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  1. My son's got baseball games both 17th(11:00)and 18th (2:00) The following weekend would be memorial day weekend and I'll be away that weekend. There's one weekend then between memorial day and geojamboree and I have a feeling I'm going to be recouping and catching up with the house stuff that weekend, but there are no baseball games that weekend so if there's something up I'll try to make it. Kern, are you considering coming to the Geojamboree? That should be a blast. Not too far away...Pound Ridge is a great park with a nice load of caches placed in it. From the sounds of things it should have a pretty good turnout too....at least worth a daytrip if not the whole weekend icon_smile.gif I'll be more available end of June after Baseball is over, or July if they make it to the playoffs.

  2. Hey there Kern,


    Sounds like a great idea...yes we are way overdue! Have any dates in mind? I've been wanting to plan something like this for awhile but planning is the tough part...usually everything is spur of the moment with me. We've got some new cachers in the area it looks like too so it'd be great to meet the faces.

  3. Ultimate injury should serve it's cause by being the ultimate warning to all of us. Pushing it over the edge can be fun... but... use your head! This guy was a seasoned desert hiker... his edge might be steeper than some of ours...but watch your step and think it well...the prize is not worth a life.



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  4. I have to agree that this one has been bugging me for awhile now... this has been going on for at least a week already now. I was just complaining about it the other day in the IRC chat. Even when you go to the hide/seek page and pull up NY you only get 2 actual caches that aren't predated. I totally agree with you Wheelygood but I don't think that joining them is helping anyone or clearing up any confusion. I would not hunt your caches till that date and I would scroll down looking for the beginning of new caches as I've been doing... though I resent having to do that. I could see predating a cache for an event no more than 48 hours.. the usual approval time... no more than that.

  5. That is a bit steeper than I'd be willing to go, but I geuss it would depend on what you could afford and the numbers that you accumulate. It costs me about 2.25 for my totem pouches. If I was a cacher like BruceS or Stayfloopy I'd never be able to afford it but at my cache rate it works for me. You could also do something special for the caches you hide and have a lesser version for the caches you find. But really it all depends on what you can afford.

  6. quote:
    Originally posted by hammack:

    OK. I don't get the cheerleader pic.


    Originally posted by Zartimus:


    Plus he has some of the funniest logs I've read. icon_biggrin.gif I'm a fan!



    hammack... you'd have to have read some of Oregone's cache logs to 'get it'...once you start it's kinda hard to stop though...heheh he's a funny one.

  7. I miss the what topics are active today feature though I do like the layout of the new forums. I got all excited when I saw it in my netscape 4.7 at work. Guess that's explained now.


    I've also notice that the Arkansas State Parks thread from the south and southeast forums have been majorly truncated. This thread had some ground breaking work with the State parks in Arkansas. I was looking for it the other day to use as reference for working with state parks and the meat of it is gone. Anyway to get it back?

  8. I heard about geocaching in a mail list support group for parents of children with attention defecit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Another mother mentioned it on the list and I immediately went to the site to check it out. It just so happened that my boyfriend was a month late with getting me a birthday present because I just couldn't tell him what I wanted... now I knew and 24 hours later I had a gps in my hands. Two days later on the weekend I dragged the neighborhood kids out on our first caching day. 2 finds/ 1 dnf, I was hooked big time right off the bat.


    I'd always loved hiking but seldom found incentive to drag myself out there anymore. It seemed like the perfect way to get outdoors again and to create good times for me and my son. I've always described my son as a modern day Daniel Boone, he just does not succeed indoors, let alone in a classroom. This gave him something to succeed at while spending quality time together. He always enjoyed it more if a friend came with us so I'd scout for willing kids everywhere to keep his interest going. We enjoyed about 15 months of caching together when the nasty head of puberty entered our lives and now it's tougher to find friends of his willing to go so he in turn usually does not come along anymore and my boyfriend hates it..just not his bag.


    It's been a great stress reliever for me though. I've come to love getting out in the woods by myself and get back to nature. It's also a great way to meet new friends with similar interests, have made some great fun friends, though local has taken on a whole new meaning. Just today my mother said "Thank God for geocaching! If you've got to obsess about something, which you do, at least it's something as good for you as this is." and yesterday a long time high school friend said to me "It's so good that you get out there hiking, even on your own." I geuss I'd become pretty much a bore, living my life through my son's failures. It's gotta be better for him too even if he doesn't come with me all the time at least I'm more relaxed and feel better about myself. 22 months and I'm going stronger with it everyday! Yes I am a geocacher and lovin every minute of it!

  9. Ok this ones' really blonde...or monkey like I'm told. We were visiting in Arkansas...rented a toyota echo... it's got a wierd dashboard that there are no controls behind the steering wheel..they are in the center of the car. Behind the steering wheel is fairly flat open dash...great spot for the gps!...OR? my boyfriend warned me beforehand but he's a big worrywart so ignored him like usual... next thing I know I'm making a hard left turn and the gps goes sliding away...I stick my hand through the steering wheel to grab it and walla, I'm breaking my frickin arm trying to make the turn. Now I didn't really break it but he got pretty pissed at me at the time but shut up in good boyfriend form. The next day I goof on myself about nearly breaking my arm grabbing the gps and he goes on to tell a story that I'll never live down.


    Do you know how they capture monkeys in Africa? They take a hunk of salt, which monkeys love, and stick it in a hollow of tree... but cover the hole big enough for it to fit and leave a knothole big enough for the monkey to get it's arm in but that the salt can't fit out of. When the trappers come the monkey frantically tries to get the salt out of the hole but never thinks to protect itself by letting go of the salt. dadgum it if he wasn't right.. if I'd have just let go of the gps I'd have been fine but it just never occured to me drop $389 purposely!


    Definitely Blonde...or before blonde...who knows!

  10. Here's my haul for today. The larger collection weighed a ton... lots of D batteries in it and waterlogged stuff.. but the killer was a bag that contained a carton of eggs..mostly broken and somewhat rotten.. it made for a not so pleasant ride home... of course I had to double the trip home...there was a new cache across the river.. after all... there might have been more trash there ;-)


  11. You could create a query for the area of caches you were interested in. Then use Watcher (utility program created by clay jar) to capture all the pages to read/sort all kinds of stuff on your laptop. Unfortunately you must be a subscribing member to receive queries... it may be something you want to consider.

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