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  1. The first Cape-based Mega planning event (GC2QX72 SAMP Cape Brainstorm) went well last night! Thanks all for joining - I think we got some good things going there!
  2. We had a successful event at the comfy Mitchell's brewery at the V&A last night. Thanks for coming!
  3. Indeed! Hope to see you all there tonight - looking forward to it!
  4. Hey all! I'd like to set up an event to start the brainstorming session for the proposed South African Mega Event. Gauteng's already got one coming up (GC2PK15), but before I publish it I want to gauge interest and availability. I'm thinking about 1.5 hours max, just a brainstorming session (for those interested in proving to the Gautengers that the Western Cape is the logical choice for the Mega Event!). Who can make the week of April 11-15? After work, in the evening, at the V&A Waterfront, somewhere (open to suggestions!).
  5. Ahhh! That was me! Thanks, Henzz. I was so sure about writing that, and now you've helped assure that I wasn't going crazy after all. Yes, I remember it - a horse ran past, really, really fast, riderless (hence ghost rider!). After a while a jockey came running after it. Maybe the pelican was at a nearby cache and I just mixed them up. Or thought about writing it and didn't. Thank you, Henzz! Good to know I'm not (that) crazy... I know you would never have deleted a log. There must have been some technical glitch and I'll start recording my cache finds again.
  6. I did NOLY - Headless Horseman in an epic event! My (non) cache was in Cape Town. See, I don't want to rely on my memory, because - let's face it - it sucks! I think it was "Royal Ascot" - the ghost rider comment was made in my log and I wrote it in the cache, too. I just can't be sure. I think it was this year sometime. And I saw a large flock of pelicans circling overheard, too, and I'm pretty sure I added that to the online log. But I don't know for sure. If anyone happens to remember that in a log, lemme know! Otherwise, I'm just giving up and moving on. And I'll do the cache again (?) and see if that helps my memory!
  7. I went through CacheStats, which has an option to search for keywords in all finds. Nothing. The only thing I can think of is that my log was deleted for some reason. But what was the cache?! Very frustrating. Thanks for all your help!
  8. There's a cache I'm convinced I did a while back - I remember being there, and writing about a ghost horse and pelicans, but I can't find it under my 'found' - I can't remember the name of the cache; I'm even starting to doubt where it was. Is there a way I can search my found caches for a specific keyword (like 'ghost rider' or 'pelican')? Maybe the cache has been archived in such a way it doesn't show up on my finds (is that even possible?)... I know it's early, and probably not the best time to be grappling with my admittedly poor memory, but this is bugging me!
  9. I'm keen to join and am preparing my TBs for the Cape Town event! This is my first TB Race, and I haven't followed any in the past, so if someone could clear something up for me: For the International TB, can I send it to someone via mail overseas (and then they pick it up there and continue the race)? Or does it have to get overseas through someone else (not me or mail)? The photo competition - what is it based on (criteria)? Thanks for organizing!
  10. Thanks, everyone! It's all sorted... Happy Caching!
  11. I've downloaded the caches as gpx, not loc, as a pocket query, but they still only have the basic information; not just on the GPS, but also in MapSource. Is the problem that the caches are being saved in MapSource and on my GPS as waypoints, rather than geocaches? How do I change this - how do I save the information as geocaches, not as waypoints?
  12. I've successfully uploaded cache info onto my GPS, but the information on my GPS and on MapSource is very limited. It only states the Geocache Code, co-ords, cache owner and cache type. Ideally, I'd like to include terrain and difficulty ratings, and if not the cache comments, then at least the cache hint, and last found date (or similar...) I'm a premium member, and am using MapSource. Thanks! ~ g.i.s.
  13. Thanks, guys...Now if only I knew how to edit/delete this post! (yes, I know. I'm blonde...)
  14. I found a coin - I think it's called 'Having Fun in Europe' (no obvious name on it) (EUW6M1-0274) in 'Faith in the World' (GC15FYW), but I can't find it on geocaching.com I took it with me, but can't log it. Any help?
  15. I'm keen to do some caches on Table Mountain (I haven't done any there, yet), but don't want to go alone (for blatantly obvious reasons). Monday is my birthday, so I get to travel on the cable car for free (joy!) - which will allow for more time to do actual caches (trust me - hiking up there would take me HOURS). Is anyone keen to join me? I want to go up on the first cable car (8:30am). I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to heights, so I probably wont attempt too-hectic caches. Obviously this is totally weather dependant. Shot! g *keep on keeping on*
  16. g.i.s.

    Mouse Hunt

    I am the determined 5-hour cache-seeker, and I also say 'leave it as it is'. My GPS co-ords were off by about 20m, but it was good fun searching for it. In the end I did have to phone Discombob to help me out. Other people are finding it, so leave it as it is. And I also recogn it's fine to do alone... A very satisfying cache, once I'd actually found it!
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