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  1. Is there a way to add an "and" search to the keyword search? As it stands now, every keyword you add doesn't narrow your results. It EXPANDS them as an OR search. Before it was an AND search and the results were always few if you knew what you were looking for. If I know the exact name of a bug, I can no longer get just the few listings for all the bugs that have only the exact same words contained in their name. I'll use mine for an example. Rescue 208 hits Ranger 86 hits Chip 110 hits Rescue Ranger Chip Used to only bring up one hit Now it brings up 398 In any of those four searches above, I have to search and then navigate the page listing at the bottom of the results to find what only normally took one page load before. Thanks.
  2. This is the ongoing with Groundspeak: ============================================= Hiya Nate et al, I think you completely misunderstand. 1. Log a cache with a bug in posession, but FORGET to place it in the cache at the time of the "original log". a. This will happen if you forget to place the bug or b. if you are waiting for someone "ahead" of you to log their find of the bug into another cache first. 2. Go back to that same cache log page and NOW try to "edit" your original log to put that pesky bug into the cache. -Can't do it now, can you? NOW you will see the problem, and the reason that YES, as it stands now, it *IS* necessary to post two logs. Messy, rather not do that. 3. If you think that this already works and I am wrong, then there's another problem someplace because I (and others it seems) can place a bug on an original log, but not on an edit log. - - If you find it "broke" too, can you add the "bug placement" routine to the "edit log" page? Again, NOT the "original log" page because, yes, it IS there and working fine. General Inquiries wrote: >Hi DBleess > >If you have a TB in your online inventory you'll see a dropdown menu in >the new log it/found it page. It's not necessary to post two logs. > >Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. > >Happy Geocaching! > >Nate > > >Original Message Follows: >------------------------ >From: DBleess >Subject: Cache find log edit / travel bug section >Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 19:29:06 -0500 > > >Has anyone see our discussion about a flaw in the edit routine for a >cache log? > >Discussion / Travel bugs >Cannot log a bug on cache find log "edit" page ><http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=6016058331&m=90060719> > > >When you go back to edit a log and place a bug in a cache, the bug >placement portion of the webpage doesn't appear. You can only place a >bug in a cache from a fresh find log. > >Can you have it fixed? > SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  3. I came back to an old cache log expecting to be able to update my find log and place a bug that I have delayed an entry on. There appears to be a flaw or omission in the log edit code. All that appears on the edit page from the bug routine is: "If you dropped off more than one, hold Ctrl down and click on each bug to drop off." there is no associated access to my bug "inventory" as there is on a normal first time log. I'll have to post a note log this time to make it work. -How about it Jeremy, is this a page coding error? SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  4. Write it off, something very similar happened to Chip. http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=21851 SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  5. Set a trap for the "exterminator", identify him, and teach him some manners. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  6. Good luck, and if you get a chance, cross post a notice about how the event went in one of the general discussion sections. Most useful will be the sort of questions they are asking and the concerns they have that need to be addressed. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  7. Has anyone in the area seen this travel bug? http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=21851 The last log read that they were going to try to place it in a Utah cache. If anyone has seen it, please try to rescue it and get it into a new cache and post a current picture. -Thanks. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  8. Could be worse: http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=21851 First guy had his GPS stolen. Took him that long to get it replaced and then get the bug into a cache. Look at the stats on the second one. I don't know what to make of it. I got an email back on the first request. Nothing since. I've sent an additional email each month. Why pull a travel bug if you don't have regular internet access? I suppose I ought to post to the utah group and see if anyone has seen it. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  9. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm Try this and see if it answers your questions. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  10. Not a good idea. It's as simple as this. If an overzealous Olympic athlete will risk their own life to cheat, then some overzealous cache competitor will eventually screw around with caches. I've already gotten into a flamefest over this in BassoonPilot's thread "Premium Feature Request:" with someone overzealous who took my opinion personally, please don't start it again here. It'll waste even more bandwidth. Read it, think about it, and then just say I'm overreacting. Any increases in problems = bad to me. Keep it local, amongst friends you trust, and off the GC page. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  11. from beatnik: "show me how to break that out by state" (about stats) Like I said, the pure numbers don't interest me much so this is my best answer: http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/graphicfinds.jpg (via Street Atlas 2003) The explanation for all of the icons -if you're interested- is buried in here: http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm This map layer is just geocaches and gives me locations of each cache I have found (red x's). I can see which finds are in which state, (yellow line divides Nebraska and Iowa) and county. (peach line is county boundaries) from beatnik: "Why the hostility?" I re-read my post and I don't think I was very hostile about it. I simply made a personal observation. There was no mean, cruel, or derogatory intent to my post. I just oppose the proposal. I do not share your opinion about the effect the requested change will have overall on a pastime I enjoy. I can't guarantee such a change will be a negative effect, but you can't guarantee that it won't be one. Odds, and the history of human nature are in favor of my prediction. My stand remains "don't risk making it a competition". There *are* many competitive alternative activities out there. My opinion is that the potential problems do not justify the risk. ===Yeah, I know this next one was flame bait, but I feel the need to compete! I gotta! He can have the last word if this is the best he's got.=== from zahrim: "Just WHO do you think you are to make such a statement?" Who am I? I am someone entitled to his opinion. This person even said so: from zahrim: "I think everyone is entitled to there (their) opinion..." ...except where it conflicts with your own opinion I guess. See what happens: from zahrim: "It is silly thinking like that which starts bigotry of most kinds, be it racial, sexist, etc..." I don't think opposing competition qualifies me as a bigot, either racial or sexual. You're trying to cast me as something I'm not. Maybe in order to try to discredit my opinion because it is so difficult to make an honest case against it. from zahrim: "How DARE you imply that because I like to see the numbers that I would ever cheat?" I didn't. You are right, I don't know you personally, so I cannot, and do not make that claim of you personally. Your name was not specifically mentioned on my post. from zahrim: "...but DO NOT ACCUSE others." You suggested that I personally am a bigot, and now a cheat. Copy any statement of mine that supports either supposition and say ACCUSE again with a straight face. A cheat based on what? Not liking competition? Is there another reason to cheat I'm not aware of? Personal satisfaction? That's just twisted. again from zahrim: "How DARE you imply that because I..." My statement was a generalization directed at a relative few that can cause a major headache: My exact key phrase was: ***...are even more prone to...*** To clarify: This means SOME PEOPLE, but more than the usual average in a given situation. NOT necessarily you. You took what I said way too personally, maybe partly in order to make your case, so you attacked me in a most definitely personal way. One could almost make a case that you had a competitive reaction. I'll chalk it up to something else. *** from zahrim: "Even though it has not been "a competition" on GC.com I have seen a few cases of people "fake'n" posts. When stuff like that happens, MOST times, the posts are caught quickly and dealt with." Does anyone honestly think that a change which promotes or makes competition easier will make this occurence less likely? If it happens more, and it has to be dealt with, doesn't that mean those problems can draw resources away from other improvements to the site? At any rate, I'm not as worried about posts. from zahrim: "If not, then as you don't care about the stats, it should not bother you at all." Except when people screw with caches instead of stats. That bugs me. Your proposal will make that also more likely, not less, not even just the same. More. Maybe just a little? Probably. It could still affect any and all of us. I'd rather find other more constructive things to do with the GC site as a first priority. *** from zahrim: "Without an easy way to "compare" those stats to other people, it is totally useless" add: '...for competitive purposes.' and then I say: 'I know. I prefer it that way.' *** Had to save this one for last: from zahrim: "And another point... For an "anti-stats" person, I find it very funny that on one of the pages on your website you have a large photo of an airplane that is BLATANTLY stat related (The Nebraska 'Huskers' airplane to be exact)..." [note*] Dude, you really stepped in it now. Look at the NCAA violations for the Huskers, and for a better laugh, the OKLAHOMA SOONERS. Cheating? In a stats based sport? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Say it isn't so? Geeze, are you on my side and being sarcastic or what? Here's a challenge for you: Show me an immensely popular stats based competion where there isn't a documented history of people trying to get an unfair edge by breaking the rules. Good luck. Here, try these for starters: College Football Baseball -the national pastime How about the Olympics? If there's a security loophole, SOMEONE WILL take advantage. You can only speak for you, and I can only speak for me. Caches are out in the middle of nowhere, largely unattended. They're at risk. I don't see a reason to heighten it. Caches and travel bugs disappear every day, why make it even more likely? from zahrim: "There's no need to be afraid of strange noises in the night. Anything that intends you harm will stalk you silently." That's exactly what the few cheaters will do, stalk this pastime silently. Now, I think maybe you're paranoid that everything I said in my first post was directed at you personally. It wasn't. This isn't either, but make of it what you will: If you're going to a battle of wits, you had better come armed. Ok, now have at it, I'm not replying to your flamebait again on this thread. Anyone with a reasonable viewpoint will be debated though. Golly, this competing thing is fun!! Maybe we should incorporate this into the site so we can all have a chance to turn something simple and fun into something miserable and awful like this. What do you think? Have I made my point yet? [note*] http://www.neonramp.com/~dbleess/dean/dean.htm (Also read the text below the picture while you're at it. I don't think zahrim did.) SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  12. When you decide you need a PDA, here's some more information for you: http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  13. 1. Got stats. Right from the GC page. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/stats.jpg 2. It isn't a competition. If you make it a competition, you will open up an entirely new can of worms. Competing people are even more prone to do dumb things than non-competing people, so why bother? They will lie about finds to inflate numbers, and steal and screw up caches to make them tougher for others to find to keep their position if they are "honest" in other respects. We simply don't need it. Keep the competitive aspect off the GC page. It will cause far more harm than good to organize and encourage competition. If you want a competition, go play a traditionally competitive sport. There's plenty of them already out there. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  14. How to use them - my take on things. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  15. Something does seem to have changed. I run two queries, one once a week, and the other three times a week. All used to deliver reliably by around 7:00 am. All now seem to deliver by 11:00am. The creation time on the file inside the zip today was 10:31 am. I'm going to reduce the updates on that subscription to two since it's too late to be much help as an update on Sunday if it delivers that late. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  16. palm M130 or something similar works suitably. More memory if you want to benchmark too: http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  17. This is how I do caches and benchmarks: http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  18. Depends on your priorities. I like my cheap (relatively) M130. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  19. Spinner is the way to go. If you have pc mapping software that can receive waypoints from your GPS, even better. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm The PDA just saves you from killing trees. You'll see what I mean if you start printing a lot of cache pages. You usually can at least set up your printer output for "4 pages to a page" layout if you get tired of lugging the paper. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  20. If you get really desperate, this is how it's done on windows: http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  21. There's better freeware out there if you're set up for Pocket Queries. Spinner to create the offline webpages (including decoded hints) and plucker to take them into the Palm device. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm Anything else is a waste of time. SA / PP-ASEL-I / Yahoo "SphinxXXVII" / ICQ 1916574
  22. I'm just relating my experience from the ownership side of the bug. While it may not be that big a deal to you, the owner of the bug is probably more interested to see their bug move than they are to see it stalled. I'd rather see a bug travel 1000 miles by 15-50 miles at a time rather than all in one hop. I understand ocean crossings are difficult, but that is just part of the challenge. To have all the right people and times just happen to line up conveniently. If you already know someone at the destination, I'd say your plan was a great idea. But you have to actually work to make it go. I *personally* just don't agree with it. I don't speak policy for anyone but myself. You can certainly do as you please, but you asked for opinions. That is mine. I'm suggesting that you try to keep bugs moving. I personally don't like to hold a bug longer than a week or even a weekend if at all possible. This is because of the experience so far with my own first bug. This is the only email reply from the current holder that I received on the status on my bug: *************** 6-2-03 Dixon's O n' A wrote: > Hello, > > I do have the travel bug still. I apologize for not > getting it back into the swing of things. My wife and > I actually do a lot of chaching but we always forget > to log where we went. So there's no need to worry, we > will get it in a cache soon. > Thanks. *************** They never log caches and have only ever logged pulling my bug. If it goes into a cache, I likely will not know where unless/until someone else finds it. I sent another email a week ago, with no response, and may try one more time in another month. The first person that had it, had their GPS stolen and was out of it for a month before they got it logged into a cache. Things come up, and you may even lose interest in the hobby. (no idea how) So, again, I just say keep it in a cache if you can. If a chance comes up to send it overseas, go get it back. If it has already moved, then it is serving its purpose. TRAVELling. The journey itself is more important than the destination. SA / PP-ASEL-I
  23. That'll work Cannonlaw, thanks for the alternate route. SA / PP-ASEL-I
  24. Depends on the GPS what accessories are available and will interface. Garmin makes an external I use for my GPS48 that has both a suction cup mount and magnetic mount to let me stick it to a window or stick it on the roof. I leave the magnetic foot pad screwed onto it all the time and rubber band the antenna to the suction cup mount when I'm flying. I suction cup stick it in the back window of a rental C-172. http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10052%2D04 In the truck I usually just throw it on the dash unless I'm in deep cover -then I put in on the roof with the cable strung out through a cracked open window. SA / PP-ASEL-I
  25. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm Modularity rules. Separate GPS. A dedicated gps will perform better. Research all you can and read at least the "Losing Sattelites" thread before you buy a gps. A lot of information out there to digest. SA / PP-ASEL-I
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