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  1. Congrats to all who hit milestones this weekend. Especially Parsa for the big 2,000! Think SPRINKLERS!
  2. No more Mrs. 4X4! Life will never be the same. We are in mourning here in California.
  3. Okay,where would you be without me (and fellow Geobabe Splashette)? Better yet: Where would I be? You're responsible for all this ya' know. Congrats, to my Geocaching AND square dancing buddy and his bride.
  4. Sad news indeed. Perhaps we can learn something from this tragedy. The gentleman who hit Bikedog was going slowly, looking for an address, turned in from of him. Does this sound familiar? Can't tell you the number of times I have been distracted by the GPSr, looking for the access to a cache. Lets all be more careful while on the hunt,,,,in memory of Bikedog.
  5. Our hopes, thoughts and prayers are with Bikedog and his family. Tha Vulture and $kimmer
  6. $kimmer goes for 3000? She'll be up all night to log thirty-one finds. Wow! Thanks for all the encouragement and comments! Regarding the money questions, I was wondering myself, so when I have some time I will count it all up and let you know if I can spring for more than a single fill up or not. A special thanks to the Wednesday Trio, of Harmon and fellow Geobabe, Splashette, I couldn't a done it without cha! I can't forget The Vulture either, he's the one who works so I can play, AND he has been known to find a cache or 2 himself.
  7. Imagination Express of Glendale, CA.........BEEP! Honk! Honk! Have to give my arch enemy, PW the score here. Right on.
  8. BEEP! Nope, but Fattuhr is the closest so far.
  9. This just in: Guess who got another year older today???? SPLASHETTE!!!!! Congrats girlfriend!
  10. Check out my avatar. At the first cache I ever did, I was with theSDRowdies (Harmon and Company), we found the sucker, then spread out all the junk in the cache. Harmon asked the group what we should take,,,,the rest is history.
  11. Three points I want to make: 1. I LOVE guys in kilts, especially when you group 'em. You find them that way mostly in their native environment, Scotland. 2. Don's close up of the buck in Yosemite ain't no big deal, ALL the hooved denizens in that valley are pan handlers, they're at every venue, waiting for a hand out. 3. And this is the most important,,,,TODAY IS SPLASHETTE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! LOOKIN' GOOD GIRLFRIEND!
  12. From one Geobabe (the Couch Cacher) to the other Geobabe, CONGRATS on the big 3,500 today!Later, $kimmer, and The Vulture too!
  13. Don't know how many noticed, but our fearless leaders, the Splashes, just passed the 3,400 mark, have the MOST finds in San Diego County, and are currently rated in the top 50 in the WORLD of Geocaching! Congrats Janie and Steve!
  14. Wow! that means that he is catching up to $kimmer. My hero ... youda man! OH NO! I could hardly live with him BEFORE, now he's getting into MY territory. Just goes to show, resistance is futile. He keeps saying "NO!" I just ignore him and drag him along. Congrats, Hon! Congrats to my Geogolo, Harmon too! Where would I be without my "Guys"? Probably keeping a MUCH cleaner house! All these milestones, due to my buddy, Splashette. I had about 300 finds before we hooked up. Look what's happened to me since. I guess SHE'S responsible.
  15. Whew! There for a moment I thought you were describing me, but I've never made a pineapple upside down cake in my life. It's apple pies, trifles, or brownies for me! Must be pqmommy. Sorry to learn about Barbara's booboo. Haven't had time to check out the forums for a while, have much to catch up on.
  16. Whose boat is it? If it's the Splash's boat: Make a Splash or Splashmobile Other names: Luna Sea or Seas The Day Not the Splashboat...... Splashboat's name is: HELL FROZE OVER There's a story behind that name, of coarse...... Where were you guys when we needed you? This sucker already has a name,,,,,Pigs Flew. Now I wonder where we got THAT idea? Like all the other suggestions though.
  17. Ok, I'll bite. This HAS to be the Rocket Family's new home in the Rockies!
  18. We had the mighty Harmon for protection.
  19. Hey Harmon: Haven't a clue if we were "dissed" or complimented, but enjoyed the "novel" you wrote of our exploits on Wednesday. Do you find our excursions extradinary? Heck, we've been doing the Wednesday thing so long, it's just "normal" for us (whatever THAT is).
  20. PassingWind had a healthy baby girl this morning, she was born at 1:15AM !!!! Hey PW: Congrats on the PeeWee! Later,
  21. Oh no Jeff! NOW how will I EVER catch you? Hope this is something you want and that you learn to LIKE New Jersey. Believe me it IS a come down from Southern California. On the other hand, think of all the caches waiting there for you to find and add to your score. We will miss you! Later, $kimmer (& The Vulture)
  22. My question is: Who wrote THIS????????????? Hey Nighthunter: Believe it or not, The Vulture DID write his own missive here. Now he's hooked on all this gossip. But he does say, "He's seen my last message." Later
  23. From Harmon: "Don't knock it there's ten Geocachers in this picture. They are all young people but not right now" What he failed to divulge is there are some dead people in that picture too!
  24. Thanks to all for your encouragement on my ton of caches. To answerr TT's question, made over $19, on 202 caches in the Ventura/Thousand Oaks/Santa Barbara area. That is balanced by the fact that I had my wallet stolen while there. Thank goodness I run with rich friends, Splashette supported me, finacially while we were on our caching rampage. Without Harmon, I would be married to a MUCH happier guy, I'd be home a lot more, and not in harm's way. He's such a worry wart. It's because of Harmon that I'm involved in all this madness. He's the one who got me started. Not to mention I wouldn't have 25 of my 26 WebCams. He's my official photographer. And yes, tha't an UNALTERED photo of me, I REALLY like hats! Finally, when Harmon got Splashette and me together I had something like 300 caches to my credit. Think she's influenced me? You don't know the half of it. Oh the stories the Geobabes could tell. She's my kinda buddy, we may end up caching into the sunset someday, never to be heard of again. Want to congratulate everybody else who hit milestones this past week: pqcachers, Idiosyncratic, & Princess Toadstool. Way to go GIRLS!
  25. Greetings from Ventura !! The Splashes, $kimmer, and The Vulture are relaxing here on the beach soaking up sun and a few caches...........................o.k.,not alot of relaxing, but we are .........Power-Wandering .........the area.!!!!!!
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