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  1. Those are sharp looking. I guess I'm a little lost, how am I suppose to note my intention for pre-ordering? Here or on that forum?
  2. But you can grab it when QJ places it Since I'm online and replying. There are 5 packages going out on Monday (woohoo). I'm just going to mail out in small blocks since this is more time consuming than I had anticipated. Wanna know which 5 are releasing petroglyphs first? Head over to sigitem.com, find my petroglyph page and click on the serial #'s. Kinda hard to see the gc id's but they are there If I'm lucky I might be able to get a few more done by Monday. Tsun
  3. I emailed you about a coin but haven't heard anything back yet, did you get my info.?
  4. I'm in. I've got a "Free the Cache" coin ready to roll.
  5. I sent you a pm a few days back but no answer. Are you still selling these coins? I have always loved the silver one. I would like to get at least 1 if they are still available to order. Tsun
  6. Not sure if I posted this one but got Seabeck Tribe's cool wooden nickel a week or so ago. Thanks. Also got one from want2bemore (very nice) and trade received from The Moops (very cool). I'm a little swamped with getting tons of things together but the rest of you should have my WN by weeks end. Thanks to everyone for all trades over the weeks. It has been fun. Tsun
  7. Picked one up (for Marky as a thank you) and picked up a Saman Team coin also (loved the design). Tsun
  8. After the meeting (next few days), could you give us a couple of details. Am interested in hearing a little more about what some of the plans are. Thanks. Tsun Meeting is tomorrow but there is supposed to be a 4H horse show the same week end at the other end of the fair grounds. Just horsin around may want to check it out! Someone from SEIGO will post again soon. http://www.seigosite.com/ Nice new website. 4H days are over for me. It's strictly trail and rodeos I had wondered if there was an area to trailer in horses or if anyone else was planning on bringing theirs with. Then I had to remind myself that this was a geocaching event, not a geocacher trail riders meeting Oh well, guess I'll just bring my banjo instead Yes, I really do have one but I'm still not that good.
  9. It's a beautiful coin and a wonderful way to commemorate your friend. I bought a few. I will release one in the wild, here in Montana in his honor. Tsun
  10. Here are the other 5 volunteer releasers: With the exception of Hawaii and Germany, the rest were picked from the hat, everyone was added that emailed or posted up to post #67. Congratulations to; *GPX Navigators * South Dakota * "Big Dog" *Sillygirl & jrr * Hawaii * "Turtle Mountain" *SwedenHawk * Germany * "Mountain Goat" *Quigley Jones * BC, Canada * "Bear" *GreatHornyToads! * New Mexico * "Thunderbird" Please send me your mailing address. Next post should be when I mail the petroglyph series out. Thanks all. Tsun
  11. Thanks all for the great responses! I know I wasn't the only one who felt intimidated. Hopefully with the answers many of you gave, more people will feel inclined to join.
  12. Thanks for the thoughts all........much appreciated
  13. I'm looking for opinions/advice. I signed up for my first secret geocoin mission and then after looking through some of the seeking lists that posters have, I'm wondering if I didn't get in over my head here. There is a piece of me that thinks; people should be happy with what they get, as it's suppose to be fun and no pressure, right? Then I don't want my person to be secretly disappointed that I couldn't get them the XLE 2007 Compass Rose coin.............lol. Some of us are just starting out in the geocoin world, so our trading ability is limited. I know where to buy coins (ebay, coin site sellers), I'm just concerned about not having access to many of the coins out there that many people want. I know, I should have thought about this before volunteering. Anyhow, am I putting too much pressure on myself? Thoughts anyone? Tsun
  14. Guess lots of people missed this part, eh? I really can't pick favorites. There are some I like because of their meaning, and some I like purely for their design. Cop out, I know..... Good thing I didn't give reading comprehension test
  15. I guess I should have read before I posted..........lol. Great minds think alike at least that's what I've heard
  16. You said world but I'm going to tweak it a little bit. With the advances in space travel and what we may possibly see in our lifetime or the next generation or two will probably be; space travel and moon visits. I'm an optimist I'm going to put mine on the moon. I'll go with the traditional ammo can, painted in "moon camo" with a TB and a trackable personal coin that has a moon icon. That way I win with the most logged miles for both a coin and TB Ok, back to reality.
  17. I may have to get a better job to pay for postage...........lol. I am adding 5 more coins (which ='s 1 whole set) to the mix. Hawaii has come through. Germany was included I'm going to pick 2 more people who's state is not represented yet. I'm also going to pick one from either the BC and Alberta posters (only 1 of the provinces from the people who posted/emailed) (names in the hat again...) I will post these additional volunteer releasers sometime tomorrow afternoon. Seriously, I really appreciate everyone who keeps emailing about releasing a coin but I really must draw the line. I'm throwing my hat away now.......
  18. I sent you an email have you not got it yet? Anyone in Alaska reading this, I'm still waiting on a volunteer, if you'd like to see one of these in your neck of the woods.
  19. I'm in, email on the way. Whoever gets my name, no need to do research. I'm happy with whatever you pick out. It's the thought that counts
  20. Love the theme! We just had our Race to Sky sled dog race here in Helena, MT (unofficial start place) a couple weeks ago. Warren Palfrey out of Yellowknife was in the race. I always head out to watch, love those dogs. Love the coin. Email sent.
  21. tsunrisebey


    If I knew how to go about doing that (gif) stuff, I would enter but I'm only good at drawing on paper
  22. Thats it! I absolutely LOVE those coins. Thanks
  23. I was really hoping for an event in Tahiti.
  24. You bring up a good point. I believe this person TB Pirate was mentioned in the TB forum sometime back. Some thought that it was just someone yanking people's chains with that name. But, looking through the logs you posted under both names, there are a couple that tie these 2 names together. There are a couple of logs where qcorvino discovered it after TB Pirate removed it and hadn't placed it somewhere else. TB Pirate has also been holding a couple TB's well over a month. Maybe Groundspeak should be notified about these "cachers".
  25. Hey all, I posted this in the geocoin trading thread but want to get it out here too. I am looking for a geocoin that has the Calgary Stampede theme. I saw one somewhere a few weeks back and really wanted one. I don't have much in the way of trading (still building my collection) but I'm willing to part with some of them if I have too or I will buy one. If you know of anyone who has an extra willing to part with it, please pm me or send me an email. Thanks, I appreciate it. Tsun
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