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  1. I'm not sure where your from but dnr needs no permission what so ever to come onto property! police officers do need permission but conservation police or "dnr" do not need permission what so ever. how else would they check people for hunting licenses and foid cards? stand on the property line calling for any hunters to come out? hahahahahaah sorry to burst your bubble but yes they can just walk on to your private property or they wouldnt be able to do there job yep in Canada they have just as much power as a customs officer they can rip your vehicle apart looking for what ever they want to (that is if you give them attitude) I really do not think this is true. They cannot rip a vehicle apart looking unless you give them permission. Sure... much like the US they can hold you until a dog comes out and sniffs your car and then they say "the dog hit on it" this will quickly be disallowed in court. Of course this only applies if you have nothing hidden in your car. If they see a group of hunters in a car they can search their car. I've had it happen to me. They were out checking to see if all of our guns were all unloaded and cased. They will confiscate any gun that isn't stored properly. If they didn't do this it would be much harder to stop violaters and more idiots would shoot from their cars or the road. By the way, if you get caught shooting from your car, you lose the car and the guns. Hunters all know this because the penalty is so stiff. Anyhow, wherever hunters go, the DNR also can go.
  2. oh, man. that is SUCH a bad idea. anyway. i was thinking today about somebody or other's assertion that sitting in a blind or stand isn't real hunting. do y'all realize that hunters don't just wander into the woods and set up shop? many of them will scout locations for weeks, tracking animal behavior and if you think that's not a real hunt, you gots a nuther thing coming. on the topic of morons-with-guns (whom i place in a different class than actual hunters) in a town near my house maybe five years ago a "hunter" shot a guy because he "thought it was a deer". the guy who got killed didn't happen to have been wearing blaze orange, because at the time he was shot, he was INSIDE HIS HOUSE, WATCHING FOOTBALL. naturally, an egregious moron moment like that got a lot of press coverage and it's still the gold standard to which all other moron moments in my region are compared. one of my neighbors lost a thoroughbred horse in a safety zone last year, shot from across a road, open meadows on both sides. Nice post flask. I'm in full agreement with all your points. An interesting sidelight... We used to have debates in town hall meetings when the DNR threatened to ban rifles and only allow shotguns for deer hunting in our county. Their logic was that slugs don't travel as far, which is true; and therefore would be safer, which is false. So a local "mythbuster" (years before the cool TV show) set up a test. He fired a rifle at a car in a junkyard. The bullet hit the first door and flattened out and didn't make it through the door. Then he fired a shotgun slug at the same car. The slug went through both doors and out the other side. That mythbuster presented a lot of other data and in the end he helped talk the DNR out of the rifle ban in our county.
  3. Not only am I a geocacher, but I'm a hunter as well and I take exception to your theory. Unless you have some empirical knowledge of the habits of all hunters across the United States, I would say your opinion is wholly based in gross ignorance. Now, I can't speak to the habits of the hunters in your part of the country, but as far as me and the people I hunt with, IF alcohol is part of the equation, it won't happen until AFTER the hunting day is done! I, and the people I hunt with, are conscientious and responsible. Those hunters who would shoot without clearly identifying their target are simply irresponsible, careless, and stupid! But make no mistake about it: "They are the exception and NOT the rule!" Don't let your prejudices paint all hunters with such a wide brush. You and I both know that not all hunters are the sharpest tools. Every activity has the few morons who screw it up for the rest of us. Hunting...you really can't afford the morons. Most of us who have been out in the world can tell you a moron story. Mine was a hunter sighting in his rifle. We were on a back road headed for a cache. "BLAM" a shot rings out. The rock and dirt along the hillside start sluffing where the bullet hit. They were shooting across the road as we drove up. I have my own moron moment that I'll admit to having and even being ashamed of, but the details will have to wait for the other end of it to tell in the forums or a beer when we aren't hunting. Yes, there are morons in every group. When I was hunting in Wisconsin there were on average 700,000 hunters out during gun hunting week. On average 40 got shot (0.0057%) and a couple died. Most of those 40 shot themselves while loading their guns or resting their guns on their foot with the safety off. Further proof of Darwin's theory. The interesting stat is that hunters remove on average 300,000 deer from the population to keep the population at a size that can survive. In other words even there was no hunting most of the 300,000 would starve to death during the long winter. So instead of letting the deer die and rot they are turned into useful food. Not many people know that! Another interesting tidbit that I learned. When you are driving at night and you see a deer on the side of the road. The deer will often run right out in front of you. This can happen because when the deer sees your car coming, it will quickly turn to run away. However, as soon as it turns, it sees it's own large and scary shadow. This frightens the deer so badly because it is close that they immediately run away from it, right in front of your car! So when you approach a deer on the side of the road at night, assume they are going to run right in front of you, and slow way down to anticipate this...
  4. Apparently they didn't, until he started running his mouth. Any hunters, does this hypothesis make any sense at all? You are seriously implying he sat in a tree ALL DAY waiting for dusk? As an avid bowhunter of several decades, I think I'm qualified to address this: To be successful in a bowhunt, I need to be within 40 yards of the critter I'm hunting, and that critter must have no idea I'm in the area. I accomplish this by getting into my stand during the critter's period of inactivity, which for the Sunshine State, means Noon. Once I'm up in my tree, the waiting game starts. My goal is to be utterly still, making no visible movement or noise till legal hunting time has passed. Generally this happens around 7:30...ish. If I have not succeeded, I start another waiting game, as I still don't want to alert the local herd to my presence. On a failed hunt, I'll generally see several deer, but they'll be out of range. Once the sun sets, I have to wait on them to meander out of the area before I make my descent. This can add at the minimum a couple hours to my time in the tree. Not trying to make you feel bad, just hoping to educate you. Your hunter was still a jerk. That is exactly right CR! I was an avid bowhunter for years too. It is relaxing, educational and a big thrill at times. You need to learn quite a bit to be successful. So the sport is not just about some drunk morons sitting up in trees like some people have stated in this thread. The best time to hunt is during the rut. Bucks will chase does all day long during the rut. So it is very likely that many bowhunters are going to be out many hours during that time. By the way that time is now for whitetail!
  5. Sorry I misread the FisnJack message. Jack is fine. Great news but then who is not fine? It would seem Mike of mmcgr seems to have had a pretty hair raising emergency while caching down along the border. mmcgr's log I met them at a CITO. Glad to hear that he's doing better!
  6. Sorry I misread the FisnJack message. Jack is fine. Great news but then who is not fine?
  7. You're wrong. There are many different hunting techniques. If you are in a thick brushy area you can't shoot an arrow through that. Stands also increase visibility and get your scent off the ground. Deer will walk right under a well placed stand with a hunter that knows what he is doing. It can take hours, days and even years to get the opportunity at a trophy buck.
  8. I agree ironman114. It's ironic how the thread is about etiquette, and yet some people have to make rude ignorant comments about hunters. Hunters love their activity just as much as geocachers love theirs. I've done both and both are fun. So there's no need to be rude to the entire bunch because of a few bad apples.
  9. Nice post and I agree. As far as this incident that best time to see deer is right before sunset. Hunters often sit in trees for hours to be able stealthy enough for deer to not see or smell them (especially bow hunters). Once you walked into that area you left enough scent that no deer would come near that spot. So his day was done. I can see why the guy was annoyed, but he doesn't own the land so he should expect other traffic sometimes.
  10. My prayers are with you Jack. Like Harmon said, do what your doc says!
  11. Fixed. My post got messed up, so I accidentally deleted the wrong quote thingy while trying to fix it....
  12. Based on my own observations, I would question that. My experience is that there is no system, service or process so bad, that it can't be screwed up by 'gubment' intervention. Would those be the oft cited 'Road to Hades' paving blocks? I agree. The government could screw up a one car funeral. As far as good intentions, those are irrelevant. I certainly hope that while you are throwing terms out like "the government" that you are taking into account the countless dedicated employees who work in all various branches of government - you know, like our brave men and women in the military, FBI, CIA, FDA, our police and firefighters, our teachers, our doctors and nurses, our librarians, etc. etc. FWIW, I get my hackles up with people disparage large industries without regard to the individuals who work for them - such as the insurance industry. As much as we (collected we) like to throw blanket statements out there such as "the insurance industry is nothing but a bunch greedy pigs feeding at the trough of the ill" the fact is that they employ many people who are good and honorable employees who do care about the health and welfare of their customers. I have dedicated my life to public service. I could easily make more money in the private sector but choose to serve my community instead. I know it is fashionable these days to disparage "the government" - I get it. But frankly many of us who work for "the government" deserve your respect and thanks - such as many of those in the groups I mentioned above. I was only referring to our "leadership" in government, but I think you knew that....
  13. You can help people AND at the same time fix the process.... How about this for a tract? Unemployment is still rising and is now up to 10.2% from 6% a year ago. So more people are being dumped. What is congress (opposite of progress) doing about this. Answer = NOTHING!
  14. Based on my own observations, I would question that. My experience is that there is no system, service or process so bad, that it can't be screwed up by 'gubment' intervention. Would those be the oft cited 'Road to Hades' paving blocks? I agree. The government could screw up a one car funeral. As far as good intentions, those are irrelevant.
  15. FYI - If you have knowledge of someone defrauding the government by collecting welfare benefits illegally then it is your civic duty to report them to the authorities. They will be prosecuted. Fraud is a serious crime and by not reporting it then that is also a crime. My dept. has an entire team supported by the local Mayors, who investigate Section 8 and welfare fraud. They prosecute them left and right, but the problem is that there are thousands of people taking advantage of the system. Because the system sucks. Politicians have no clue how to make a good system. All they care about is buying votes by wasting our money. Briansnat has a great quote in his sig line: "The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money." – Alexis de Tocqueville
  16. They won't be happy until we are all nuts!
  17. Actually, Acorn Geocaches are too small for religious tracts. Not true. There are hundreds of acorns with tiny religious tracts inside left by evil squirrels...
  18. FYI - If you have knowledge of someone defrauding the government by collecting welfare benefits illegally then it is your civic duty to report them to the authorities. They will be prosecuted. Fraud is a serious crime and by not reporting it then that is also a crime. Yes, it is such a serious crime that Acorn is alive and well...
  19. Mine haven't changed. Live and let live as much as possible. I know where the line is and I have yet to seen it crossed with the scant amount of religious tracts I've come across. Maybe other areas are far worse than out here. My bet is that it is only one or two culprits are dropping them into caches in those areas. Remember that one bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch!
  20. Just finished reading Dan Brown's interesting new book about them.
  21. INCORRECT! Tracts are nothing but advertisements. They are worth (financially speaking) less than the paper they are printed on. You are confusing cost and value... As far as advertising, I see business cards and coupons in caches all the time. Just saying.... You just proved his point. Business cards are not swag, they are more like a sig item...if even that. Just because you see them in caches doesn't make them of any intrinsic value, regardless of whatever cost is associated with them. I never said they were swag. I said they were advertising. Anyhow, the point was that they were in caches and nobody seems to mind because everyone just ignores them.... If by "nobody seems to mind" you actually mean "some people seem to mind" and by "everyone just ignores them" you mean "some people just ignore them", then, yes... I agree with you. Otherwise, I'd have to say that you are full of it. Let's not nitpick. I meant everyone that I have cached with. I'm speaking from my own personal experience. I honestly have never seen anyone get bent out of shape over a tract while out caching. However, I have never seen a hell and damnation tract, so I can't comment on those. But I already said that I would pitch one, if I ever found one in a cache.
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