again all, Tsun.
  5. Questions for some of you that are familiar/experienced with creating your own webpage/site; I would like to create my own (personal) webpage/site that I could share with friends and family. I'm tailoring it to geocaching activities, pictures and of course other misc. "stuff". I don't know much about HTML, so I need a site that will basically help me build my pages and preferably free to start. (what sites to use?) I've seen a couple of people with their own personal geocaching related/type sites, so I was hoping some of you could throw your suggestions out there or advice about some do's/don'ts, etc. Thanks in advance Tsun.
  6. After reading through the thread earlier and someone posting the lyrics, I went to the refridge. to grab some raspberries and found myself singing that stupid song outloud. I caught myself and thought, NOOOOOOOOOOO. I haven't thought about it for about 3 hours now until you brought it up again. I sure hope I don't go to bed singing that tune.
  7. I'll buy you a microbrew if you come to Helena, Montana. I'll even throw in a Black Angus steak. Cool coin.
  8. Lol.............and I asked if you had A sticker or decal, I guess it's a good thing some auto maker doesn't fashion a vehicle that looks like a ammo box with wheels.
  9. Just curious, did you have some sort of sticker/decal that they saw, where they knew you were a geocacher? My bumper sticker reads; "Flash your cache" Just kidding.
  10. OK, I am intrigued, why exactly would you be making a Montana geocoin? FWIW I did try to talk the geocachers in the Great Falls area into making a Montana geocoin this summer. Our family attended an excellent event cache along the Rivers Edge Trail and I spoke for a few mintues on all the benefits that Montana geocachers would realize by making a MT geocoin. I suggested they get in touch with Jennifer and Dean in Missoula and the BGCA in Billings and form a working group that could be representative of all of Montana's very active gecoaching community, unfortunately I couldn't talk them into it! I really enjoy caching in Montana and my favourite cache is actually a cache in the Sweetgrass Hills. Are you planning to make more than a thousand? I saw this addressed in the coin trading thread also. I sent that poster a pm and am waiting on a reply. There are a couple of people here in Helena working on a preliminary design that will then be passed onto other Montana cachers to get thoughts/opinions so any adjustments can be made, although this is a slow moving process at this time. It would be very disappointing to have the first Montana coin designed by a person living in California, IMHO, FWIW.
  11. Really? There are a few of us here in Montana that are currently working on a design. Hmmm. I was wondering about that. A Californian working on a Montana coin. Hell, I'm from Alberta and live even closer. Can I make one? ( I can hardly wait to see what h-e-l-l above gets changed to, hee hee ... hmmm, no change ) I did sent a pm to that poster and I was very polite. I admit, I was a wee bit unhappy when I saw that post. We're a little slow to move on things here in Montana but we do get around to getting things done. I guess in the big scheme of things a coin is not worth fighting about, so for now I'll wait and see if that poster gets back to me.
  12. Really? There are a few of us here in Montana that are currently working on a design. Hmmm.
  13. Received my package from 57 Chevy today, thank you so much! Tsun
  14. Thanks for the contest......congrat's Colts and 501 gang.
  15. Looks good! I really like the back of the coin. I'm just glad you didn't put Ben R's face on your coin.........lol.
  16. Received WN's from; BomberJohn & smilingsteeles Very nice and thank you for the trades! Going out in Monday's mail: BomberJohn Queens Borrowers Seabeck Tribe Tsun
  17. I don't know if you have a Montana volunteer yet, if not, I'd be willing to take on that responsibility. I sent you an email Blue Power Ranger.
  18. Man, I like Manning and all but gotta go with the team that is left in my div. so here is my guess; Bears 28 Colts 24 Edited because I see that I couldn't add properly; changed from 27 to 28 which now ='s 4 TD's. Maybe I better take a nap.
  19. Thanks for the crappy contest, now I can go to bed. Congrat's chaosmanor, enjoy your crappy coin
  20. I see I'm wrong but the plate was CO- OA5599.
  21. Alpine white, 1970 Dodge Challenger
  22. Is thinking of a crappy question.
  23. Crap or get off the pot.........
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