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  1. There seems to be a lag periodically with notification.. be patient and when you least expect it you'll get a dump of email notifications, in the mean time you can use the surprise factor and scroll the recent logs for finds.
  2. I don't know about quantity discounts but Outpost is still advertising the Meridian Yellow for $99 which is a great price.
  3. Wow Brian this sounds great I wonder where he's getting his info. I've emailed him too after not finding anything in a search of DEC pages. I'll be very interested to hear where this came from. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  4. I'm surprised no one has referenced GPS Goldrush It's been an annual event held at Mohawk ski are in Ct 2001 and then 2002 at Killington Vt ski area. They get all kinds of sponsorships from gps and sports gear manufacturers and make it an event cache with multiple cash and cache prizes. There's not a whole lot on the webpage right now but if that's the kind of thing your into might get some tips from them. You can read past goldrush chatter in the forums by doing a search.
  5. This is a good one in Dutchess county in NY and it hasn't had many finds yet. I was there in Dec and 3/4 of the hike in is on a plowed woods road. Beautiful park too...also this one seems like it will be off limits to nonunionvale residents after Memorial day so get it while the getting is good Tymor Forest Cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=45774
  6. Lep I thought you played a lawyer not a doctor...but hey I like your Rx ...you can practice on me anyday
  7. Vince is on his way Vince's webpage [This message was edited by Ttepee on February 14, 2003 at 09:27 PM.]
  8. quote:Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:Using netscape, huh? Funny I'm using netscape and haven't had any of these problems
  9. I'd have to agree with madapple. Last time they ran out of them within 48 hours...those of us that got them were very happy...those that didn't weren't!
  10. quote:Originally posted by Captain_Morgan&Family:I'm also one of the tiny minority who says do not suspend locationless. I voted so because for those geocachers in areas where is very few normal caches, the locationless caches are very important reason to continue this hobby. http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/70242_1300.gif Capt n' Family ...but an improved system would benefit all types. Couldn't you hunt those that are out there already and plan some great ones for the reopening in the mean time? Jeremy... you'd better hold tight to that April/May date, I can imagine how those with few caches in the vacinity would depend on these to play the game...puts the pressure on. I definitely say go for it though.
  11. The green is the same as the yellow which is advertised in outpost.com this week for $99 (per another post) $99 is a great price...I bought the green from them a couple of months ago when they ran the same special.
  12. Ttepee

    Sumo Sammy

    Have you tried contacting Walden Run? It sounds like he was in contact with them awhile back.
  13. Ttepee

    Sumo Sammy

    That sounds like it would be this Sammy. And that would make this Hillywilly's bug...oh boy. Poor hillywilly is the guy that planted the cache outside the railroad tunnel and got the Book Thrown at him big time. Good Luck hope you find him to give him the scoop.
  14. What's up? Any idea when things will be back online?
  15. It might be a good idea to pull some caches that may be in areas that will be checked... I'm afraid you could be seeing a number of missing caches down there. I bet there will be alot of metal detectors in the forests. Not at all to minimize this disaster. God Bless the families and friends, may they find peace.
  16. Natureboy I believe you have to be a subscribing member to see a cacher's profile...in the first couple of lines in the profile it will tell you when they last visited the site.
  17. Natureboy be patient. They are reputable cachers and if they're hanging on to it for a little bit I bet you it's with a plan in mind. I just realized they picked this one up in one of my caches... go figure. Sounds to me like they have plans from their log..and they haven't logged onto the site since 1/15 so my guess is they're away.
  18. Maybe the first bug went MIA and the owner used the copy on a new TB. Does the owner's name look familiar?
  19. I think I'd carry it a little farther even to say don't delete it...leave it up to the cacher to do that. If you contact them and tell them the situation and they do nothing... so what! You posted a note on the cache page the situation... you know they know.. and any future finders can assess the situation to figure it out and know they are not hunting for a 5 gallon pail. Leave it alone now and go caching and have fun...don't worry..be happy
  20. Marky, Your right about the folding..that's why I made my sheet as wide as the vial was high..this way you could read the cache note through the vial too. Mine was a stage in a multicache..didn't need a log in there and wasn't thinking of that with this question...your right though of course
  21. I've used regular printed sheets laminated with clear packing tape and it lasted well for 15 mos in an amber medication vial. Jonboy if you want a word or word perfect version let me know I'll drop you an email with it.
  22. Ttepee

    GPSr vs. THE COLD

    When I left my house this morning it was -3F an hour and a half later and 30 miles south it may have gotten up to 10F. My Garmin map 76s w/ alkalines led me right to the cache no prob. I really didn't even notice much of a delayed updating....1.5/1 cache though that had me outside about half an hour...much longer than that and I probably would have quit before the garmin did.
  23. Someone was talking about the etrex venture being on sale at Target for $89 this week. That's a great deal.
  24. Let me add another congratulations from afar. You guys did a great job keeping your cool and presenting geocaching as the great sport/game that it is (if we could just decide what it was). I was down in your beautiful state last year and got to do a few of your caches, and have a couple trips down that way planned for this year also and hope to bag a few more. Since I have cached in your neck of the woods I also sent a letter to the director to support you all. I wonder how many letters they got? There was some great stuff posted to the forum here. Any idea of a head count as to how many bodies you had at the meeting? I've been trying to work with NYS parks to get some sort of policy going but they've chosen to ignore me. I sure do hope when the day comes that they open their eyes they will be as accommodating as the folks down there have been. Cache on in a big way folks...you've earned it...and your legal now too ;-)
  25. Try this http://www.garmin.com/whatsNew/currentpromotions/pdfs/eTrex_50_rebate_coupon.pdf It takes awhile to load as it's a pdf file
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