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  1. Cliff Claven Coin (mailman from Cheers ) We all represent the Cheers Bar patrons, coming to the forum after work to hang out..........lol. Including my Cliff Clavin'ism: "Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie."
  2. I'm not sure what Missouri Breaks your talking about but I can tell about Montana's, located in central Montana. Declared a national Monument by Teddy Roosevelt. Lewis and Clark came through and a very important part to many native American Tribes. The topography is much like the Badlands and there are record Elk for hunting
  3. Red Otter Congrat's! You win Thunderbird. Please email me your address. Thanks to everyone who played. Contest is now officially over. Tsun
  4. Same rules apply to this contest as the previous. QUESTIONS: Jesse James (the outlaw) 1. Jesse James was born what year? 2. What was his nickname? 3. Who did he marry and what was her relationship (other than wife) to him? 4. What year did he hold up his 1st train? 5. Who killed him?
  5. That was fast.........Congrat's ByrnedFish! Send me an email with address. You won the "Bear" 57Chevy, so close but I did say to write both names. One more contest at 8:15 for Thunderbird/
  6. Rules 1st: If you have won a petroglyph in one of these contests, you can not win another one. Please do NOT edit your post, it becomes invalid if you do. Just write out another answer. and any other rule I wrote prior to this applies NEXT QUESTION: Cole Younger 1. Cole Younger was born in what year? 2. Cole Younger was a famous _______? (hint: starts with an "O") 3. Who did Cole Younger and his brothers team up with in Missouri? (I want both names (hint: they are also brothers)). Good luck
  7. Oh, when I was first looking, that wasn't there, I see you did an edit. I guess I'll have to send one to both of you. Send me your address Ok: New Rule No more edits on posts, too confusing for me looking thru. If you want to change your answer, write a new one out. Thanks. Tsun
  8. Congrat's: Anthus is correct. Henry McCarty was his real name, William Bonney was an alias. Sheriff Patrick Garrett killed him. I have your address already The next contest will be the same theme at 7:45pm
  9. Contest for "Mountain Goat" now open: Billy the Kid: 1. What is Billy the Kid's real name? 2. Who killed Billy the Kid?
  10. Three more contests tonight to finish the contest up. "Mountain Goat" at 7pm MST "Bear" at 7:45 pm MST "Thunderbird" at 8:30 pm MST The only two people inelegible to play are Hula Bum and FlyinV (they won the first 2 contests) everyone else can play if ya want. I'll post the questions in this thread later tonight. First one to answer correctly wins.
  11. I love it when I'm walking in the mountains with the smell of the Ponderosa Pine all around me, watching black-capped chickadees dart from branch to branch, the sound of the wind gently moving through the trees and brushing against my face, the flash of a whitetail's tail silently running off into the distance, the babbling sound of a nearby creek, and if I'm real lucky; the sight of a Bald Eagle soaring on the summer thermals. I love the peaceful way I feel when I'm visiting with Mother Nature. Life is good. I don't cache for the numbers, I cache for the opportunity to bring my love of nature and my sense of adventure together. P.S. Great thread!
  12. Might be worthwhile contacting the maker of the coin. . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ........ ......... .......... Oh Wait that i me. E-mail me with what you have. I did a quick search, I'm not able to see what the coin looks like, I've seen the icon (cool). Does anyone have a link or a coin in their trader/skeeing list, just so I can see what it looks like? This sounds like one I might like. Thanks. (I checked your website but don't see it). Tsun.
  13. UO: If you shorten my name to Tsun, I think you can fit Gridlox in
  14. Geocoin Snail Mail Don't know how to do postable art.
  15. Finally finished looking thru this thread. There are some really great items in here! Summerandnana, those canes are awesome. I tried one a long time ago and gave up. I know it takes practice but I'm too impatient for that. Everyone who is doing their own clay/stamping/wood carving, etc. that's great to see, hope most are still doing their sig items. I'm going to have to start trading.
  16. The first cache I did had a camera in it, here in Helena. It was pouring down rain and I was foolish enough to take one of myself. Everyone who is in the photos is invited to a bar-b-que this summer. I also saw a poster on here that posted the pics from his camera that was in a cache and then I decided I would never want to be "published" without knowing. Yet, I bought one to put in one of my caches for this summer. Maybe Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom will stop by
  17. Fluttershy, How many colors are you doing? I didn't see a white one in the original pic. Oops, nevermind, I saw where it was written down instead.
  18. Purple is my favorite color, if you go through with the mint, I'll take a purple one or trade for one.........however it is going to work.
  19. You won't be putting that one in a cache later will you ?
  20. Snowwolf75 mentioned acrylic sealer, I've used that on past projects. You can use them on ceramics, over paints, bisques, antiquing glazes, documents, prints, wood, glass, metal, cast resin and stains. I had made some large turtle stepping stones one year out of plaster of paris (more for garden decoration). I used a glossy acrylic sealer by PLAID. Two days later it hailed and although all my stepping stones survived they were very pock marked. Doing other projects using the acrylic sealer, they held up to rain, snow, and summer heat. I used about 3 spray sessions. Short dry time, reasonable price. It comes in matte finish also. I use it more for a fixative these days not a outdoor sealer. Just my 2cents again. Just buy some clay and do some test projects/coins, see what you like and don't like.
  21. If it's held in Chicago, maybe Oprah can host the event. We could get her to do a whole show on geocaching, geocoins, etc. Maybe we could even get her to do it to coincide with her, "my favorite things" show. But instead, she gives away new state-of-the-art GPSr's, 24k gold geocoins, brand new ammo cans, PDA's, etc. Chicago seems pretty central (hope I can find my way around). Depending on the dates, I'd like to attend. I think the Hawaii folks should start planning a 2009/2010 event Gives the rest of us an opportunity to save up for that trip.
  22. I've only used FIMO once (experimenting with Pearlex), it's kind of spendy for just that tiny square. I think if you made them thicker, they would hold up really well. Try doing a google search to on clay projects, see what the "experts" say.
  23. Well looks like she went and got it, now where's the story fairyhoney? Nevermind, I see you just posted it.....lol.
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