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  1. Also for anyone that is interested, Planet and I have field tested a small pub called Finnegans also in Fishkill that makes great 'after the hike' Buffalo Chicken Wings and serves a cold Brewski to wash it down.


    Finnegans' wings sound great for a post cache meal. Do they serve Guninness on draught? that would make it sound even better.

    Brian I'm not going to swear to it but there's a real good chance in a bar called Finnegans during the month of March ;)

  2. JandM


    Fishkill is a nice little town about 10 miles north up Rt 9 that has an assortment of Hotels available.

    If Bed and Breakfast is more your style the town of Cold Spring is right by the area we'll be hiking. I don't know of any in particular but it's a big antiquing town... they've just got to have Bed and Breakfasts there.


    Also for anyone that is interested, Planet and I have field tested a small pub called Finnegans also in Fishkill that makes great 'after the hike' Buffalo Chicken Wings and serves a cold Brewski to wash it down.

  3.   Or worse... she might knit an Afghan!


    hahaha .. now that's funny...knitting needles too


    My treachorous mother has lost numerous pairs of manicure scissors...she just doesn't get it that they're not worth putting in her bag. That strict german upbringing.. everyone needs a manicure scissor on thier person at all times. I got a gold plated manicure set for my 18th birthday... doesn't everyone??.. rite of passage kind of thing.


    Back to the topic.. I got back from a vacation in San Fran a few weeks ago. I had a TB with me that after I grabbed it I realized it didn't want air support to accomplish his quest cross the country so I just brought it with me and logged a few then brought him back to NY. Well on the way west I had it in my checked luggage, but on the way home I wanted to get a few pics of it to prove it's flight. Well as soon as I saw them gathering at the xray screen I knew exactly what was worrying them. I said... "Looks like a bolt huh?" They said yup. I said.. your right that's what it is. Then Brandon's Bolt and I got to educate airport security at Oakland international airport what a Travel Bug was and how very cool they are. They saw the light and wished the Bolt well ;-)

  4. First suggestion meaning southern Taurus. If there's a group that wants to go out earlier no reason we can't do this in waves too. Skully and Mulder looks like you've got some bed rattling to do. hehehe good luck.. hope to see you out there :rolleyes:

  5. Brian.. your first suggestion sounds great to me. These are newer caches planted in the fall that I haven't hit yet but have been wanting to get to. If we can figure out a relay system to park cars on either side of the mtn we'll be in good shape. The front side I've mostly gotten already (first cache outing with Planet) but there are quite a few caches on that SE side that I haven't found yet. I've never taken this trail though so my experience there won't help. My belief is that it's an easier way up than going from the west side of Taurus. There will also be alternate routes down to the other side. Gates of the Hudson is a classic Jonboy cache highlighting the view, so either way down I suggest making it to this one. Eagleflyby amongst his other great hides that would bring us up the back route has one on the front face The Funnel that he rated a 4 on one of the easier escapes down.. I'd love to try that one so those slow goers hiking with me can plan on a nice little break or a "you think we took the easy route?" experience to share afterwards :rolleyes:


    What ever we do this is an area that planning pays off. Everyone considering going should take a good look at the topos and familiarze themselves somewhat. Once you get up there most of us are too tired to make decisions. But when your tired it's helpful to have your own inside information rather than just following.

  6. I'd give it at least an hour from the city. I'm 13 miles north east of the southern bull hill cluster and it takes an hour to the city but even though these caches are a bit closer, the area along the hudson there has no real direct quick moving routes. Route 9.. traffic haven.. or back roads that wind you through the mountains.


    I'm in for this hike for sure. I'll volunteer to hold up the rear though.. to keep the slow movers from being uncomfortable ;-) (I love to hike and climb mountains but I don't do it quickly)I've hiked and hidden on this ridge quite a few times now and it never fails that I always over estimate my ability to navigate it in a time frame that the body still cooperates. I believe the event cache we have here has to be a camping one up top. I'm still interested in the Malouf's Mountain campsite as an event site. They never did open up last year.. I talked to them on the phone last year and they sounded open to the idea of a cache event there but would not go into it till the campground was up and running. Thier cache page now says they open April 15th.. guess we'll see. I'm not talking about camping up there real soon though.. it's a bit early for me to be camping on top of mountains along the hudson valley.. I overpack for any vacation but having to carry it all to the top of the mountain when the temps are going to be so variable... call me a wimp but I'd rather wait a couple months. I love the idea of being up top there and then seeing how much area we can cover. ... and then coming back to common site to tell our stories... oh yeah we gotta do an event up there... but we'll let you guys decide after you've been up there. Always more to go back for :rolleyes:

  7. I can't believe I missed this event. After reading the logs, Planet's in particular, I have given myself the following punishment:


    I will never miss another NY event.

    I will never miss another NY event.

    I will never miss another NY event.

    I will never miss another NY event.


    I totally know how you feel. I got back from San Francisco tonight and just finished reading the logs. We definitely need a do over on this one. Thanks for sharing the stories <_<



  8. Now wild turkey's have recently been returning to this area, only back a few years and I've mostly seen them in large flocks near parking lots, at roadsides, and a random yard.


    Yes they certainlyare back, and I'll vouch for them flying... noisy as all heck. I can only imagine in trees above your head. This past spring I had a mom and 8 babies nesting in my backyard. For a month or so we'd see them foraging in the yard.... was pretty neat to watch them, you could go out in the yard and get pretty close to them. One morning I went outside to go down in the cellar and I was startled by a racket behind me. It appeared that the youngsters were getting a flying lesson. The whole family was up on the roof. I guess I startled them and Mom kicked all the kids off... they did pretty good and made it most of the way across the yard. Mom watched them go then looked at me and turned around and ran further in on the roof away from me. I guess the little guys passed the test because that was the last I've seen of them.

  9. I found an ammo box in the crotch of a tree one day when I was walking my dogs. Hmm I thought what could this be?.........The only problem with finding this box is I think I am getting addicted to this sport. So terrible :(

    I love reading things like this. When I first heard about geocaching it was love at first sight... I had my new gps within 48 hours. Part of me would love to have stumbled upon it like you have. What better way to begin a game of exploration and adventure. Enjoy the Terrible!

  10. Lots of good replies here. Definitely a female or a fixed male for a family dog. I also agree with the idea of crating a dog for training... I don't know how I ever did without one once we tried it. Obedience class is also a must in my book for a new pup. Not only does it teach them and you some basics getting you off on the right foot it helps to create a bond with your dog that I've found irreplaceable.


    If I lived in your neck of the woods I'd get the dog I've been wanting for years which is a Bernese Mtn Dog. They'd acclimate well to your climate, are very smart and are good family dogs. The breed comes from switzerland and was used to haul milk carts up and down the mtns.. you could also hang a keg of whiskey off on his neck and have your own personal geocaching rescue dog icon_smile.gif


    I've had mostly mixed breeds all my life and they make great pets. Breed characteristics do hold true even in mixed breeds so it's a good idea to do your homework first to get an idea of what to expect. Good luck.. with your decision and keep us posted.

  11. Well we better get ready for the snow. I just got back from grabbing a quick one in Fahnestock State Park in southern NY and when I came out of the woods it was snowing like crazy!


    btw...disposable cameras hold up good in caches so long as they're waterproof.. photographers generally store film in the fridge to extend life.

  12. I approached a local state park here in NY about a year and a half ago now. They asked me to put my request in writing. I wrote up a request detailing where I wanted to hide these caches along with general geocaching information and sample cache pages from other organizations I have received permission from. I submitted this request and checked back with the office once a month or so. After about 3 months it seemed all the personel in the office had changed and no one knew anything about my request and told me to resubmit it. I did just that and once again followed up finally with a call to the regional director. I was told these things take time.


    When PA came up with their cooperative policy I went back to the local office to talk to them about it suggesting they look at PA's policy. In the mean time caches had been placed in this local park and the park was aware of their prescence if not exact location and seemed to have a positive reaction to them. At that point I decided that NY state as a whole is choosing to turn a blind eye towards our sport and I went out and placed the caches that no one would take responsibility for authorizing.


    I have another cache placed in an upstate state park and the land use manager there has been very supportive and cooperative towards my existing cache along with future caches I've discussed placing. So here in NY it seems their not quite ready to create policy towards geocaching. Maybe they're waiting to see if the popularity peters out before they put in the effort, I don't know. But I feel confident in the fact that they will not be able to come back to me and say that I never asked.


    It can be awkward approaching officials but in the long run I feel better about my cache placement when I feel that I've made an effort to alert the proper authorities of it's presence.


    Good Luck out there... sounds like you might have a similar situation going on in Ca.

  13. Interesting story, I can imagine how a Mountain Lion would set an urban area into panic. I've been seeing alot more wildlife in our growing rural/suburban community. I live about an hour from NYC and I had a bobcat in my backyard last month...a Mtn Lion definitely would have been more intimidating. I caught a pic of this guy... afterwards I had my son stand next to the tree where the bobcat was and cut and pasted him into the photo to give some size reference. He was about 70 yards away so we could hardly make out what it was till he took off and saw the stubby tail... even then I wasn't certain till I downloaded the pic with 10x zoom.. then I was convinced.


  14. Here's a pic of me with my son when he was littler than me at our 4th cache...


    and this is us at cache #100 back in October last year.


    Now at 13 years old he's bigger than me and I can only drag him to the caches with some kind of novelty... tough hide, tough terrain.. his favorite is come back with me when I log a DNF to show up mom.

  15. I think one that might be popular this time of year would be blaze orange... so we stand out for the hunters in our own way icon_smile.gif I agree though.... I don't buy white tee shirts unless they are UNDERshirts. We're talking people that don't mind getting dirty...but don't necessarily like it obvious.

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