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  1. All those caches are great suggestions and a couple are very tough! But the tough ones are also really fun! Another fun one I did was the Uno Dos Tres series over in Encinitas.
  2. Was your cell phone ringing next to it? Project "Alpha"
  3. I should add that important step to the recipe! : Put chile in SUV and let it bounce around all day while off-roading in desert looking for caches. Pull out chili from SUV at the end of day. Heat and serve!
  4. Have you ever forgotten to turn off the timer? You click you next photo and you hear "beep.....beep.......beep..." so you have to stand there for 10 seconds looking quite silly while you try to save the moment? I would love to have a camera that came with a remote control shutter!
  5. But then we would have needed Ice Cream for Sunday morning! Considering we only had two available holes in the ground making them spicier might have been a problem!
  6. If you like spicier chili use green Anaheim chili peppers! My wife Rhonda likes blander chili so she uses Green bell peppers.
  7. That was a heartwrenching webpage including Flagman's log.
  8. In times of change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. -- Eric Hoffer
  9. Sometimes I'm too honest for my own good, Spashette. But I think Team Nohoch has taught all of us how to make easy caches much more fun to find. But I guess if they were all like that then the thrill would wear off. So you are right: "to each his own." Congrats on 1K Flagman!
  10. I also agree with Parsa. The 0.1 mile rule doesn't make much sense in the desert unless the terrain is a 3 or higher. Also ammo boxes stuck in bushes make boring caches. Our group cares less about the numbers, we are all in it for the exitement and the challenge. Frankly speaking, we got bored with following highways of footprints to some of these caches stuck in bushes. Don't get me wrong, there were many cool caches out there too! The bottom line is that geocachers are a good lot. I would hope that most rangers recognize that, but you have buttholes in every profession.
  11. True! There are definitely some benefits to being the tortoise instead of the hare!
  12. Hey Parsa, I'm always the first to find that someone else has already found it! The good news for us stuck at work types is it is just as fun to be the 50th to find!
  13. I can't wait! This weekend sounds great! I will be brewing up a chili concoction that made me hungry just reading the ingredients. The only bummer is the recipe doesn't call for any beans, but hey that's OK! If the wind isn't blowing hard enough Saturday night this chili might be a really good thing!
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