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  1. turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (thanksgiving)
  2. A stop in Idaho, now I'm really impressed, getting closer to Montana Congrat's Anthus and Castleman:D
  3. I have 3 cats too, they'll lay on everything I don't want them to. Kody is gray Bridger is black Joe is siemese I'm sure I'll buy a couple myself. P.S. The other night I dreamt the GSA left a coin in one of my caches and I kept trying to get there but all these obstacles were getting in my way, I never did get there I woke up kinda cranky that morning. This geocoin stuff is addicitive.
  4. First off.... no you did not over look something... You do what you can do and don't feel bad... I'm only going to be able to send 2-3 coins and just thought of a pin I'm going to include.... its what ever you feel comfortable doing or able to do, I'm sure your secret leprechaun will understand and love their gifts.... Second... this is a nice fun game and I don't think anyone should feel guilty what so ever from any angle... the rules (guidelines hehehe couldn't resist) are just that to give a basis to play along and what ever a person gets or receives will be a wonderful thing... Everyone is having fun and thats what counts... Just my two cents, Cache Agent Ditto I just made it 2 of them because of the other one coming up so soon. But people are free to send more if they would like. This is my second mission and I didn't know last time about sending extra. I am going to try to do something extra for my missions. I don't have alot to offer people. Plus I have nothing my missions want. So I ordered what coins I could find that they wanted. I am still waiting for the coins I ordered for my missions. So it still gives me time to figure out what else to do for them. I want to thank all of the people that joined to be a Secret Leprechaun. I hope you all are enjoying this. Thanks for running the show, I'm sure it is alot of extra work, fluttershy looked like she did a wonderful job on the last one, all those late nights. Waiting on my coins to arrive for my mission. This has been fun and a learning experience.
  5. When you go to bed at night, do you only dream about geocoins? LOL, you are like the PEZ dispenser of coin designs. I'm just teasing with you, hope you know that Of the 2 you have posted, the black and white looks better (IMHO). What about making the cat the ground speak colors instead?
  6. Congrat's DresselDragons! That's a cutie pie munchkin too Tsun:)
  7. New hides in PA,WA, and NY...........some of you better get moving! Still waiting for Montana visit
  8. My Secret Leprechaun package came today Here's what I got; *Geocoinclub June 2006 w/ matching pin *MIGO *The Proffens *Geocaching;The world is our playing field *Personal sig item, pokerchip Thanks secret Leprechaun Wasn't to hard to figure out who you were, thank you for my new additions, now do I share them by putting them in caches or hog them all to myself ?
  9. Great coin, awesome pic, neat story. Placed an order.
  10. The Rocky Mountain Rendevouz (mega event)is being held in Idaho is the weekend of August 3/4.
  11. That looks great, love all the caching elements you included! Sending an email!
  12. Minus my Tahiti suggestion (which no one seemed to want...lol) I really like the Alberta suggestion, plus I can drive there instead of fly and any flight out of Montana is expensive. I know, no one gives a rip what I think Waterton Lake Park and Banff are spectacular! I'm just wondering who is the ultimate decision maker in all this?
  13. Thanks for the positive feed back on the petroglyphs from everyone that has received their packages. The next group of mailings will go out on Monday, the petroglyphs are made, I am just finishing up packaging and the detail work. After this last group then I will start preparing packages and mailings for the donations/trades/contest winners but I'm going to get some caching in first:D. Last group of 15 volunteer releasers, Monday (3/5) mailings: *danoshimano-Ontario *Twin Peaks-Netherlands *SwedenHawk-Germany *keewee01-New Zealand *baelrati-Luxembourg *McLinks-Sweden *Islander1988-Nova Scotia *Bunya-Australia *Haggis Hunter-Scotland *smort78-Norway *Luzian-England *QuigleyJones-British Columbia **sillygirl&jrr-Hawaii **GPX Navigators-South Dakota **GreatHornyToads!-New Mexico
  14. Congrat's everyone who has found a GSA coin.
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