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  1. quote:
    Originally posted by sranddboggny.us:

    I am begning to take these posts, squealy, a bit personal. Am i wrong to do so?


    SR and dboggny.





    That's how I've begun reading this thread also and it's bugging me.




    You may consider me from up in the boondocks, you found a couple of my caches up in Ulster county and we emailed back and forth a couple of times awhile back, but thanks to srandboggny I am an active member in the nycmagg geocaching community.


    I've gotten together with danny and his wife numerous times to go geocaching. We've traveled to Long Island, Jersey and even Tarrytown to cache together with people from all over the nation that danny has organized, they've been to my home for dinner and danny even personally sewed me a custom gps holster. They have assisted many out of towners on numerous excursions to cache Central Park and have become known as the rent a cop & doctor couple, to cache Central Park with (prerepaired as Planet says.) They have done more to create a a real community of geocachers in the shadow of NYC distrust then anyone else has ever even attempted.


    Think hard before you answer this question of dboggny's, you've been playing the game now it's time to meet the community.

  2. This brings back memories...sad as they are. Looks like the same box I sent off my traveling cache and travel bug Gilbert 13515_400.jpg

    I sent the box off mostly plain and Gilbert only in early stages of carving with the request for the geocaching community to add what they could. Shortly before he disappeared he had a nice logo on his boxtop and he'd grown all sorts of vitals. But my point is..the box is not waterproof.. I would not trust it... I picked up a waterproof surplus bag for 3.00082670.jpg

    ...well actually I got 3 of them for 10... siliconed a geocaching label to the outside and it did the trick. It might take away from the treasure chest impression..but it protects and adds a different component to the whole thing... I still have two bags left if your interested let me know.

  3. I just happened across an ad in the Trail Conference newsletter... did anyone know there's camping on the ridge now too? Well there's a campground that charges a hefty fee but if you've got the bucks it sounds pretty cool. The grand opening for the campground is Aug 1st according to the newsletter but their webpage says Fall 2003 so I don't know what's right. It's called Malouf's Mountain if anyone's interested.

  4. Hi Marnen,


    Southern Dutchess, Hopewell Jct. here...Welcome to Hudson Valley geocaching! You recently missed a great paddle/cache get together over in Ct. not too far from you. We don't have a local group YET! but more and more cachers are popping up in the area so hopefully someday soon we'll be able to create our own regional group. I go caching alot by myself or with Planet from Ct so if you'd like to join us sometime give a shout.



  5. Kind of a similar problem here. Someone tried to log a find on a cache of mine but they get some kind of error message. I revceived the email and everything that they found the cache but there is nothing on the cache page. They tried logging it again this morning and the same thing... I got another email but no log showing on the page. They use AOL as their server if that helps any but I don't know what kind of error message they received.

  6. Lowracer... depends...how many cachers are you looking to have at this event? The paddle event I went to last weekend consisted of about 40 cachers going for 7 freshly placed caches... these caches had been listed a couple of weeks ahead of time so they was not specifically for the event but recent enough that most had not found all. There was still lots of traffic on the river. Would you want 40 cachers to join you to go find this one unfound cache on the island? Isn't that a bit overkill for something your not even sure is there? How about going out and putting out a few caches in the area to assure there will be some caching going on that day... or so that those that don't like crowds could take an alternate route. Approval is one of those things that thought has to go into... so should the event. Or what the hell... just do what we do and get together as many cachers as you can from all corners of the nation and go to a park for the fun of it and get what caches are available icon_smile.gif

  7. Count me in on this one...depending on when it happens. I love hiking the highlands but it's an area I don't hike alone in so there's still a few out there I haven't gotten... though I'm not trying to steer you away from those I have gotten... company for maintenance is mandatory also. So lets figure out a date here and get this hike on the trails! Planet and I have found a local (fishkill) pub that actually makes buffalo wings the way they were meant to be cooked... that alone is a reason to attend the hike..though the cold beer helps too... maybe we could set up an after hike rendevous for those that can't make it for the hike? Breakneck is one of those hikes I haven't done yet but I've been anxious to do... an event for the accomplishment would add to it's worthiness icon_smile.gif though it doesn't need it..but heck.. we'd have alot to talk about at happy hour!

  8. Aw too bad we missed a few of you. A great time was had by all. Mopar and Suncrush arrived a bit late but we went ahead and did a couple of caches and met near the third. The park was really spectacular at night.. quite an experience. We hit a couple of moments we were all glad that we had Detective Dan with us. The park really has cleaned up alot from what I remember. We were even serenaded by the gondolier poling by as we crossed the bridge over the lake. After dropping the pregnant dbogg clan at their car, IV and IVcheerleader opted for a ride back to thier hotel after a full day of site seeing and caching, and the rest of us went for a bite to eat at the Brooklyn Diner up the road... perfect topper for a great evening caching in Central Park. Thanks guys, had alot of fun.






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  9. quote:
    Originally posted by coast2coast2coast:

    any ideas how to keep her cast dry?

    Go to your vet and ask them if they can save you a couple of IV fluid bags.(you know the lactated ringers or saline solution they pump into the IV) Then cut one end of the bag and turn it inside out... when you take zoe out tape it around her foot, it is a stronger grade plastic then most baggies and can take some abuse. Make sure to take the bag off when inside or condensation will form under the bag thus wetting the bandage. I used to work for a vet... we sent home all bandages with these fluid bag booties. Good Luck keeping her quiet when the anesthesia wears off... hehe she looks out of it in the pic.

  10. It would be nice for those that have reservations to tell what sites they're staying at to get an idea where the cachers are....the park is pretty large, don't want anyone getting lost now do we icon_wink.gif The trail map at the Pound Ridge website show the leantos... I'm still not quite certain where the tent area is.

  11. quote:
    Originally posted by Web-ling:

    These Cannonball Run TB's are now in my possession in Texas:


    Cannonball Runner Vince

    Give Peace a Chance


    I'm open to bribes for preferred placement - or for holding on to someone else's. icon_biggrin.gif



    How's fame for a bribe ...fortune can be known to follow icon_wink.gif



    Web-ling takes the lead as Cannonball RUNNER!

  12. Guess that's not fair to the king, changing the thread title...oh well, so go the forums...snuck in under the time limit for editing.


    Just thought this might be interesting to some folks living or visiting in some of our metro areas that would like to get out there for a good hike but lack the transportation.

  13. Hey team techmage,


    We'd love to have you up in here in NY. I live in Hopewell Jct. about 20 min south of Poughkeepsie right near the putnam/dutchess border. Alot of people around here commute to the city by train...about an hour, I could understand your not wanting to spend that much of your day in traveling, but I'd be happy to take Tracy and the bouncing bundle out caching and checking out the neighborhood and you could cache out central park on your lunch hour to keep up icon_smile.gif


    Putnam county has some great areas... Cold Spring, Garrison, Croton, Peekskill, Cortland, along the hudson are all along the train line and don't make a bad commute...plus you've got the great Hudson Highland caches there. Brewster is at the end of the Harlem line and is not as pricey as heading into Westchester. Westchester county, south of there, varies alot, from city to country.


    Holler as you get a better idea if your looking around any of these northern areas... I'd be happy to help you get more info. Jersey has enough cachers already...we need you more around here ;-) And just on a fluke if your thinking about heading up this way to check things out at all ...there's an upcoming event cache scheduled for June 7-8 Geo-jamboree

    in Northern Westchester where you could meet some of the locals. Good Luck whatever you decide and good luck with the interview.

  14. I don't know why they have the link for the gallery pages hidden away on the contact page but in case you don't know about it check it out. The gallery updates pretty much the same as most recent cache logs page does. It's a fun way to see the kinds of caches and fun people are having around the world.

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