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  1. Welcome racerboy. If you see TA McClendon tell him I said he worked out like I thought he would.


    I see you have already joined the NCGO website. This is a great location to meet some new caching friends and learn about some the great caches and cachers in NC.


    Have fun out there!!!

  2. If you leave it on 95 near Rocky Mount I have a close friend who lives there (ww8ball) who would probably pick it up for me if I bought him a beer. I could then get it during my intermittent trips home

    [edited for an incomplete thought]

  3. I was actually thinking of Dallas, TX during GW4. It looks like Dallas' main repeater is 146.88 with + offset, and PL tone of 110.9.


    If anyone is going to GW4 you will probably find me monitoring this freq. If anyone wants QSO, depending on location we may be able to go to simplex. I only have an HT though, so my range is very limited on simplex.



  4. I am trying to import a Mapsource file into the Arc/Poly filter for a route. I saved the Mapsource file as a *.mps file extension.


    When I choose to load the file in the filter I get an error message that pops up saying: "Could not Find c:\\Program Files\GSAK\temp\arcin.txt."


    I have just downloaded the newest version of GSAK and continue to get this error.


    Am I doing something wrong?

  5. If ya'll won't mind to indulge me I would like to request an avatar (and an image to use on my forthcoming sig item that I haven't figured out yet.

    Here's my idea:

    I'm overweight (I'm working on it but it's going to take a while) and my nickname is Hambone (my last name is Hamilton and my build leads to the obvious!)

    I would like to an avatar/sig item that shows a hog (North Carolina is the hog capital , and best BBQ around IMHO, of the world)doing something a fat person (such as myself would do).

    In my mind self depreaciating humor is the best so let them fly, I will not be offended in the least!!

  6. GPX Sonar is the absolutely best product to use on a Pocket PC IMNSHO.


    However, mine is acting a little funny. I am no longer able to see the icons for cache type or log type. Instead I see what looks like a Windows standard icon.


    I am running GPX Sonar on an Ipaq running Pocket PC 2002 o/s.


    Anyone know of any fixes I can do??

  7. I would like to change my handle from Ham_Bone to Hambone.

    There is already a user by the name of Hambone, however, he/she has no finds, no hides, no forums posts, and the account has not been validated.


    The account was created on 3/21/02 and has not visited the site since 3/31/02.


    If this is possible it would be greatly appreciated.

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