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  1. 1. Select the DRAW tab (then click DONE if the file list is open) There will be six buttons on the left side for different draw options. Select the center right one (a flag by chance) that selects the icon you use to draw with. Pick the new icon you wish to use in the list that opens once you press the button. That will become the new current draw icon. This only stays for the current session, it doesn't change default permanently. 2. Garmin USB gps's aren't supported in USB mode yet on Delorme topo 5 or street atlas 2004. I wouldn't count on a usb/serial adapter working either. For guaranteed compatibility, get the Garmin serial adapter for the 60C/60CS and that *will* work. There is a pure data cable, and a combo cig lighter power/data cable available. (I have the combo cable) http://shop.garmin.com/accessories_for_pro...ku=010-00322-20 010-10141-00 http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10141%2D00 010-10165-00 http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10165%2D00
  2. I shut off "autodetect gps", selected USB, and it doesn't like the garmin in USB mode. Maybe next version.
  3. Maybe I didn't look hard enough on TOPO 5 then. I'll look some more.
  4. Also depends on the setup you're comparing. A top end 2-3 ghz laptop running XP, DeLorme TopoUSA 5, a 256 meg video card, a 14"+ screen and 1gb of system memory is going to FAR outperform the display on any recreational handheld GPS. With a serial connection you're going to get probably a 9600 connection which is adequate to feed Delorme products at least a one-per-second position update that the GPS uses in it's display. USB will be faster, but I don't think DeLorme supports USB yet. The data quality of TopoUSA 5, and a good laptop's screen size make it a wonderful setup enhancement for road travel -compared to the 2x3" screen on the GPS and its ratty basemap. For the "endgame" (last half mile) to the cache, you rarely need the data (though some topo is nice from time to time, it can be studied in the car or at home before wallking off into the woods) An old 50 mhz laptop struggling to run win98 and an ancient version of Street atlas, isn't going to be worth the time. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm
  5. I don't like the expensive add-on databases. I prefer the Delorme standalone software that can be interfaced to the GPS. More accurate (not perfect but BETTER), cheaper, and more capable. While the topo data cannot be transferred - thank the GPS manufactureres for proprietary data formats, you can create routes and waypoints and transfer them across to the GPS. This is my catchall page for my crazy GC and BM processes. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm
  6. lol, yeah that's about it on the waypoint count, maybe a future firmware revision will address this. My old Garmin 48 would tell you filled/empty information for waypoints. For now, I let easygps count for me: Download your waypoints into a easygps file. The number of waypoints is listed as it counts them into the software from the GPS.
  7. This is an outline of my current processes: http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm
  8. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm (work in progress - sample topousa screens soon) beta 343, no problems easygps v137 USB transfers up and down no problem (many navaid icons are mis-named though) delorme topo usa 5 serial transfers up and down no problem (right click and save the link target files below per delorme instructions) Garmin 60C icons for topousa / sa2003 or 2004: BIG http://www.neonramp.com/~dbleess/graphics/GPS60C.dim small http://www.neonramp.com/~dbleess/graphics/sGPS60C.dim icon installation instructions: http://www.delorme.com/support/multi/multi...K=&P=11103&C=19 Garmin screen capture, custom (24 user definable) icon creation software: "ximage" http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=010-00322-20 If you have any questions or problems that no one will answer, email me.
  9. Ok, THAT is because EasyGPS knows the onboard default symbol set for each GPS it supports. For my old Garmin 48: and for my new Garmin 60C: The software is merely letting you know that for the current active GPS, there are a given set of waypoint symbols that the software can communicate to the GPS. I have noticed two problems with my 60C so far: 1. If you look at the picture, you'll see that a bunch of the navaids' symbol names have been given errors by EasyGPS 2. EasyGPS also cannot use the 24 custom uploadable/user defined waypoints of the 60C With an earlier revision of EasyGPS they had a similar error with the X-Mark symbol on the 48.
  10. I doubt you can, I don't think it is that functional. Maybe in the PC interface with the Garmin you can do it, but that is why I bought Delorme's TopoUSA instead, easier and more capable software. http://www.delorme.com/topousa/
  11. Finally got them done tonight. Garmin GPSMAP60C icons BIG http://www.neonramp.com/~dbleess/graphics/GPS60C.dim small http://www.neonramp.com/~dbleess/graphics/sGPS60C.dim They need to be placed in the DeLorme Docs\Symbols directory http://www.delorme.com/support/multi/multi...K=&P=11123&C=19
  12. TopoUSA 5.0 - it worked for me. Got an example so I can walk you through it?
  13. ...but if you can use a high quality laptop interfaced to a GPS with topo usa, its even BETTER.
  14. Make sure you have the 60CS in the GPS list, <Add GPS> if it isn't there. Every time you change GPS units you have to change the active GPS in preferences. I have a Garmin 48 and a Garmin 60C Highlight the GPS that you are connecting to easyGPS in the preferences list and that set of icons will be the ones that are active. There are also typos in the names for many of the 60C marine navaid icons in easygps.
  15. FILE PREFERENCES SETTINGS check the "Use USB" box
  16. Has there ever been any attempts to agree on a common radio channel for geocachers? FRS/GMRS or CB or otherwise?
  17. Might be an indication of a problem? 2004/05/05 Wed AM 07:31:48 EDT 2004/05/05 Wed AM 07:31:48 EDT Both have the same date and time.
  18. I just ended up buying a 4AA battery powered one. Works well since it uses the same rechargables my GPS and walkman use. Every time I run across a cache with a ratty pencil I just sharpen it. I also carry a supply of spare pencils and small spiral notebooks. http://www.officedepot.com/ddSKU.do?level=SK&id=515296
  19. Well, NOW mine has delivered. So it worked, but there appears to be an unusual delay.
  20. My once a week Thursday run says it ran at around 10am Pacific and it hasn't delivered to email as of 1:20pm pacific
  21. This is not the creation of any NEW or earthshattering function. They had it once before, and the function already exists with caches, I'm just asking that it be reextended back into benchmarks. I already do what you (black dog trackers) are talking about...MANUALLY, OFFLINE, and in even more detail. I do this for *four* 60mi diameter circles around home. I've got the offsite NOAA downloads. I need the GC data periodically every three months or so (plus the rare occasions I go "out of area") only for find log status changes and PDA updates. I've been doing my data update work on roughly one of the circles every three months as time and motivation allows. I'm already permanently tracking around 2,600 marks in about a 60 mile radius. I fold in status information from the find logs to let me know what is nearby and worth doing when I'm out after caches or other errands and trips. I'm relatively hard-core, but I don't normally plan to go after marks. They are a convenient added bonus to wherever I may find myself in the area caching or otherwise. With a laptop, I am freed from the need for the GC site once I have my data downloaded, installed, and relatively current which goes much faster on a 30mi diameter GC search. In three months around here, there are relatively few find logs so I can easily keep the "big" searches to a minimum. They had in the past normally taken less than 15 seconds. For my data procedures, read my page to see what I do and how I do it. It's work, but the end result big picture is worth it. http://members.cox.net/dmbleess/geocache/benchmarks.htm These are sample images of the map final product: http://members.cox.net/deleess/geocaching/4x30mi.jpg http://members.cox.net/deleess/geocaching/zm4x30mi.jpg Keep in mind, the Street Atlas software zooms right in to neighborhoodstreet/alley detail. This is functionality (and portability) that GC will be hard pressed to EVER get to. With enough effort though, the hard core of us can get there now with some minor help and simply a RESTORATION of an old function. FYI, this is an excerpt from my page that explains meanings of the symbols: GPS Icon = = Street Atlas Icon = = Benchmark Type Skull = = Green Star = = Normal Unfound First Aid = = Yellow Square = = Special Find Problems Dot / Circle with X * = = Red X = = Found / Documented Deer = = Big Aqua Dot = = Mark removed / found monument Camp = = Purple Triangle = = Needs Better Documentation The * note and discrepancy is because EASY GPS 1.2.5 has a translation error in the code. The Circle With X doesn't upload to the GPS 48 properly so it sends as a Dot instead. When this is fixed, I will use the Circle with X instead.
  22. Is this request still pending or has it been discarded? ============================ ============================ Is there a way to add an "and" search to the keyword search? As it stands now, every keyword you add doesn't narrow your results. It EXPANDS them as an OR search. Before it was an AND search and the results were always few if you knew what you were looking for. If I know the exact name of a bug, I can no longer get just the few listings for all the bugs that have only the exact same words contained in their name. I'll use mine for an example. Rescue 208 hits Ranger 86 hits Chip 110 hits Rescue Ranger Chip Used to only bring up one hit Now it brings up 398 In any of those four searches above, I have to search and then navigate the page listing at the bottom of the results to find what only normally took one page load before. Thanks.
  23. Well, I'd say it probably doesn't hurt our cause to keep mentioning it in hopes of keeping the topic alive. I didn't find anything in my initial search so I started the new thread. Jeremy et.al. needs to know that we still miss this capability and care about getting the feature back ASAP. If I go on vacation and want to hunt new marks, I want to see what's interesting and unfound in a decent travel radius. What we have now is just too small to be useful. I have to run many of the smaller circles to get similar coverage and it is just too labor intensive to make it worthwhile. Like anything else, if a change is popular enough then I'd say it is going to get more priority and attention than something that seems to gain little in the way of making the site's members happy. It's also well worth mentioning as we post that I am (we are) premium paying members and something simple like this is a feature that is part of why we support the site with memberships and purchases of merchandise. Making your interests be heard is part of the solution. Which reminds me, I've got to go update a post about travel bug searches. -Why is it so common for "upgrades" in the computer world to break good features?
  24. Has the 30mi radius search option been disabled for benchmarks? I used to be able to append &dist=30 to a coordinte search url and it would give me a 30 mile radius listing. Can I get it back? Is there a new/revised way to do it now?
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