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  1. OK, have to add small funny story I just heard.

    Met a woman who's sig. other/husband/boyfriend worked for Frank Sinatra. He's in the sound room running the teleprompter and figures Frank would never NEVER forget the words to "I Did It My Way" I mean that's his signature song right? So Frank is singing FROM A TELEPROMPTER and the guy puts up a porno movie on it. Frank starts singing and sees the movie, and forgets the words and stops the concert and says "Theres something wrong with the teleprompter" Security guys swarm the sound booth and this guy says "I didn't do it!!" He ended up spending the night partying the night away with the late great Crooner.


    I just had to share.




    Whoops, this is Planet posting this note from Ttepee's computer, I was logged in as Ttepee.

  2. I've got bad knees. I've had 3 surgeries on my right knee ACL/cartilage. The down hills are rough on the knees for sure. I think though I usually end up tweeking a knee on the sideways picking through rocks kind of thing, turning foot to follow the rock path... the rotation gets me.

  3. fabf80cd-1f12-45be-bc4f-f26e5eb32d06.jpg

    Came across Heckle and Jeckle in the Marin headlands right across from the Golden Gate bridge.

    This guy caught me by surprise as I was signing the log he was about 10 feet away from me when I noticed him.. then I fumbled for my camera.. caught him but could have gotten much better if I was ready.


  4. I thought aspirin was bad for dogs (or animals in general)...?


    Aspirin is fine for dogs... not tylenol or ibuprophen.. straight aspirin. .. arthritic strength even. Cats are a different story.. better off consulting a vet if your looking to relieve your cats pain by sticking something down his throat.

  5. protocoldroid... I think it's just lack of cachers in the area. Hopefully the recent article in the Oneonta Daily star will spark some new interest up there. I planted the Gilbert Lake cache GCAC2 almost 3 years ago now. The first year it saw only 5 visitors. The second year 13 ... so far this past year has been 14 but we've still got a couple weeks before it's aniversary. A few new ones have popped up nearby over the years but it's been a slow start. I'd love to see more caches around there.

  6. heheh.. that brings back memories. One year in college me and 4 friends dressed as pacman and the ghosts for a halloween party. We had recorded sound effects from the game and followed each other around doing pacman stuff. .. I don't know how authentic we looked but we sure cracked ourselves up. B)

  7. Hi,


    Here are some of my ideas:

    • Nalgene water bottle
    • Mesh bag for gear organization
    • Bandanas
    • Biners
    • Multi-tool
    • GPS case
    • Backpack
    • Cache containers (in various sizes)
    • Flashlight
    • Whistle
    • Band-aids (this is the first aid item I use most, and a gc.com logo-ed one would be cute) :D


    hmmm... the more I think about it the more I think that band aid thing might be a good idea. Super hero bandaids made a great hit with the kids.. what bigger bunch of adult kids have you found that are dying to figure out what would be the biggest hit to slap a GC logo on. I like that idea.. hmmmm

  8. I found a cache that had a $20 FTF prize in it.. I was thrilled but also felt that "I need to trade evenly" feeling...even though I knew I really didn't need to. I posted a note then returned with scratch off lottery tickets... spent $5 on scratch offs and from what I've heard I came pretty close to sharing that $20. I felt good about that... not neccessary.. no.. but for me it's all a part of the geocaching experience.. it's all about sharing!

  9. I think I've been to staten island once... too dadgum expensive getttin over those bridges. Great to see you out there still caring about the sport though ninja. Hope someone grabs that baby and see's it for what it's worth. You did a great job getting geocaching off the ground in NY.. your name and style preceeds you. Thanks for all you've done and all you've shown us.

  10. August 2, 2002 by Ttepee (255 found)

    I got a midday start with this one. The woods road does not offer a great deal of shade so it was a very sunny hike today. Too hot a day to start at midday.. I was sweat'n up a storm, and the flies were vicious too. I was giving myself a headache from all the times I slammed myself in the head... took down at least 3 of them with me...but there's lots more out there!


    As I was heading up the steepest incline of the hike all of a sudden at the top of the hill, about 2 feet off the ground, a hawk appeared over the crest, about 20 feet away from me, but face to face, flying right down the center of the woods road. I don't know which one of us was more surprised. It was very cool to be so close while watching him manuever a quick flight plan change like that... wish I could replay it.. it happened so fast and I was a little dazed from smack'n myself in the head.


    Found the cache pretty quickly once there. I noticed the log papers in the cache referred to as a temorary log so I dropped in a logbook to start things off. I left the folded papers with the log book. Took the gold $ and left a Tribe Totem pouch, small magnetic frame and photo blow brush. I was grateful the flies gave me a break for long enough to get the log book signed and cache explored. As soon as I started moving they were right on me again. Thanks for a good workout and a cool near encounter.

  11. Phew! Glad to hear it.. ok I'm happy again :D I've gotten used to the states pages for recent placed caches so this change could end up being an improvement once I get over myself and my habitual ways. Thanks for the quick response.

  12. Wow is that really where it's going to be staying now? I have to say I'm not crazy about it at all... will the states at least be added in at some point? Right now I find recent logs completely useless. ..I used to scan for states...scanning for names is just way too hard so I just won't scan at all.. guess that's what your trying to get to happen huh. Less scanners? I can see your point in that but I really do feel it takes away from the site. It was hard enough to get used to not being able to see caches before approval... then they started slagging on their posting so it wasn't worth much.. now logs with no states..I gotta say something now. I don't like it!

  13. In any of the states that have come up with an agreeable permit system these systems were worked through with communication and input from both sides. We need a voice of reason to negotiate these kinds of changes into a workable permit system. The DEC's got to admit that the conditions on these permits do not properly address geocaching. The permit as it reads will merely make it too difficult to bother placing caches. It doesn't address any of the real concerns they might have about caches either, such as location, container, duration, etc... I don't think that benefits the DEC in the long run either. We are a group of environmentally minded individuals that have a real desire to explore and help maintain our public lands. We are bringing new people to our parks to explore the wonders everyday.


    Pennsylvania did most of their negotiating in the public forum. Arkansas had a public hearing where they negotiated and had letter writing campaigns. What's NYGO's method of negotiation going to be?

  14. Planet, really not as ingenious as I might seem :lol: my


    day pack came with 2 of them. They call them zippered waistbelt pockets. They are handy for keeping a few items up front when the pack is on the back but they're not the securest as they tend to fall off the belt when I unbuckle it. Also they're not large enough to store my 76s in... I'm still on the hunt for that right piece of equipment too.

  15. Harrold, Harrold, Harrold.. where were you? We had the party going and the 300 man wasn't there! I was hobbling along thinking .. if Harrold was here he'd be back here with me and then I'd have someone to carry me! Hahahah now that's funny huh. Don't you feel guilty, Planet did a great job of carrying me B) Congrats! You da man! See you at the CITO.

  16. Great to meet you on this monumental day B) I remember when I saw your first posts in the forums.. how psyched you were. You had 100 projected in a couple of months.. then you slowed down... then you got steady. Now there's a cacher that's not going to burn out... fit it in your lifestyle, that's the ticket to endurance in this game. Ok sport..whatever you want to call it.. part of life is the way I look at it. Big part, good part, fun part.. whatever B) Hope to hike the trails with you again. Congrats!

  17. I think I'm finished uploading pictures. I thought it might be easier to follow along the day visually with a link to the galleries of each cache.. so here you go.


    Jr's Point

    The Funnel

    Gates of the Hudson

    Mt Taurus

    Bull Hill Junction

    The Old Cornish Farm

    Cornish Mystery House


    Where's the Trail

    Detritus the troll @ Breakneck Ridge


    The optional caches that alot of us didn't do didn't have any new photos uploaded but the pics there are impressive just the same so I'll add them in here too. It seems that cachers have other things on their mind then taking photos while enjoying these cliffs... hmm wonder what it could be.


    What a fun day it was! Thanks to everyone.

  18. I am going to say yes, but with my work I may not be able to and won't know until the day before or so.  But i'd love to!

    One word Planet. RE/MAX. ;) No more floor time. ;) Sorry. Force of habit.


    Hey I'm NORM!

    Speaking of Norm.... Fiskill has it's own infamous Norm. He started off like 10 years ago or something like that... he would offer safe rides in his car to anyone that wanted a ride home from the bars. He would make a set route to the local bars in say a 20 mile loop, and continue the loop throughout the night, picking up anyone for free and bringing them where they wanted to go... home, a friends, bar hopping.. yeah he'd even take you bar hopping... all for nothing... but most of us know that a drunk will usually make either a fantastic tipper or a deadbeat. Well as his popularity increased he started being paid by the establishments to run his route. At this point Norm has sold the buisiness but there are a few vans running out there still from what he started. They call it safe ride or something like that now but you can still walk up to any bartender in the Fishkill area and ask him for Norm and they'll know what your looking for.

  19. a month after 9/11 i flew from athens to naples as part of a backpacking trip.  The security searched my backpack (all 75 pounds of it) all to find a plastic knife and fork (the kind you can get from mcdonalds) that i kept in my mess kit.  they informed me that those were dangerous and that they needed to be confiscated (no big deal) but what really struck me was that with my in-flight meal i was given a metal fork and knife (with a sharp point)  to eat my meal.  ummmmm?    ;)

    I havn't flown in a looong time. So how do you eat your food on the plane these days? With your fingers?



    Easy, they don't give you any.

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