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  1. Good find Jen. I think I was otherwise preoccupied when this was brought up originally (lost my dad over the holiday season). Another great idea Deb...I love the idea of the pictures..the signatures could be added to the border or something as it travels to events. Of course you know any help you need just give a holler. Hey if you have any inkling for a roadtrip in early June check out the Geojamboree down this way. It would be great to meet you and should be a fun event with a night of camping.

  2. The way the rivers are running right now, other than swimming or kayak your not getting out there for quite awhile. The last logger sure sounds like they found the hidding spot, the island itself is overrun in the nice weather and is a high traffic area for swimmers and dumping ground for partyers, I was surprised it was still there when I found it. Though this was one of the most fun caches I've ever done I'd probably have to say it should be archived or adopted if someone is feeling up to it.

  3. Hi E-man


    We've had nothing but more snow and freezing temps since the last time I attempted. This week really has been the first opportunity that it might possibly be retrieved, with this nice weather the snow is finally beginning to melt but the ground is still quite frozen. On Saturday I attempted 5 caches and came out with 1 find because everything is still frozen solid to the ground. I'll give it a try again within the next week or two if noone gets out there before me. Sorry this is the worst winter we've had in ages, we've never had to hide caches with much snow in mind... it's kind of put this area at a standstill with caching.

  4. For each agency it's been different. I always look for an online source.... the two that approved my caches I was able to do completely by email. I have introduced myself at one of the preserves but I'm usually talking to someone else that knows about the geocache but nothing about me.


    At the state park I went to the local ranger station a total of 4 times... each time I went there was someone new in charge that was asking me to submit my request all over again. The last time I finally talked to the regional director who told me that these things take time. So I'm giving them time... They are aware of geocaches in their parks and had a positive attitude towards them so I didn't think the couple that I added would get in the way while we waited.


    Alot of people believe strongly in the "It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission" theory. I feel better about it all if I know I've tried. So long as we all respect each other we should all be able to enjoy our own way of going about things.

  5. My guess would be that they changed their email and haven't realized it's affecting their geocaching account. Hopefully come spring they will think about geocaching again and come a looking. I'll still go looking for their caches if I'm in the area of any. They have taken sebaticals from the game before, but in the past have popped back in with enthusiam again. EscapeVA... Juliamark hasn't logged that cache yet.. she should be there soon going by past history (they logged one in Tarrytown recently icon_smile.gif ...maybe drop them an email to let them know your concern for the bug and it can give them a plan for the weekend icon_smile.gif Good Luck!

  6. Hi Team Cthulhu,


    I started a thread similar to this awhile back regarding a NY county park system. I did not have good luck with these people but fortunately I believe that their attitude is more the rarity than the norm. They loved the idea of geocaching except for that they did not want the big bad internet attracting elements from out of town... "Putnam county parks are for the sole use of Putnam county residents." Though I don't think most county parks operate like this I have heard small town concern of the vastness of the internet as a medium to share this information. I would suggest approaching them with the environmental and family friendly values of geocaching and not place as much on emphasisis on the internet stuff.


    You may want to read some of the feedback I got from the thread I started to get an idea of what some concerns of cachers local to you may be regarding permission. I fall into the category of people that believe the parks people have a right to know what's in the parks they manage.


    As words of encouragement, I did not have luck with this park system but I have gotten support from other local parks and Land Trusts. You are lucky to have the presidence of PA State Parks geocaching policy making. Think positive and give it a try... Good Luck!

  7. Or to keep it Cali to NY you could use this one Race You to the Top it's not exactly a stroll in the park either and the name seems fitting. I would be willing to set up another cache at the base of the mountain to create a holding station for those that just can't make the hike... but the bugs don't win till they make it to the top.


    I'm already involved in the NY-Cali run but if you want help on this end for the next one then consider this an offer to help.

  8. I think even before caching I would have been pretty excited to open an ammo can found in the woods, it just wouldn't occur to me to be harmed by something in a can in the woods. Urban setting is a different story and I agree with the tupperware mentality there. For each it's place... but in the woods the ammo can is irreplaceable.

  9. This will be interesting to see how all these bugs actually move from the area... that's alot of bugs! I'd love to make it up there for the event but realistically it's just not going to happen... a bit to far. Let me toss in my Thanks also to the folks working to put this together and allowing us to share the fun with the tracking website. Looking forward to getting the race underway.

  10. Hi Spark,


    I'm in NY just west of Danbury. Planet, a good caching friend is in Bethel. We get together often for hunts, you should come out with us some day and get a feel for things. I've got a gpsmap 76s and Planet has a Vista. Unfortunately I will be going away this coming weekend but maybe the next? I haven't really found a local retailer that is much help but there's tons of information on these message boards and links to useful sites.

    Always nice to see new cachers in the area, welcome to the addiction icon_smile.gif

  11. Rain now, on top of the previous snows, then extreme cold, then extreme snows..(not to mention life in between there) I can't take it anymore!

    I need!! to get outside and relax before I go boom. I sure hope others in the northeast are feeling this way and that we'll see a whole lotta activity soon and not just players that have gotten bored and moved on.


    In case anyone hadn't seen it (NY,NJ,CT or anyone else that can make it)... there's an overnight event planned at Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester County NY for 6/7-6/8... this sounds like alot of fun, something we're definitely needing to pull the community together and hopefully bring in some new blood. Thanks Ct A-team for putting it together any help I can offer don't hesitate to ask. Will email you privately also.


    Ok June's got fun stuff going...so now what to do with the rest of Feb and maybe March?? I gotta toughen back up again. In the beginning of the winter I did it cause it was a challenge...though didn't find many so I got bored. I think soon it's going to be time to go into hide mode..I hope anyway icon_smile.gif They're all made, packed and planned in the head ...gotta make em happen.

    Where's everyone else at?

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