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  1. Whoever lives close to Port Orchard, WA better hurry up and go caching, I see he/she made a drop.
  2. I looked at the event page and I'm just curious; it doesn't mention anything about an auction and where is the $$$ going if you sell sig items?
  3. Speaking of these, I mailed out packages today. Send me a quick note when you get them, make sure everything arrived safely. The 4 F's CinemaBoxers DWBur The Amigos Toojin & Bart Princeshoko Mauison Roboknight Anthus CF30 Working on the next batch hopefully all will be done by this coming weekend.
  4. Gridlox, Sounds like fun! I'd like to see what you come up with. There is something to be said for doing the whole process yourself. I realize not everyone is creative or has the "tools" to make their own items but I find there is a lot of satisfaction in the whole process. I worry a bit too but hey, it's all a part of the "game." Have fun with it. Tsun
  5. Thanks for playing everyone! I better throw this in, if you win one contest, you can't win any of the others, spread the joy Next 2 contests will be Weds. evening. 1 for Mountain Goat and 1 for Bear. I'll revive this thread.
  6. Congrat's you get Turtle Mountain Send me an email with your address. Dakota is my Border Collie Cowboy is my Aussie
  7. Easy question. A little research required. Not sure if anyone is still reading this thread........lol. But whoever does and answers first gets; Turtle Mountain. I have 2 dogs what kind are they and what are their names? Match the breed with the name; ex: Poodle: Spike Good Luck.
  8. Should we play for 1 more tonight? How about the Turtle Mountain petroglyph.........let me think of a question.
  9. Congratulations! Email me your address. Tsunrisebey was my Arabian horse PS: Nice brand
  10. Lol.........google search won't help you but my gallery will.
  11. only the babe part is true.............lol. Nope, keep trying.
  12. I made some good headway today on the petroglyphs. Everyone likes free stuff right? So in the spirit of sharing, I'm going to have a contest for each one of the petroglyphs throughout the week. Tonights contest is for "Big Dog" (horse). First one to post correct answer wins. What does my geocaching name represent/mean (tsunrisebey)? The answer can be found. Guess I forgot to mention, of you win 1 contest, you're not elegible to win any others.
  13. Looking for Tombstone Justice.....trade/buy, shoot me an email
  14. Those look like they turned out really nice! Congrat's on your coin
  15. I think I could get a few more petroglyphs done if you are interested in them. I'm leaving in May for Belize (staying with Mayan tribe in the rainforest) to study their culture and local biology. I can try to get 3 out to you by end of April. Pick out 3 and email me your mailing address. I'm really backlogged with this whole process I set in motion.......lol. I need to quit reading these dang coin threads. Someone take my computer away from me Tsun:)
  16. Spent 5 years in the Army (95B), dad is retired Army (Nam vet), and brother 2 years Navy. Great cause (CITO) and supporting military members and their families, I'm in. If you are interested, I would donate 3 designs from my petroglyph series. You can choose which ones you'd like donated. Please send me an email with your mailing information and choices. Tsun
  17. You never answered my question forthferalz. Post #44. I left a message on one of the boards from your link but I don't know if it was the right one.
  18. Those are sharp looking. I guess I'm a little lost, how am I suppose to note my intention for pre-ordering? Here or on that forum?
  19. But you can grab it when QJ places it Since I'm online and replying. There are 5 packages going out on Monday (woohoo). I'm just going to mail out in small blocks since this is more time consuming than I had anticipated. Wanna know which 5 are releasing petroglyphs first? Head over to sigitem.com, find my petroglyph page and click on the serial #'s. Kinda hard to see the gc id's but they are there If I'm lucky I might be able to get a few more done by Monday. Tsun
  20. I emailed you about a coin but haven't heard anything back yet, did you get my info.?
  21. I'm in. I've got a "Free the Cache" coin ready to roll.
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