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  1. Yes, I like it, I'd get 1 for my collection.
  2. Does anyone have an extra Calgary Stampede geocoin? Send me an email. Disregard, trade in progress.
  3. I'm just curious what makes people love particular geocoins. I would love to know what your favorite 3 coins are (minted or handmade), and why they are your favorites (were they a gift, came in a hard to find/reach cache, has a favorite animal, or it just looks cool). Please don't chose your own coin if you have made one (we all love our own). **Has to be a coin(s) you either own or have seen in person. I only own about 12 and have only found about 4 in the wild, so here are my picks in no particular order; 1. Which one today? (the spinning top). It's a neat concept, geocaching related, and it's unique. 2. The LizardToadz decypher coin (green frog design). It's just cool looking. 3. Dream Catcher by Windrose: It's a Native American concept, I love most anything that relates to that subject. (I love all the coins I have and I'm sure as my collection grows, my list will change for a number of reasons and it will be even harder to pick a favorite). Tsun. PS: I did look for a thread already started on this subject but the only one I found appeared to be closed by request of OP.
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    Ok, guess I'll just have to reply by email then. Thanks for the heads up, no pun intended
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    Do they have punctuation in their name, such as an ampersand (&) ? Yes, they do.
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    I'm having trouble sending a pm. Someone sent me a pm, I tried replying but I keep receiving a message that says; "there is no member by that name" (something very close to that). I replied directly 3 times, same message pops up. I checked their profile, they are a premium member as am I, the name that was on the profile was identical to the name I received on the pm. Everything seems to be checking out ok. Any ideas? Tsun
  7. Got a poker chip from Queens Borrowers. Very cool!
  8. Was this made with that silver clay stuff? The image isnt actually small, just click it, it enlarges! No, I melted pewter (tin, but pewter sounds cooler ) Carved a piece of soapstone 1st then poured the melted pewter in. Those are great! I really like the ones you have on Markys site, they look like some ancient Roman coin.
  9. To those of you who have emailed me or posted here wanting to know what the petroglyph series is made from, I will reveal that sometime in mid-August. The reason for not revealing the technique is that sometimes it is more fun to have a little bit of mystery about how something is created in the beginning. I just want to let them circulate, let people wonder, try and guess, and just enjoy part of the mystery that goes along with the petroglyph idea. After the Rocky Mtn. Rendevouz, I will share with those who have posted/emailed what they are made of. One of the more special parts about these are not so much what they are made of but what they are painted with It's not "paint." Ok, besides the love ingredient, there is some Montana dirt involved. That's all you get They'll also be trackable on sigitem.com and if things go well, I may get them out sooner than the March 9th date.
  10. Check out sigitem.com, there are a bunch of personal handmade coins/token/etc. You can get in touch with Marky to get your sig item trackable there. I'm in the process of doing that now with my personal petroglyph series "coins". Just waiting on word from Marky when he's done adding mine I like the antler disk idea. It's unique and anything on antlers is cool. I have seen a number of personal sig items around the Helena, MT area but only 1 was handmade. Those are the items I usually grab from a cache. Have fun and post a pic. of your work. I'm curtious to see what they look like. Tsun
  11. How does that happen, I though these things were approved. No one checks to see if that is an issues? edited for spelling Bryan at Groundspeak approved the design and name, however coincodes just made a slight mistake with the post. The name of my coin is: Luck 'O' The Irish Geocoin and I have contacted coincodes to have them correct the issue. Sorry about any trouble anyone had, small mistake that has been corrected now. Thanks again to all who have one of the coins. Glitters on the way soon. CM Glitters are the ones I'm waiting on
  12. After the meeting (next few days), could you give us a couple of details. Am interested in hearing a little more about what some of the plans are. Thanks. Tsun
  13. You can shorten mine to Tsun, if that helps.
  14. I like this one, I don't have much in my collection. I'd be in for 1 or 2.
  15. [quote name='tsunrisebey' post='2724017' date='Feb 19 2007, 06: cmskdfsdkl
  16. What the heck.......throw me on if you have room
  17. I love that red..........looks real nice.
  18. The answer to the question has been lost in the wind just like the answers we would like from the ancient ones. But the most special ingredient added, I can share you with you; LOVE....ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Tsun
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