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  1. BTW....my pfd is red.....

    Planet I got a new one when I paddled the Hudson..needed something comfortable enough not to be tempted to take it off like I usually do....and the old one was green... but it doesn't really matter does it.


    Ok another question... has anyone ever actually seen any kayaks or anything from the webcam?

  2. I wonder what would happen if a concerned adventurous relative of Ozzie's, a little blue teddy bear, maybe with a TB tag attached, were to do some nature watching at the Charles E. Wheeler Salt Marsh within range of the Ospreys. I wonder how much they miss Ozzie? How cool would that be for us to be able to watch. Probably not a good idea though huh? ...hehehe

  3. Ok not exactly a newbie but feel like it right now. How do I get the coordinates of a cache I placed and moved slightly a few years later, to reflect the new coordinates on the cache page? I tried the directed option in logging. That didn't change the page. Tried adding it to waypoints... that didn't change the page. Added a Reviewers note a week ago, that didn't change the page. Is the only way to truly move a cache 100 ft away or so requiring calling it a whole new cache? I'm confused but mostly don't want to lead seekers in the wrong direction when they go looking. Thanks.

  4. Oh Nooooooo! Poor Ozzie. My guess is he went for his first flight on the wings of Ernesto.... the winds have been wicked today here in NY northwest of Ozzie. I'd run to attempt recon tomorrow but from the looks of the waters chances seem pretty slim, plus the weather is not supposed to be much better. Anyone up for a paddle on Monday if the weather cooperates? Just for the heck of it so we know that we've tried.

  5. next week has to be better stop

    nearby in desperate need of a hike stop

    just floated out of my basement for air stop

    brand new boiler still stands stop

    though 4 inches submerged stop

    old oil tank just went plunk on over stop

    oil not floating on water stop

    reason to celebrate? stop

    sheesh I sure hope I get to try this boiler out before we have to trash it stop

    holler back if your on for next weekend I'll see what's up stop

    or how much is down stop

    I need fun stop

    but you couldn't tell could you stop


  6. I used to have a cache/TB like this that I just loved. I was really disappointed when it disappeared. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&log=y&decrypt=

    I had a grace period to get in on the Grandfather clause to reissue it but I just couldn't think of a replacement at this point. The nice thing about Gilbert is that his potential grew as he met people. Creativity sparked creativity so it got people thinking about what they could do to add in some way (check both the cache and TB pages.) Yeah.. I still miss Gilbert :P and that creative spark that used to exist way back when.

  7. Hi Stormchild,

    We are definitely overdue for a Hudson valley meet and greet kind of thing, there alot of new cachers to the area, which is a great thing. We tried to set one up awhile ago but then dates got messed up and we haven't resumed the planning process. I had high hopes of planning an event camping weekend at Malouf's Mtn campground this spring but it's just not happening with major home renovation work getting into swing I just don't see getting the planning done. If anyone wants to pick up that ball Maloufs was willing to sit down and talk about an event with group discount. I'm definitely in for attending and helping as much as I can but I think I need to step out of the planning stages for my sanity right now.


    Great to see you out there Stormchild.. I'm over in Hopewell.. we'll cross paths sooner or later I'm sure :(


    Ttepee...aka Tina

  8. Thanks Jonboy! I had seen that one but by the time I got through that whole thread looking for pertinent stuff to move over here I'd lost it and forgotten it was there. I called the office around 8:30 and they told me Bill would be there within half an hour so I headed on over and he was there. Very nice guy. I brought along print outs of my cache pages and he accepted the tiny little mapquest map on there as filling the map requirement. Very simple process indeed, filling out the paperwork took the longest but if that was filled out ahead of time it would probably be a 5 minute stop.

  9. I thought it might be helpful to have one topic in the Northeast forums where NYS parks permits could be searched and downloaded, since they are park specific. The other thread has gotten pretty long and it get's kind of tough to find the links and forms, so if we can keep the discussion there and forms and links here it might be helpful. The ranger at Fahnestock state park was appreciative of the offer to get the form out there and was happy to give me a clean copy for scanning.


    Here is a link to the regional maps and parks within NYS (the link appears to have changed since it was linked in the other thread. )


    I'll start off with the permit for

    Fahnestock and Hudson Highlands state parks

    This should be printed on legal paper, then folded in half and then once again quartered.


    If you don't find your park in this thread you can see if the park will accept JMBella's generic copy It's been suggested that parks will accept this generic form also.

  10. What we need is for someone to approach each of the park managers in our region about getting permission to place a geocache in that park, hopefully someone who has not already placed a lot of caches without permission.  Once it has been determined how that individual park manager reacts, how strictly they enforce the twenty foot rule, how they feel about the other caches that are already in place, that should be reported back to this board.  That way,  those of us who would like to get legal  can know that there will be good faith cooperation and have an idea what to expect.  Until the water has been tested, most of us are not going to jump in.

    This past weekend I hiked in James Baird state park, scoping for placement. I had intended on going back on Monday to ask for permission but coming from a noncaching family my plans are not always easily carried out. My intention was to first approach a park that had no caches placed... once I see what the reaction in the area is my next move would be Fahnestock. I didn't want to open that can of worms again till I felt it was safe. Depending on the reactions my hope was to plan an overnight event at Fahnestock for the spring. Hopefully something where we can have the parks personnel meet with us for discussion and clarification of the new rules and so we can collectively voice some of our concerns. Those are my thoughts anyways...we'll see how far I make it with them.


    Big Bill so sorry to hear of your illness... more wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery. You definitely are responsible for changing the color of Harriman on the map... geocaching map anyways.

  11. I've got a new pup... 3 months old now.. I love taking her caching to get her energy out. Last week I had bought a container (stainless steel mason jar kind of thing) to keep her dog biscuits in. I had other stuff though ... busy bones..rawhide stuff, that wouldn't fit. While out caching the other day I had a vision and came home and cleaned an ammo can to keep those bigger items in. It's only been a couple of days now and she starts salivating when she sees me get near the ammo can :D I'll let you know how much fun cheating is if we ever make it that far B)

  12. How did you all acquire your geodogs? Was it by breeder, pet store or by family or friend who had a litter that you received you geodog?


    The reason I ask, is that I am looking to see where I can get in contact with a reputable breeder here in North Jersey.


    I would like to get a doggie too! :D

    Polgara I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you're having with Timber, hang in there persistence will pay off. She is a beautiful creature and her picture was one of the itch creators for me. I've had the itch for awhile and the past 6 months or so have been feeling our family is ready. We were back and forth between a lab and shepherd. We've had both so had a good idea what we were in for either way. I would have been just as happy to have a mixed breed but the men of the house were determined to have a purebred, my choice of purebred was a Bernese Mtn dog like Bailey but neither of them was interested and they are just so expensive. Since I was the one that wanted it most I went along with them just to get them on board with getting a pup.


    So far I've been lucky with the family bred home dog. I just can't get myself to pay the hefty prices of most breeders. We're not interested in showing, just want a healthy pet, true to breed characteristics. I had researched, mailed with and talked to many breeders but just couldn't get myself to spend the kind of money they were asking. I started looking in local classifieds till I found a litter of shepherds closeby. The parents were both gorgeous, the pups were raised in the kitchen with kids in the home. I spoke with their family veterinarian to confirm the health and personalities of their dogs. My usual stipulation is that I want a pup young.. 6-8 weeks of age so that I can be a part of that important socialization period.


    Not that I'm reccomending this for you Geokender, I go this route mostly because I'm cheap or underfinaced anyways. With the sounds of your last experience if you can afford to pay for the extra security definitely go with a reputable breeder. I would definitely stay away from pet stores, and be careful, puppy mills are getting a bit harder to identify, puppy brokers have become the middleman. Maybe try your local veterinarian offices and see if they know of anyone local that breeds healthy dogs. (If a shepherd is what your looking for email me, I found a breeder in Northern Jersey that I would have loved to have bought from, even paid the going price if I was closer.)


    Good Luck in whatever you choose! and start puppy proofing well in advance.. heheh we're still in need of one more puppy gate before I feel I'll be able to relax a bit with Gracie not in my constant sight.


    Let me stick in a pic of Gracie last weekend at 13 weeks just to support the itch :D



  13. Your right there are not a whole lot of caches in mid to northern dutchess. Tyrell is located at the Taconic Herford multiple use area which is probably the closest to Pleasant Valley. There used to be a nice one at the Tymor forest but that one has been archived. This link will bring you to the closest ones around that area


    I may be biased but I think Morse's Code at Locust Grove is one that brings you to a pretty area that most locals pass everyday and never knew existed. Norrie Point is always nice too, and you can pick up a couple at Ferncliff Forest too. There are some nice caches across the river too. There's just not a whole lot of active cachers around here and most public land seems to be town parks that allow residents only. We are lucky though in that most caches around here are high quality with not a whole lot of park and grab micros. If views are what your looking for you can't go wrong with any Jonboy cache but his are more in Putnam/Westchester county areas. If I can offer any assistance while your visiting drop me an email I'm usually close by.

  14. Alan ... great pic of Buddy... my favorite so far :(

    Tks for the complement but I think there are loads of cute pictures. And of course, everyone thinks their dog is the cutest. And their GPS is the best ;)

    OH yeah I totally agree Alan... of course my dog's cuter than yours :) what I meant is that's my favorite pic of Buddy of the many I've seen posted over the years. It's a great picture of him.. or it's the way he fit's in the background..that windblown look.. I don't know.. just like it :)

  15. This is this past sunday at 9 weeks old, on the trail and loving it.

    Congrats on the new addition. There's nothing like those big puppy paws.

    Thanks.. I'm just loving having a buddy again :rolleyes: She's going to be a biggun no doubt but I think Bailey will still have a few on her. That day her ears were standing beautifully all day. It appears we hiked the perk out of her that day though.. since then they're both back to flopping. Go figure.

  16. I haven't posted to the forums in ages but I've got to get in on this one. I've got a new caching buddy, her name is Gracie. She's 9 weeks and 2 days today. She's been out two days now caching with Planet and I. We started her slow with paved bike paths but she really seemed to love the hills we cliimbed this past weekend.



    This is the day we brought her home at 7 weeks.



    This is this past sunday at 9 weeks old, on the trail and loving it.

  17. Plus there's the problem of the cache owner going MIA.

    Whoa!! hold the phone! Owner MIA geeze.. I decided to sit in front of the boobtube tonight rather than in front of the computer, I'd only been away from the screen for maybe 3 hours before I got Arkvilles mail and started responding with a long rambling reply that took me awhile to compose. Minus the ramblings here is my (being the cache owner) response.


    Hey don't worry about it at all. I am grateful that you cito'd out the remains of the cache and since you did actually find the cache I see no problem with you logging it as a find. I had hoped to get out there today to pick up the trash and replace the cache but unfortunately I didn't get out... I only deactivated it last night.. as far as I'm concerned deactivation is more for the sake of future finders to try not to disappoint people when they get there and things are not just right...I didn't archive it.. so don't fear that you are logging an archived cache. But even if it was archived as far as I'm concerned you did find the cache...  Don't worry about mailing me the remains.. sounds like it's pretty much all trash anyways.. the log book would be the only thing I'd really be interested in but it seems that's missing anyways.  It would be interesting to see a pic of the remains though, just for curiosity sake, but if you don't have a digital camera don't worry about it.  I am heading to MA on Monday for a week so I feel much better that the trash has been picked up. Thank you!
  18. Hope you all have a great time! This morning it's looking like the weather might hold up for you. Unfortunately I've got to go to my niece's first birthday party so I won't be able to make it :o Take lots of pictures!!

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