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  1. Use it constantly...It is the best tool for planning a trip. I actually found my first 10 caches using only google earth no gps....I would find a cache on google and open up the cache page....Cut and past the cords from the cache page back to google earth and hit find. It was usually with in 10 feet acurate...(doesn't beat my Garmin that I own now but it did get me hooked on caching...)
  2. Hey - I am just finishing my wooden nickels this week and would love to trade with others.....send me an email...Also anyone trade cards...
  3. What is the logic behind only allowing you to pull your find query once a week. Either way it is simply a query against the database. Why doesn't it just count as one of my 5 pocket queries for the day.
  4. The m500 had some issues that have been difficult to resolve. I can say this, we are actively working on this phone right now. I appreciate your patience and understanding as there are times when a particular phone model poses certain technical issues. --Larry (Trimble Outdoors) anything on this again....
  5. So about 6 weeks ago I email and asked about the Samsung M500. I got back a very nice email explaining that they where currently testing it and should know if they where rolling with it with in 2 weeks. I thought great....I let 3 weeks go by and emailed back the lady that had responded to me to see how testing went. After no responce in one week I emailed again. Still todate 3 weeks after second inquire I still have had no responce from GC. Does anyone on here know a status on M500.
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