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  1. Right now, I'm still working on the first 20 coins and the "micros" for the releasers...........lol. I tried to get my dogs to help me make them but theirs weren't as nice as mine. It's a very time consuming process (but I enjoy it). Each one I mold by hand, I hand paint and decorate, I paint some more, then I have to go through about 3 stages of coating them so they are protected and glossy. All said and done, each coin has been given about 2-3 hours of attention. I know, I'm crazy. By the March release date, I am hoping to have 40-50 coins made. 20 of those mailed out and the week prior, I will be taking mini-trips around Montana and making coin drops. I'm also planning on attending the Rocky Mountain Rendevouz, which I'm donating a complete set, and I will probably be dropping off coins in caches on my way there and way home. Keep in mind, 5 coins = 1 complete set. So 20 coins being mailed = 4 complete sets being released. I'll probably make these on and off through out 2007. I suppose I'll just see how well received these are and play it by ear. I can tell you this much, I'm NOT molding 1,000 of them
  2. I will do my best to have something set up for you tonight. --Marky Marky, You da man! I know you're tired from lugging all your new coin trades around , and we have a couple of weeks here, so please don't feel rushed, although Yippie for the sooner the better Thank you so much, Tsun
  3. Petroglyph Series Details Post #38 shows all coin releasers ** All Petroglyph series handmade coin packages will be mailed out on March 9th (Friday). ** There are a total of 20 Petroglyph coins being released by people outside of Montana. 10 in the US, 10 non-US. I will slowly (time consuming) make coins and continue to release them, I may call on volunteers again to release more coins so others who are not close to them now have an opportunity to find them. ** Each package will included 1 coin from the series that you will be releasing (see post #38), 1 "micro" limited edition, green "Turtle Mountain" coin that is yours to keep (see post #1). An additional instruction page. ** Petroglyph coin releasers may not keep or go back and find the petroglyph coin they released (that includes anyone who lives in your household). Hopefully this keeps it somewhat fair. ** I am working on making these TRACKABLE on sigitem dot com. I can not guarantee that they will be trackable by the time they are released because my understanding is it could take up to a couple of months (depending on how busy owner is) to get everything set up. I will have an alternate/temporary method of tracking in place (be it a guest book on web page or emailing me w/ info., I'll get something figured out) until everything is officially setup. Then all information will be transferred to sigitem dot com. ** Petroglyph series coins when found may be kept or moved along from cache to cache. If you keep it, it is yours to do what you want with it. Each coin will come in a special pouch with some "special" paperwork. Anyone with questions or comments, please feel free to email me or post here. Any updates will continue to be posted on this thread. Tsun:)
  4. Any decision on a host yet? Closing in on St. Patty's day quickly. I think I have enough posts to be included now
  5. All geocachers posted were assigned a number and the state they represent along w/ that number. If a number was chosen and they were from a state already previously drawn, they were removed from the drawing (sorry, wanted diversity here). THANK YOU, everyone who volunteered to release these! So here they are, in the order they were drawn: Details will be posted on Monday. CACHER ID * U.S. STATE REPRESENTED * PETROGLYPH COIN YOU WILL RELEASE #1: The 4 F's * Florida * "Big Dog" #2: Cinema Boxers * Illinois * "Turtle Mountain" #3: DWBur * Wisconsin * "Mountain Goat #4: Anthus * Pennsylvania * "Bear" #5: Crowesfeat30 * Missouri * "Thunderbird" #6: Prince Shoko * Tennessee * "Big Dog" #7: Mauison * California * "Turtle Mountain" #8: Roboknight * Virginia * "Mountain Goat" #9: The Amigos * Texas * "Bear" #10: Toojin&Bart * Idaho * "Thunderbird" OUTSIDE USA: Here are CONFIRMED releasers from outside USA: #11: Australia * Bunya * "Big Dog" #12: Netherlands * Twin Peaks * "Turtle Mountain" #13: Nova Scotia, Canada: * Islander1988 * "Mountain Goat" #14: New Zealand * keewee01 * "Bear" #15: Ontario, Canada * danoshimano * "Thunderbird" #16: Luxembourg * baelrati * "Big Dog" #17: Scotland * Haggis Hunter * "Turtle Mountain" #18: Norway * smort78 * "Mountain Goat" #19: Sweden * McLinks * "Bear" #20: England * Luzian * "Thunderbird"
  6. ******Volunteer Requests now closed******** Releasers to be named in a couple minutes.
  7. I have been trying to get ahold of "Marky" from the sig item tracking site for about 2 weeks (I never heard back). I was hoping to get some items listed on there. I know he is at coinfest in CA this weekend. I have tried to send emails via gc.com but there is a mail delivery problem, email addy not current anymore? I did send a pm awhile back but no answer. Is that sig item site still valid? Does anyone know Marky and can you tell him I'm trying to contact him........maybe he will see this too. I hope this was ok to post here, I suppose if it's not it will disappear or be moved. Thanks to anyone who can help get the ball rolling for me. Tsunrisebey
  8. I'm no longer accepting any more volunteers from other countries because I have confirmed 8 (over half) of the intended releases already. If you are still intereted in a release for your country, please email me, I will put you on a list for future reference. BC and Alberta, I'm up your way here and there, I'll be personally releasing a few in your area some time this summer. The other 7 coin releases will be pulled from the hat tonight after 10pm MST. I will post a final listing of all releasers, their location, and what petroglyph coin you will be releasing. Please watch for emails requesting your info. Thanks again for the interest everyone. Tsun
  9. tsunrisebey


    I had forgot about this, I'm in for 1 LE set, reservation made
  10. Just to clear up any confusion. Everyone who is chosen to release a petroglyph coin, is only releasing 1 of the 5 possible designs. You won't know which one you are releasing until I post it on Monday. The process for making and completing these is extremely time consuming. This makes it a challenge for those that are interested in trying to obtain the complete set. I will be giving 1 complete set away for the Rocky Mountain Rendevouz mega event in August. Here are the 5 petroglyph series coins. The backs have a small design also and each coin is sequentially numbered. Petroglyph Coins: "Big Dog" * "Turtle Mountain" * "Mountain Goat" * "Bear" * "Thunderbird"
  11. Here is the current list of possible volunteers (your name in the hat). I apologize if you gc handle isn't spelled right, I was in a hurry when writing all these down. USA: camel680 Anthus Mauison nascarjunk racer2814 Toojin&Bart LadyBee4T Jay Mills Team GCHound lindsychris IC1 The4F's sweetlife mommyfinder 57chevy larry739 The Amigos want2bemore Cinema Boxers GPX Navigators The Moops Crowesfeat30 PrinceShoko nicolo cydriver roboknight DWBur buddyluv4 aa8bj fivedime welch Here are CONFIRMED releasers from outside USA: Australia: Bunya Netherlands: Twin Peaks Nova Scotia, Canada: islander1988 New Zealand: keewee01 Ontario, Canada: danoshimano Luxembourg: baelrati Scotland: Haggis Hunter Norway: smort78 Sweden: McLinks England: Luzian "Big Dog" * "Turtle Mountain" * "Mountain Goat" * "Bear" * "Thunderbird"
  12. Thanks to all who have sent me emails and pm's. I appreciate your interest. I will give everyone an opportunity to volunteer until Sunday night (2/18...10:00PM Montana Time MST). In order to be fair, all names will go into a hat (from the U.S. mainland) and I will draw names. This way everyone has an equal chance. I will post the names and countries/states/provinces of those who will be releasing coins into the wild. ** I am adding 5 more coins to the original release, for a total of 15 around the world releases. 1 reserved for Hawaii 1 reserved for Alaska Thanks, Tsun
  13. Well, after much thought and deliberation, I have made my own "geocoin." I was going to have one minted, the design is in an envelope and ready to go. But, I just had this nagging idea that I would rather handmake each individual coin myself. This is much more of an expression of who I am and my chance to give something unique and special to the geocaching community. I have toyed around with numerous ideas but finally created some coins that I really thought turned out fabulous. So here are the details and I have a request to make. Each "coin" is handmade, the process takes me about 1 hour to do 6 coins. No two coins are exactly alike which is one of the things I really like about them. I am calling these coins the "Petroglyph Series Geocoins." They are my dedication to those that came before us, to those that were here first, and to those that view Mother Earth as sacred, the American Indian. There are 5 different designs, the two you see in the picture are "Big Dog" and "Turtle Mountain." Since there was not an Indian name for horse when they were introduced to North America, they were often referred to as "Big Dog" (one of the more common names), that's why it is being called that. The other 3 will just have to be surprises So, the reason I am posting all of this is because I need help from some of you. I want to release 10 Petroglyph coins into the wild, other than Montana. In exchange for your help, the Turtle Mountain "micro coin" (in the picture) is yours to keep for helping me. There will be only 10 of those micro coins made, so there is the XLE. The coins to be released into the "wild" are all just slightyly larger than a silver dollar. Each will be numbered on the back. They will come in plastic pouches with some special "paperwork" for the owners They are so much more beautiful than the picture shows, I think those that see and find them will really love them. I would really appreciate that these coins be placed out in the country in a cache, that requires some hiking and pretty views. Thanks. I need 10 volunteers to help me get these coins released. Please pm me or send me an email if you are interested. Members from other countries are welcome to request releasing a coin also. I need: 1 Alaska volunteer 1 Hawaii volunteer and the rest I will choose from those that are interested. UPDATE: Doing 15 coins now so I can include a few more countries. I'm accepting names until Sunday (2/18) until 10:00pm MST. I will post all the releasers and where they are from some time on Monday. For updates please check post #20, I have a list of confirmed releasers outside of the U.S. I will only accept a couple more requests from other countries and then the rest will be given to U.S. cachers. Thank you everyone! Thanks, Tsun ***UPDATED PIC OF SERIES now posted. Here is a pic, kind of tough to capture their true look. They do have an epoxy coating. "Big Dog" * "Mountain Turtle" * "Mountain Goat" * "Bear" * "Thunderbird"
  14. Your wedding anniversary is on Leap Day/Year: Feb. 29th So, you celebrate it on Feb 28th (the day before which technically there is no day before unless we are in the leap year) The day after, you turn the clocks back? Lol, I have no clue, so many choices. I just wanted to put some silly answer up. It's kinda lonely here on the boards
  15. Speaking of trades, if there is anyone who hasn't received my wooden nickel that I made a trade with, please let me know, so I can send another one out. I have about 5 left and I'm not making any more of these. I only went up to 50 instead of the 100 I had originally intended. Anyone else interested in one, let me know, I'll mail out the 5 I have left. Tsun
  16. That is prior to making people pass a test. I'm not talking breaking laws, I'm talking liability. Require a test, that could change interpretation/liability. Ask any good attorney, it's all about interpretation. I'm not here to argue. I've said what I wanted to say, so I'm done commenting. Adios...
  17. To all those heading to CA, have a safe trip. To all those who will be at the event, have some fun for those of us stuck back at home! Tsun.
  18. While I respectfully disagree with anyone having to take a "quiz" prior to placing a cache, if you are going to insist that this be done (I'm keeping my personal thoughts to myself here), then it should be something that "pops" up for eveyone regardless of how long they have been a member here. When you get ready to submit a cache, a "pop quiz" comes up, you answer it, then your cache is forwarded to the reviewer for approval. This way everyone has to keep current. I've seen a number of caches placed by members with well over several hundred finds/hides, that were clearly in violation of guidelines posted here. I've even emailed a couple only to receive no response. I may be one of the few geeks here who bought a geocaching book, read the rules here, got familiar with my GPS before I even went to find my first cache. Although I am considered a newbie by geocaching standards, I have good common sense, I'm an adult and I don't like being treated like a child who needs their hand held. Another thought to keep in mind, if you start quizzing new people (and I do understand the intent behind this), what responsibility does Groundspeak/GC.com plan to take on? A cacher in the post-9/11 world places an inappropriate cache, gets in trouble with LE, and says, "I took a quiz before I placed the cache." It seems to me there is a very fine line once we are required to "pass" something, that you are taking some sort of responsibilty for our actions. I'm just giving a scenario...............something to think about. Ok, now that I have got this off my chest, so to speak, I will go about my business.
  19. Received a WN from Seabeck Tribe today, thank you and very nice.
  20. Happy Valentine's Day, If you have a sweetie, remember to do something just a little extra special for them today. Tsun.
  21. Sounds like another definition of "micromanagement"...no pun intended. A hobby that requires you to take a quiz or have a mentor? No thanks.
  22. OMG! I'm not sure if that is funny or scary? It's neither ummmm, it's Gary. Folks all over the world have emulated Gary's very tasteful nude cachin' style (at least for one find) on my Nude Cacher Locationless Terracache that is dedicated to him and all other cachers who wish to free themselve's from textile bondage. The pictures were hilarious, kind of reminds me of Wilson on Tool Time, except he is hiding his "treasure" behind a pumpkin or some other strategically placed item............
  23. I'm headed there in May for a Study Abroad, my GPS will be coming with me. Let me know how your trip goes
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