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  1. Sorry Dx does not look like I'm going to be able to make it. I didn't realize the date when I expressed my interest, I am going to be up around the Utica area this weekend...part way there but I'm not going to be able to make it the rest of the way. Snowmobiling weekend with friends. Sorry, hopefully next time

  2. I really like the idea,though it might be a bit more at risk for frustrated vandalism. I hope it lasts a good long time. It would be kind of neat to come across a key in a cache someday that would open a box in timbucktwo.... might even prompt a sidestep in a trip someday.

  3. CT Trampers I'm glad you like trading items cause I like finding your trades icon_wink.gif ...a couple of the nicest treasures I've snatched have been from your caches.


    It's always fun to find a cache that you can tell the hider had fun filling the cache. The procurement process of quality stashables is a whole another aspect of the fun of the game for me. I have always got my eyes open..you never know where you might find that desired item. It's also another way that the game creeps into all areas of your life....ie.. at work I order all our office supplies from viking because with every order they give you a free gift depending on how much you spend. I've gotten cool flashlights, calculators, clocks...stuff like that. This way I get to put something in the cache that is worth abit more than I usually spend but didn't have to actually lay it out.


    Don't get me wrong though...I'm never dissappointed if I don't find something that grabs my fancy in a cache...that's just a bonus, the real treasure in it for me is having something that has consistently kept my interest for close to 2years now that keeps me thinking, learning, meeting great people and gets me off my fat butt and back out on the trails. That my friend is a true treasure!

  4. Centaur... like the desicants...first time I've seen a picture... nice.


    I guess my sig item is totem stones. I paint these and a variety of other pouches with the geocaching logo and each pouch contains a totem stone with a description of each animals spirit. The painting takes time though so lately I've also gotten a stock of totem stone necklaces to place when I'm behind in my pouch painting duties.


  5. hmmm...but this is county parks...around here county parks have the attitude that the parks are souly for county residents and won't allow geocaching because of all the outsiders the big bad internet would attract. Are your county parks open to nonresidents?

  6. Hi Deb,


    This sounds like a great event and a great piece of PR. I will be watching for the date of this event and if it's doable maybe I can talk a few local cachers from around here to make a road trip. What do you think Planet...Eagleflyby...anyone else? The snow these days is hindering the cache hunt around here, maybe a road trip and meet is what the cache Dr. ordered? I'd love to be a part of a positive PR experience to bring home with us. It would be fun to finally meet you too icon_smile.gif

  7. Jamie...also take notice of the comment at the bottom of the page for your memory PC800 RDRAM RIMMs. RIMMS must be installed in matching pairs.

    That may answer your question as to if you can lay one upside the two you have there already. Looks like you will have to change your configuration...good luck.

  8. I know we've all seen the influx of new cachers to the forums and I thought it might be nice to have a regional Welcome page where people could pipe up and join in.


    So any of you new curious cachers looking to meet the people and learn as much as you can ...why not say hi to your neighbors and local cache hunters and hiders.


    Looking to hook up with someone to learn the ropes? ..interested in finding the ultimate caches in your area?...trying to understand the forums lingo?... Don't be shy...go ahead and ask... and if anyone bites you in this thread I will personally give them 20 lashes with a wet noodle.


    I will start this off by saying WELCOME to the addiction! I am still waiting to find out if santa has filled my request for new cachers in the midhudson valley in NY... there's an awful big empty caching space north of Poughkeepsie and south of Albany. Hope you have as much fun and reap as many positive benefits from the sport/game as the rest of us addicts icon_smile.gif


    Ttepee's Tribe

  9. I'm sorry I just looked back at my source and you are correct... it seems I didn't follow the thread long enough to get the correct answer to that question. Here is what someone got directly from Magellan:


    Magellan Website Contact Form


    The Yellow and Black unit is the same as the Brown and Green unit. The only difference is the color of the case.

  10. I'm still in the game but on hold for a bit here. After an extended period of serious unknown illness my father passed away this week. I have a feeling I'll be back with a vengance when things calm down around here but I doubt I'll be out there much for awhile....then again with all this family in town maybe I can turn a few more family members onto caching... we'll see.

  11. Alan,


    I'm not sure about Harriman but across the river up here in southern dutchess county we got about 4 inches of very wet heavy snow last night. My guess would be the higher elevations in Harriman got it too. Good luck!

  12. I'm always happy when I see more precipitation coming after a hunt or find. Though I have to admit my snow hunting skills are not what they need to be around here. I finally found one today after the last two unsuccessful hunts.... I needed that. It was getting pretty discouraging...but it sure is nice hiking in the snow covered woods.

  13. Hi Jonboy,


    Just taking a stab at this one here by looking at my 76s....this is not from experience... yet. I have topo loaded but have also thought about getting roads & rec. It appears that all the loaded maps would appear on the Mapsource Info menu... here you can check off which maps you want loaded and which not. It lists the maps by region and type (topo)... so I would imagine whichever street maps were loaded would be listed with that info too then you would just have to check whichever you wanted to use at the time.


    Also, I'm sorry for you loss...I just heard about your father.


    Peace and Good Luck!

  14. Welcome to the addiction Aquapeople icon_smile.gif Most of us heard about the sport and ran out and bought our gps's too... it's not hard... takes a bit of practicing with the unit and then you'll be wondering how you got about without one. I would imagine with your interests there would be endless uses for a gps too. All the more reason to get one and learn it. You may want to search for the forums for talk on hydrocaches to combine the fun. Here is one of the originating threads Good Luck and have fun out there!

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